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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stay connected to the Source of life - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 25

Do you know your path?

Every seed has a purpose. Every seed sown in the soil, then germinates, has within it the intention to fulfill the purpose for which it was created. It grows naturally as its roots extend deeper into the soil to absorb the necessary nutrients needed to sustain life in order to reach its ultimate destiny, i.e. bear fruit.

Everything you ever needed to manifest your desires and purpose is already in you. They're embedded in your make up. Babies do what comes naturally to them, and as they begin to grow up, are reprogrammed. Whether consciously or not or due to societal programming, have disconnected from their Source, their Creator, and as a result, lose their way, their inner knowing and their purpose to life.

Your natural senses were reprogrammed, in most cases not intentionally, by those who have become desensitized. Everything you need has always been there. The path has always been there. It is for you to come in alignment and connect back with the Source. As you move along, staying connected and in tuned, the way opens up easily and effortlessly.

In restoring your connection, you begin to discover who you are and that is mirrored in the deep inner longings of your heart.

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