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Monday, April 6, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Tending the garden of the heart. Day 3

How to develop a 'nutrient-enriched' heart - Part 1

There are many methods you could use to produce the nutrient-enriched fertile soil of the heart.

Many authors across time have left their wisdom behind as a blue print that others could follow. In the pages of many inspirational books you'll find life-changing words of wisdom to guide you in the path you should take. Learn from their mistakes and avoid the pitfalls they've found themselves in.

Reading a variety of books, including the Bible, provide solid steps to transforming you from the inside out leading you to greater levels of understanding of life and applying vital principles in your life.

As you become associated with these authors and their life stories, you become acquainted with them. But even deeper, as you internalize these principles, meditating on them daily, they become a part of you, transforming your thinking and renewing your mind on a daily basis.

Daily meditation on new principles allow them to be interwoven into your subconscious, thereby shaping and molding you into the person you would eventually evolve into.

Public libraries offer a wide range of books from which you can choose. After you've read them, you may want to purchase the ones most inspiring to add to your personal library.

Begin today to read as many books of varied authors adding the nourishment needed to enrich the soil of your heart.

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