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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mother nature's lessons - Part 5

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 84

According to Madea, you may find 2 to 3 people in your life that are roots and these people stick with you, they're not going anywhere.

These are the people that add the nutrients to your life. They give of themselves, just staying hidden in the background, while you get all the glory. Their wisdom is the strength seen on your 'bark'. These people are very deep and speak with such profound words.

They loved you when you were young; they stood with you as you grew. And when it seems like you weren't going to make it, like the roots that go deeper into the ground to find water, they look deeper than your current circumstance and know that you are going to be alright - you just need the support and you'll get it.

These 'root' people, stick with you through thick and thin. No matter what the weather, whether rain or shine, snow or hail, they're there with you. They may not always be there physically, but their hearts are with you.

Regardless of what others have to say about you, no matter what tales were told about you, they love you not because of but in spite of. Sometimes they may be the silent ones but their strength is felt when you are with them. They don't need your approval to love you. These folks are very rare but they are assigned to you along the matrix of life. You may not see them for a while, but when you need help, they usually show up at the time when they're most needed.

Cherish and appreciate your 'root' friends and/or family for they were strategically and divinely placed in your life to sustain your very existence.

Go to the link below to listen to Madea's words of wisdom.

Take responsibility for your progress

Getting my body back - Day 101

To achieve success in any goal, you need to take responsibility for your own progress. Engaging in the activities that gets you closer to your goal is one part. But when you evaluate and measure your own progress you get a clear picture of where you are and where you desire to be. Then, you can form a strategy to get you there.

As you take responsibility for your own progress, you get to decide what's working for you and what's not. You can make adjustments in your activities, weeding out those activities that are not productive to your goal achievement, and add in new ones that will get you get closer to your target.

Going with what you feel in your heart helps you to see what you're in alignment with. For example, as part of my workout routine, I found that I was no longer feeling very enthusiastic about my aerobic workout. I know I needed to do something that would get my heart rate up and get my metabolism fine tuned, but I felt that I was getting really tired of the repetitions. I didn't mind the weight lifting but I needed to replace the aerobic workout with something that I feel I could stick with that would still give me the results I'm looking for.

I was really honest with myself - looking at the exercises I enjoyed doing and which ones was just a bummer for me. So I devised a plan - going for walks, but really working my arms back and forth as I go to give me the extra workout. Yesterday I had my 3 year old up on my shoulders as I walked. The extra weight made me work a bit harder and I added my weight lifting for toning after.

Now, if I ever feel like I'm getting bored of this, I know I can change it again and improvise. It's about me having fun while I'm moving towards my target and still getting the results I'm looking for.

Taking responsibility for your progress means that you get to choose what you enjoy doing that would energize you to get you closer to your goal. When you enjoy what you're doing it's not a drudgery but a joy and a joy that will propel you faster towards the finish line.

Fuelling words: I take responsibility for my progress and enjoy the rewards from the progress I make.

Workout: gardening, walking, weight lifting

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mother nature's lessons - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 83

According to Madea, some people are like branches and they can fool you. You think they're good friends until you step on them and they break.

Branches may appear strong at times, but over time they can rot. If you decided to climb a tree, you never step out on a branch without testing it first for strength and stability. Even after you've tested it, never completely let go of the main trunk, for therein lies great strength to support you if the branch you're stepping on gives way.

The same is true for friends and even family. Whenever you are confronted with a situation and you need to 'go out on a limb' so to speak to deal with it, in other words get out of your comfort zone or deal with an unusual situation, never let go of your Source. For in your Source, the Spirit, you find your strength, your stability.

When others may have become worn out, over time and pressure, from the elements of life, and are at their breaking point that they cannot carry you in your time of need, you have a steadfast and sure anchor in God. As long as you hold on to the Spirit keeping most of your weight, your trust, your confidence in God, you will never fall. For the Spirit, the main trunk, will give you the strength you need to overcome any situation.

Go to the link below to listen to Madea's words of wisdom.

Measuring results and getting drastic

Getting my body back - Day 100

When President Obama reached his first 100 days in office his progress as president was evaluated at the 100 day mark.

It's now my turn. At the 100 day mark on my journey to reaching my ideal weight goal, I'm assessing my progress on a scale of 1 to 10. I give myself a 5. Many great lessons were learned over the period, but it's time I take this up a notch.

In the eating department, I'm measuring my results and getting drastic here - increasing my salads (low carb foods) and cutting back on portions of other foods, like rice and pasta. On the exercises, I'm also measuring my results and getting drastic here, as well.

So, in addition to my gardening and around the house duties, I've included brisk walking - not just a stroll, but an upbeat, getting my heart rate up deep breathing type of walking. I've also included my weight lifting after my brisk walk for toning and strength.

Even though I've shed a few noticeable pounds, it's time for some intensity and I'm seeing more results even now - that's 4 days now since I've started my intensity program. When you're at the point that you're not satisfied with what you're getting, the next step is to measure your results and get drastic. There's a determination that wells up inside of you when you've had enough.

When you've set out to achieve your goals, measuring results is essential, but setting parameters for achieving this goal aids the progress along.

Fuelling words: I know where I am and where I'm going. I evaluate my strategy to establish a better aim at my target.

Workout: gardening, incorporating exercise in my daily routine, walking, weight lifting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mother nature's lessons - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 82

Leaves grow on trees in the spring and fall off in the autumn with new leaves taking their place as the cycle continues year after year.

Every day we meet new people. People come, we say hello, and then they go. Some stay for a while and then move on and others take their place. Every one we encounter has a purpose. We each decide how we will use that moment to create a long lasting and memorable positive encounter or a negative one.

What impact will you have on that person's life? What message will you impart to another? Will you give a smile to brighten their day or have a great day or the energy of love in the silence? We could all sense the energy in a room, the question is, "Is it one of love?" or "Is it one of fear?" Which one we choose to project will be the decision we each make on every encounter which will affect all of us in one way or the other. We are given the opportunity to choose every day. What will be the choice? Allow people to come into your life and leave feeling loved.

Leaves are constantly changing with each season and so is your life. Refusing to go with the flow of the Spirit as moving with this change you're not allowing yourself to experience growth and you're denying yourself the opportunity to experience your fullest potential. When change comes, let go of the familiar and embrace the opportunity for renewal. For if you embrace the change with the Spirit you will never go wrong but led into the path of enlightenment. Don't settle for mediocre when you could live a deep enriched life, changing and transforming day by day.

Go to the link below to listen to Madea's words of wisdom.

4 tips to overcoming psychological effects of guilt

Getting my body back - Day 99

Have you ever felt guilty when you made a decision to achieve a goal and you fell off track? Perhaps you decided to quit smoking, was doing well for some time, then you became stressed out and lit up again. Or you loved the way you felt and looked at 120 lbs and decided to set that as your ideal weight goal but you got depressed and began to eat foods that did not contribute to your success.

As a result of falling off track you felt guilty which led to more stress, more depression which increased the urge to smoke or eat the wrong type of foods that set you back from gaining the results you initially set out to achieve.

Here are some tips to avoid the psychological effects of guilt:

1) Prevention is better than cure.

By identifying situations that contribute to stress or depression, you could prepare yourself mentally to handle these situations differently. When you see these patterns occurring prepare to change your perspective on the situation or physically move from the event. When you have prepared yourself for any encounter you are better capable of handling it more effectively.

2) Quickly bounce back

If you are overcome by stress or depression, recognize the feeling and quickly shift your mental thinking to invite peace of mind to eliminate stress and joy to replace depression. Whenever I feel feelings of depression trying to descend on me like a heavy weight on my shoulders, instead of waiting for it to flood my emotions, I immediately look within to the joy that lies in my inner being. Other times I ask the Spirit to lift me up if I feel I am becoming overwhelmed and unable to bounce back quickly. Know that you have help every step of the way.

3) Encourage yourself

Okay, you know what? I have fallen off track here, but as long as I have life and breath I can get back on track and keep going. I can do this. Being your own cheer leader gives you the extra boost necessary to keep moving forward. I messed up here, but I can learn from this and use it to my advantage. Shifting from guilt to encouragement empowers you to rise up again with renewed strength and vigour.

4) Set new strategies for yourself

Use the feelings of guilt to your advantage. Okay, you fell off track. Use the opportunity to learn about you. Face the guilt, be honest with yourself about the deeper issues you are facing, analyze yourself (What was it that made me do what I did? What other feelings contributed to this?) and rethink your strategy to getting you through to achieving your goal.

These 4 steps are some strategies you can use to help you overcome the psychological effects of guilt.

Fuelling words: I prepare my mind to keep me on track and if I mess up, I quickly bounce back knowing that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind and heart to achieve.

Workout: walking, weight lifting

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 ways to recognize a life time friend or partner?

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 81

Mother nature's lessons - Part 2

Life time friends and partners are like evergreens. No matter what the season they stick with you no matter what.

When we meet people, sometimes we are not consciously aware of the purpose of this meeting. Then we try to figure it out based on what we feel at the moment.

Sometimes we meet a lifetime friend or a life partner and may not recognize that this person is the answer to our prayer because he or she didn't come in the package that we mentally carved out how they should arrive or how they should be. We miss it because we weren't in a state of readiness. So you may have met the answer to your prayer but let it go due to other people's opinion of it or because of someone's preference.

Nobody knows what's going on deep inside your heart. Yeah, you may say certain things with your mouth but you may be afraid to say what's truly in your heart for fear of being ridiculed or looking foolish in the eyes of your friends and family. You may not have shared your deepest longing with them, so how could they know what you desire. Even if you have shared it with them, they may have tried to talk you out of it because they don't think that's the direction you should be going. They don't have your feelings.

Listen to advice. But at the end of the day, let your inner spirit guide you. For what some folks call wisdom, at times, is founded on what's superficial and not out of love.

4 ways to recognize a life time friend or partner?

1) Be consciously aware.

When you meet people, be consciously connected with your inner spirit, your inner knowing. Ask within what is this person's purpose here.

2) Pay attention to the subtle signs.

People you meet may remind you of other people you have had dealings with in the past, either their behaviour or they may look like that person. This may be a red flag telling you that this person is exactly like that other person. I have experienced this several times with several different people. I would look at them and the first inner thought that came to me, if I had paid attention to it, would have saved me a lot of headaches.

The flip side to this is that when I met my life partner, everywhere we went on our first date, a wedding was in progress.

3) Listen to your inner feelings.

Your feelings can be a good indicator. I knew someone years ago when I stood in her presence talking to her I would feel a knot in my chest every time. The first time I felt it, I was amazed that even though she was talking with me I knew that her heart was not with me. Check your inner feelings. You immediately connect with your life partner or life friend. You feel comfortable in their presence and know that you have something deeper in common.

4) Time

Time will always tell and reveal the truth. As time goes by, you get to know the person and by observation their true colours are revealed. A life partner or life friend stays with you through the ups and downs.

Listen to your inner spirit. Your heart will let you know.

Go to the link below to listen to Madea's words of wisdom.

Eat until you're satisfied

Getting my body back - Day 98

Eating less to get to your target weight does not necessarily mean that this leads to a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, starving yourself and extreme denial only aggravates the hunger pangs and sets you up for frustration and more eating of the wrong stuff. Eating is essential but not to the point of being stuffed. Eat until you're satisfied but not over full. Then drink some water, which is good for your body anyway, but will also fill you up to discourage additional eating.

Making better food choices, such as choosing lower calorie foods, allows you to eat more and more often. For example, you could be eating 3 to 4 regular meals full with low calorie carbs - a lot of vegetables (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers etc.) with some lean meat or tuna mixed with corn and peas. In between meals you have a fruit and don't forget your water. When you're satisfied, you're not craving. You could add as many different vegetables, mix and match.

I eat about 3 to 4 regular meals per day, depending on what I had and in between I'd have a fruit. Before I begin my workout in the morning, I have an apple, which gives me the extra energy, then I'd do my routine - whether walking, aerobics etc. and then I'd have my breakfast. In between breakfast and lunch, I'd have another fruit, depending on how hungry I was, if not I'd wait for lunch and just eat then. So I'm gauging my progress during the day and drinking water in between.

The key is not waiting until you're famished to eat, which is something I'm working on, because when you're famished you know what happens - it's more difficult to stop yourself when you're on an eating roll.

Fuelling words: I set regular times to monitor my eating habits so I remain in control of my meal portions.

Workout: walking, weight lifting

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mother nature's lessons - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 80

Today, we were listening to a very interesting video on Youtube from Madea as she imparts wisdom to a young man.

Here is the link to listen.

Madea goes to jail words of wisdom

A tree has several parts and each part plays a different role. If we use our observations, it's amazing the lessons we learn about life from Mother Nature.


Mother Nature is always changing seasons and some plants and trees are seasonal. Like our four o'clocks, poppies and roses that are blooming beautifully, we know that it's only for a time and we enjoy them for the time that we have them. We know that the season will be ended but we also know that spring will come again and we sow some more seeds and begin the process all over again.

The same is true for our vegetable garden. We enjoy working the garden because we know that we are going to get a good crop from it. When harvest time has come and ended, we are prepared and are expecting that and we look forward to next year when we could begin the process all over again.

Our flowers, vegetables and fruits have served their purpose. We didn't waste our time finding faults with them or judging them. We simply took care of them the best we could. If they didn't do as well, we found ways to help them be the best that they could be and live to their fullest potential - bear fruit, go to full bloom. Every stage of this temporary process we served them and they served us.

People come into our lives, whether for one second, ten minutes, one month, three years, but for a season. When we meet them, the question should be, how can I serve them? For in serving them, we serve ourselves. Some may be 'droopy looking', like some of our plants because they're lacking the Water of Life in them. Some may have dried leaves, because they need to experience some tender loving kindness.

Whatever the case, let's see others through the eyes of these plants and care for them for the short season they come into our lives. They've come to receive something from us or give us something that is necessary in our personal development - something we need to learn, an area we need to improve in.

When their purpose is fulfilled and the season is over, we part and go our separates ways, sometimes never to be seen again.

Let us treat our teachers with respect and others that have come to learn from us, let us nurture them with love.

To eat bread or not

Getting my body back - Day 97

Much has been said regarding the pros and cons of eating bread when you're attempting to get to your ideal weight goal. Like everything else, moderation is the key and it all depends. You must know your body and how it reacts to eating bread and this can be done by testing.

First of all, it's important to note that 100% wheat bread is a healthier choice by far than white bread. If you make your own, like I do, you could experiment with different recipes and add your own ingredients to it. If you choose to purchase it at the store then going with the 100% wheat bread or flax seed are good choices.

Check out this article I found on Top 10 Healthy Breads. I've tried some of these in the past and found them very tasty, especially the crunchies. Sometimes I can go a bit overboard and it shows, so I've decided to really cut down drastically on bread and get my carbohydrates from eggs, meat and vegetables which are lower in carbs. If you cut back on the amount of bread you're eating, you could measure your progress. Keep cutting back until you see a difference in your weight.

After I had my 5th child, I decided that I needed to get off the extra pounds. I did eat bread, then, but just a minimal amount - maybe a couple of slices and not every day either. I was getting to my weight goal really fast.

As with anything, get the information you need, but do what works for you.

Fuelling words: I make my decisions to eat what is healthy and what works best to help me get to my ideal weight.

Workout: walking, weight lifting

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 5

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 79

Learning humility

The broken apple tree branch, which stood straight and upright, broke from the weight of the abundance of the young apples on it. This branch, it appeared, never bowed when it was young like the other branches and therefore never hardened that way. We wonder if it ever bore any fruit before and if it did may not have been enough to cause it to bend. Now that it had passed the flexibility stage and bore fruit in abundance, it was unable to bend and as a result broke.

If humility is not learned at an early stage of growth, when success comes, an individual may not be able to handle it and therefore it becomes destructive to him/her. Expand yourself with the essential quality of humility that you may be ready to embrace success when it manifests itself.

12 Steps to Learning Humility

1) Be teachable

When you are teachable, you position yourself to move quickly to the next level and others are willing to help you get there.

2) Take constructive criticisms and don't be resistant or defensive

Constructive criticisms show you where your weak areas are so you can work on strengthening them.

3) Willingness to learn new ways of doing things

When you are open to learn new ways of doing things, possibilities are endless. Your wealth of knowledge increases, and used with wisdom, simplifies your life.

4) See criticisms as an opportunity to improve yourself even if it may not be done with good intentions. There may be a lesson in there for you to learn. Look for the hidden treasures.

5) Accept support and advice from others that are more experienced

This step may save you years of mistakes, time and in some cases a lot of money.

6) Go ahead and ask for help when you need it

Sometimes our own pride keeps us from doing what we know we should do and that is ask for help when we're stomped. If you're concerned about who you should go to for help, ask the Spirit of Wisdom what you need help with and get ready, either the material you need will show up in a book, an audio, online, and someone may tell you the information without you even asking them or it may come up in a conversation providing the right opportunity for you to ask away.

7) Be willing to work with others

Be team spirit minded. When working with others, even if it is your project or you are the leader, see yourself as part of a team. Be willing to listen to the ideas and input of others. You'll find that your team members are more willing to go the extra mile.

8) Be willing to move with changing of the winds

Learning to recognize when the winds of change has come, whether in your personal life or business, puts you in a position to go with the flow and ride the winds with the Spirit. This change may put you in a better place than where you are and avert unforeseen misfortunes.

9) Be respectful to others

Respecting others regardless of their status in life will open many doors for you in unlikely places. You never know which person you meet will be the one that holds the key to your success or your inner desire.

10) Be kind

Kindness always go a long way. Sow seeds of kindness to everyone you meet. These seeds will germinate and grow. You'll want to be at the receiving end of the kindness harvest.

11) Be patient when working with others

Tolerance is a part of the fruit of the Spirit. We all like it when others are tolerant with us. Return the favour and patience will be developed within you.

12) Don't be arrogant. Treat everyone as important as you are

If you think you are important, which you are, treat everyone else as important. We are all a part of each other. Every part of a tree is important for proper growth. No part is less favourable - all is needed, the leaves, the branches, the roots, the bark, therefore treat everyone as such.

As you mature in your personal development with these qualities, when success comes and your fruit comes in, you'll be flexible enough to handle it gracefully.

Hang in there

Getting my body back - Day 96

If you feel like giving up, hang in there, your break through is about to come. Ever feel like you're working towards your goal and can't wait to reach the finish line? Keep holding on, you're almost there.

A few years ago, when I was studying for my insurance exams, at times I felt so overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to study from my two inch text books. I've been tempted a few times to throw the book through the window. I would get up, walk away, regain my composure and get back to studying. I was determined to pass my exams and that's what kept me going. Failing was not an option.

I would ask God for strategies on studying and memorizing points. I would make up acronyms for points I needed to remember. Sometimes I'd draw stick people to have an image in my mind for certain points. I would ask God to help me study what was most important and what would be in the exam. And yes, every time I took an exam, I passed. I would say with determined intention, "I'm going to pass this exam." These exams were like $300.00 to $500.00 each time, so you'd understand why I had to pass them and because the way it was set up with my employer, each time I passed I'd be reimbursed for the amount I paid. Talk about incentive, huh?

Find your incentive to motivate you to the finish line. Hang in there and go for it. You'll be glad and relieved you did.

Fuelling words: I focus on my final goal and keep moving forward until I reach it.

Workout : Walking, gardening

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 78

We noticed that some of the other branches which also had young apples were supported by other stronger branches so there was a better distribution of the weight. These stronger branches were more mature and had gone through their fruit bearing and hardening stages perhaps several times.

No man is an island and we need each other at different stages of our growth process to fulfill our destiny. When we use the strength and support of others who have gone through the maturing process we are better able to handle the fruiting stage of our success. Going it alone, like our broken branch, could prove detrimental to all that you've worked so hard to produce.

The broken branch was obviously a newer side growth off the main tree. It was very straight, unlike some of the other branches, which were bent over and hardened that way. On observing these branches, they were bent when they were younger and more flexible and therefore hardened with that position of flexibility.

The broken branch, which was straight and upright, did not go through this bending stage and did not experience the flexibility which proves useful once it hardened. At this stage of the growth, trying to bend a hardened branch is next to impossible so instead of bowing with the weight of the fruit, it broke.

A vital lesson to learn here; if in the beginning stages of our growth process we do not learn the art of bowing in humility, when success arrives we will break under its weight because we have not learned to be gracious and graceful in our hearts. We have not expanded in our thinking and in our capacity to embrace all that success has to offer.

Success is great and should be a goal to attain, but success without inner personal growth can be destructive.

Opinions based on another's experience

Getting my body back - Day 95

Don't form your opinions based solely on another person's experience. Find the truth then make a decision. There's a danger in forming an opinion of someone or something based on another person's opinion of it without finding out for yourself.

We learned this vital lesson when someone advised us that we should not eat out at a particular establishment. At first we took their word for it, but then we got thinking, may we should try it for ourselves, it probably won't be as bad as this person said it would be. Who knows, maybe they had a bad experience or didn't particularly like the people there. Sometimes biases are formed based on our own personal prejudices.

We decided to order out and found that the food actually tasted good.

It is never fair to make a judgment on another especially when we don't know anything about them. And forming an opinion about something you've never personally tried puts you in the place of judgment without the facts. And the facts that you think you may have may only be partial and not the complete story.

Many people have been labelled by others based on their perspective and perceptions of that person. However, perspectives and perceptions may be blurred by ones personal past experiences, prejudices and motivations. Be careful not to jump on other people's band wagon as you may find yourself rolling with the wrong crowd and end up on the wrong side of the fence.

Even if at times a person may be acting out of sorts at that moment, be careful of forming an inaccurate assumption of that person's lifestyle. You've never lived in their shoes, gone through what they have or know their heart.

Opinions of others may have been based solely on the colour of their skin or their status in life and has nothing to do with who the person is. If the observer took the time to get to know the individual they may not feel that way about them after all.

You may have gone through similar situations; I know I have, where you've been called names that really hurt deeply. You know that if that person only knew you and did not judge you at that time that they would have found out the truth about who you are.

I've pondered many times on the scripture 'judge not and you will not be judged for in the same measure you judge in that same measure you will be judged also'. While we may be forming an opinion about someone's entire life based on their current action, someone may be doing just about the same thing about us in the same measure.

I find that when I 'put myself in that person's shoes' for that moment, it helps me to see myself more clearly and therefore be more compassionate towards them.

Fuelling words: I listen to and consider the opinions of others but in the final analysis I make a decision based on my inner prompting of the Spirit.

Workout - gardening, walking

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 77

Keep your fruit alive by staying connected to the Main Tree.

The young apples on the branch began to shrivel because of the disconnection of the branch. When disconnection occurs, everything goes.

If a person has lived a life connected to Spirit and suddenly in the prime of their life, when everything is going well, they're at the height of their career when tragedy strikes, they have two choices. Either they continue to remain connected to the Spirit or turn away in anger and disconnect themselves. The result of disconnection is tragic, not only for the individual but for those who look to them for support or look up to them as a leader.

Disconnecting from our Source is never an option under any circumstances regardless of what the conditions or how tragic an event may have been. It is through our pain that we need to stay even closer to the Source and allow the healing 'nutrients' of love to flow through every fibre of our being.

It is in the isolated and lonely place that your connection to Source is of vital importance than at any other time. It is in these delicate moments that you draw from Spirit's strength to be uplifted up against the sting of pain that you are not destroyed by the offense or the adversity.

Turning away from your Source is never an option. For in so choosing you turn to where there is no life and darkness then overshadows your being. Instead of suppleness and tenderness of soul, one becomes cold and callous under the elements of loss.

Though you may have been injured, though you may have been broken, turn to your Source and draw upon the Living Healing Water of your soul and be restored to health. For as long as you remain in Spirit you will rise up again and your fruit will remain.

Desire vs. purpose

Getting my body back - Day 94

Establishing a purpose for what you do gives you the strength to keep going during the developmental growth process. Purpose makes you feel passionate about what you do - that which you enjoy and look forward to doing.

Purpose is the driving force behind desire and is the flame which keeps desire alive. It is the reason why you desire what you desire and that which causes you to persevere until the manifestation of the desire.

Purpose comes in various forms, whether it's your life purpose, a decision purpose or motivation for achieving a particular goal - your purpose behind your desire will be the final decision for its attainment.

Let's look at some examples:

We desired to grow a garden. Well, that's great, but what's the purpose behind it? Just for fun? I don't think so. It is fun, yes. But our main reason is to not only eat healthy but to save money on fruits and vegetables. Seeing that we're a large family we go through these really fast.

Our purpose/reason for having this garden is our motivation for picking out those tiny weeds, feeling aches and pains in our backs and in muscles we forgot we had and many days enduring mosquito bites. It is true that we have gained tremendously from this experience. The lessons, both naturally and spiritually are invaluable and the physical exercise, amazing. And now that we're beginning to eat some of the vegetables from the garden, it was all worth it.

I desire to get to my ideal weight of 120 lbs. But my purpose is the only thing that keeps me going, which is to fit into a size 7/8 again, feel a whole lot lighter and more energized. Oh, the joy. I could see it now.

I desire to write inspirational articles and books. But my purpose for doing so is an avenue to inspire others to change from the inside out. To share with others the tools which they can use to truly change their lives and know that they can attain that which they set out to - they can have whatever they desire and even better if they connect to the Spirit which changes them inside out.

What is your desire? What is your purpose? State your desire, but use your purpose with Spirit to propel that desire into manifestation.

Fuelling words: I desire what I desire, but I live on purpose to manifest my desires.

Workout: Walking, gardening

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 2

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 76

The laden apple tree branch succumbed to the heat of the sun because it was broken off from the nutrients from the main tree that sustained it from the harshness of the elements. Plants need sunlight to grow and flourish but exposure to sunlight without being connected to the roots and moist soil is detrimental to it. The same element that the plant uses its energy for its growth can also destroy it when it's not connected to the natural sources - its roots and soil.

The same is true when we are disconnected from Spirit. The elements and things that are given us as a blessing to enhance our growth can become destructive because we are not governed by the Spirit. To be totally absorbed with the gifts and neglect the giver of the gifts lead one into further darkness and a life of destructive behaviour.

The balance comes about when you are connected to Spirit. Your motivations for using these gifts comes out of Spirit purposes and therefore is beneficial, not only for you the user, but for those to whom the fruit of the gifts blesses.

When one is connected to Spirit, there is a clear direction and purpose of life - to come to full maturity and naturally bear good fruit which will feed others. When one is disconnected to Spirit, life is lived haphazardly and at times destructively.

Remain connected to Spirit that you may reach your fullest potential and use your inner gifting to full capacity and bear fruit in the right season.

5 tips to keep the motivational flames going

Getting my body back - Day 93

When you're working on a long-term project you need to find ways to motivate yourself in the face of adversities and setbacks.

How do you keep the motivational flames going?

1) Belief

Belief in the value of what you're doing will keep you plodding along to the finished line despite opposition. A strong belief that will produce change or attainment of specific results will rejuvenate your enthusiasm for achieving that goal.

2) Enjoy what you do

When you enjoy what you're doing you have the extra energy to keep you moving along. If you're doing a task with dread, the life of your motivation will be sucked right out of it leaving you feeling resentful and eventually you'll give up. It is better to find something that you enjoy doing from your heart or find the joy in doing it than to go through the motion.

3) What you do affects others

Your motivation and your enthusiasm influences others to be motivated and enthusiastic, as well. Your success and victories encourage others to stay positive in knowing that they too can achieve success in what they're doing.

4) Be open to new ideas

Be open to finding easier and shorter ways of doing what you do with the most productive and effective outcome possible. There's always more than one way to complete a task. If you can't find another way, change your perspective, regroup and come back with a fresh approach. Sometimes taking a break from what you're doing puts you in a better position to finish the task.

5) Encouragement from others

Positive feedback from others lights the spark of motivation in you. Appreciate them when they come and use them for future references if you ever begin to feel discouraged.

Fuelling words: I find fresh ways to enjoy working on achieving my goal knowing that when I do achieve them the joy of satisfaction and accomplishment is mine.

Workout: Walking, playing with the children

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 75

On further observation of the broken branch of the apple tree, it may have been the weight of the fruit that broke it and not the lightening, as we initially thought. When it was being picked up it took 5 people - the kids plus Dad - to lift it up and lean it against the apple tree. We left the young apples on the branch for a couple of days and had to pick them all off because the leaves began to wither and some of the apples were shrivelling. My 7 year old could now lift up the branch by herself.

Nature provides very simple yet profound ways of showing us the spiritual side of life and how it affects us more than we realize at times. There's a whole other realm and it is the heart and soul of our lives. When we're disconnected from it we are disconnected from our life Source.

The leaves, as well as the fruit, of the broken branch began to shrivel because it was disconnected from its life source. All that it needed for its sustenance was in the main tree and because it was no longer attached, the death process began to show outwardly.

In the absence of life, there's separation and death. In the absence of light, there's darkness and in the absence of love, there's fear producing hatred.

The effectiveness of the connection to our Source is in the conscious awareness of our Source's existence and our oneness with our Source. In this awareness a relationship is established.

As the main tree is in relation to the branch as its source so is the branch as an avenue through which the main tree produces its fruit and reproduces itself.

If we see ourselves as connected to God, who is the invisible Main Tree which sustains and energizes our inner being, we would then understand the importance of our conscious awareness of and dependence on this connection. We would also see that we are one with our Main Tree even as we express our uniqueness through which it produces fruit and reproduces itself through our fruit seeds.

Be open - try something new

Getting my body back - Day 92

Our Swiss chard is coming along really well. We've even made fresh salad out of the young leaves and added some lettuce with green onions, parsley, summer savory and carrot tops - quite refreshing, at least for some of us. Because Swiss chard is very new on our menu, it'll take some time for a couple of our younger ones to acquire the taste.

As with anything new, if it doesn't fit with what we're accustomed to we find it difficult at times to make the adjustments and open up to something new.

If you're faced with a new occurrence in your life or a shift in your routine way of living, ask yourself, "How is this or how could this be beneficial for me?" Because we know the nutritional value and health benefits of eating Swiss chard we were open to try something new and we're glad we did.

Even though we've had some of the younger leaves, we're looking forward to trying them at different stages - when they're medium sized and then when they're fully matured. By trying them at these different stages in their raw form, we not only get the nutrition but we get to experience the changes in taste, if any, and determine if we rather eat them young or fully matured or no preference at all.

When you open yourself to something new you can experience positive long-lasting life-changing results. The lessons learned may be invaluable and memories priceless.

Fuelling words: I am open to new positive experiences that brings me closer to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Workout: incorporating exercise in daily routine.
Try a great arm exercise - baking oatmeal cookies or cake from scratch for the kids, the traditional way - wooden spoon, no electric mixer. Tone those upper arm muscles.

Friday, July 17, 2009

If it never rains you'll never grow

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 74

Whenever it rains, our plants get a growth spurt and look more alive.

Certain people, events and encounters which irritate us at times are opportunities to polish us, and like sandpaper to wood, smooth out the rough edges of our lives - opportunity to love instead of hate, opportunity to respond with tenderness instead of harshness, opportunity to say a kind word and not curse.

Changing your perspective of each situation to see through the eyes of love will not only help you determine your response but will help you decide your reaction way in advance. Each time you respond in love to an adverse situation, like our plants, you grow that much more. With practice, it becomes a way of life. Plants do not fuss or fight with the rain, but they may gracefully bow their heads as the rain falls down on them and after the rain passes they rise up in strength.

When you encounter seemingly irritating situations, being like the plants and bowing gracefully in your response does not show a sign of weakness, but to the contrary, shows that you understand the growth process.

On the other hand (or according to my daughter - On the other branch) if you observe a mature tree, it no longer bows but gracefully embraces the rain.

Encounters that may irritate you now, when you have come to the understanding that it is part of your growth process and that if it never rains you'll never grow, no longer irritate you. Embrace it as an opportunity to express love and kindness and experience more maturity.

Let go, let God - Part 5

Getting my body back - Day 91

I was recently looking for an important receipt I had placed on the kitchen counter with the intent of coming back later to file it. However, when I got back, my receipt which suddenly grew legs was gone. I looked high and low for it with no avail. None of the children knew where it was. At the point of frustration I gave up - I just let it go, went to bed and asked God to help me find it.

Today, as I was doing some spring cleaning in the kitchen, I felt that I should clean out the cupboard on the microwave stand. Lo and behold, as I emptied out all of the grocery store plastic bags, the receipt fell out on the floor; easily, effortlessly, peacefully.

When you let go and let God, no matter what situation - from the smallest thing as finding a receipt to the biggest problem - God will help you sort it out, no matter what.

Decide, then, that you would live your life stress-free as you let go and let God.

Fuelling words: I invite the wisdom of the Spirit in my daily exercise routine helping me manifest my goal easily and effortlessly.

Workout - incorporating exercises in my daily routines.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pay attention to your dreams

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 73

After the lightening storm ended last night, we woke up this morning to find on the ground an apple laden branch which had broken off one of the apple trees. About a couple of months ago, my husband had a dream that one of the apple tree branches laden with apples had broken off and he took the branch and fed people with the apples.

It's amazing how these things come to us to prepare us to what we're about to face, and sometimes well in advance, so we're not surprised when it occurs. Pay attention to your dreams for in them may hold the key to the steps you need to take in making certain critical decisions.

Over the years, we've had many similar experiences in dreams and see them unfold right before our eyes. Many times they occur play by play as if we watched a movie and then lived the reality of it. Sometimes you may not remember your entire dream; only a part or you may not remember it at all until the moment when it's actually happening, your memory is jugged back to you being in this situation before, what many call déjà vu.

When your dreams take you into an unwanted experience you can pray and ask for these events that lead up to the unwanted event to be changed and focus on it turning around for you. Here you can use mental visualization to create a new more favourable outcome in your reality. By worrying, you are only adding thought energy to the dream patterns and hasting the negative experience into reality.

Paying attention to your dreams is paying attention to the attention to the messages that you're receiving and lets you know what is about to occur in your life. You can make the decision to accept it and allow it to come or you can redirect your energy into thought prayer to let the outcome change for your benefit.

Let go, let God - Part 4

Getting my body back - Day 90

It's amazing how inspiration can come to you in unlikely places and events. If you are working on a project and are tired of its monotony, it's time to reach inward for divine ideas to move you out of the rut.

Sometimes when I'm stuck on an article, instead of trying to force something to come, I may feel inspired to go out into the garden and just take a walk. At times it is almost instant or as I'm walking and observing the garden at every stage of new growth, I get an inspiration. We may be in a family discussion and teaching something to the children, and yes, for sure, here comes an inspiration.

As you let go and let God, inspired ideas come to help you with whatever it is you need help with at that moment. You may need to put down what you're working on and do something else in order to get the information you need to complete the initial task you were engaged in. Be open to receive it as it comes because it may not be wrapped in the package you expected it to come in the first place.

When you let go and let God in every situation of your life, you learn to become one with everything, even nature. The birds, bees, flowers, trees and even the wind all have a message for you at the time you need it, if you're paying attention and listening, and if you let go and let God use whatever method he chooses to.

Your inspiration may come on a simple message on a billboard or the rainbow in the sky. The message will be unique to you, for you and to your understanding. Just note that God does not always work the same way twice. If a bee is used to buzz by you at a time for you to listen up and pay attention, does not mean that every bee that goes by is the messenger for the hour. There's an inner knowing that you will be drawn in to the message of the moment, enhanced in your awareness and then as subtly as it comes, it goes until the next time.

Always be alert and the more you go with the flow and let go and let God, the more you will tap into inspiration in unlikely places and events.

Fuelling words: I let go and let God inspire me when my exercise routine becomes monotonous that I keep the freshness of new ideas every day.

Workout: gardening

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irrigating the garden of your heart

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 72

To keep the soil moist on hot dry days, a furrow irrigation system was dug in the garden to provide adequate water for the plants, especially for watering off-days. We also use a sprinkler irrigation system for on-days watering.

How do you irrigate the soil of your heart, keeping it moist, so that it is not parched by the harshness and negativity of society?

Like the soil, the inside working of your heart is the central area where all of 'moisture retention' occurs. Keeping it well watered with the warmth of the love of the Spirit will keep the coldness of others from penetrating your heart's soil, freezing your roots and stunting your growth.

Covering your heart with 'mulch' which are your words of life and love will maintain the level of warmth within you and keep down the weeds of negativity from entering and taking root.

Sing songs and read material that will keep you focused on your life goals and connection with Spirit. Be diligent in what you allow to enter your life and examine each entrance with care.

Guard your emotions for it is the doorway which negativity can arise from within your inner sanctuary. Because of this, you also need to watch your perceptions of other people's behaviours toward you. For if you absorb a negative reaction into your heart it can affect your emotions, which in turn, if left alone, will take root and remove you from a place of peace and love.

Above all, let love be your guide. Treat others with respect and love them as you love yourself. For in loving others, you are loving yourself.

Stay close to the Source of the Water of Life and you will never be thirsty and therefore parched. But you will always be refreshed and ready to deal with everything that comes your way. Even if you fall off track, staying close to the Spirit will enable you whenever you need help to walk in the path of love.

Let go, let God - Part 3

Getting my body back - Day 89

Have you ever noticed that the more tense you become in your resistance to pain the more the intensity of the same pain you're trying to avoid? If you're one of many people who dislike being injected with a needle you'd know that the only way to get through the procedure without becoming hysterical is by taking a deep breath, relax into the moment and just allow the nurse or doctor to do their thing and get it over with.

I usually take a deep breath and look away, relaxing my body as much as I can. The pinch of the needle seems to be less painful and the blood flows easily as opposed to me stiffening up when the needle goes in, which could make a really quick procedure very complicated and unnecessarily painful.

Regardless of what situation you face, let relaxing be a part of your routine, no matter what. A stressful situation could be inflated or deflated by your reaction to it because of the energy you bring into it. If you see a stressful situation building or you are in a stressful situation, breathe and relax and go with the flow of peace. Let go and let God's peace fill you bringing the energy of peace to recharge a negative encounter into a positive one.

When I worked as a claims assistant/adjuster years ago, clients would call into the office or come into the office expecting to receive their benefit cheques. Sometimes those cheques did not yet arrive in the mail which irritated some of the clients. If I had acted in response to the clients' behaviour the situation would have been quite explosive.

But relaxing into the moment and seeing from the person's viewpoint enabled me to be empathetic to their needs and give a response which indicated that I cared about them and what they were going through. By relaxing into the moment and allowing the peace of the inner spirit to guide me changed the overcharged energy of the clients.

Plan in advance that whatever encounter you face, you will relax into the moment, let go, let God and respond from inner peace that your peaceful energy will overcome any negative energy.

Fuelling words: I achieve peace in my desire to achieve my ideal weight as I relax into the moment and let go and let God.

Workout - gardening, incorporating exercises into my daily routine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 areas to enhance personal growth

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 71

We had noticed that a few of our seedlings, like some of the green peppers and watermelons, have stopped growing. Because these were not doing very well, we started another set of green peppers and watermelons in another area outside of the main garden. They have since germinated and are growing really well. We figured that perhaps the first set were not getting enough sunlight where they were set or maybe too much water that kept them from growing.

Some positions in the garden are better suited for certain plants, like our broccolis, which get sunlight but also have quite a bit of shade during the day from the maple tree. They are thriving really well.

If you have come to a position in your life that you find that you are not experiencing growing, it is time to consider your options to create change and promote growth.

Four areas to consider for your personal growth

1) Spiritual growth - checking the soil of your heart is the first place to start. Check your spiritual connection. Spending time in silent meditation connecting with your spiritual Source, reading the Bible, listening to spiritual audios, reading other spiritual books for deeper insights and inspiration and prayer are all areas where you can fill your time to encourage and enhance your spiritual growth.

2) Mental growth - learning something new in a new field of interest. Learning to do something new will stir up your mental faculties and keep you sharp and alert. Read material that are thought provoking which causes you to think and ask questions keeps your thinking cap in proper working condition.

3) Physical growth - although, like me, after you have reached a certain age, have stopped growing in height, your physical growth is not just limited to adding inches or centimetres to your height, it also includes eating healthy and remaining active. Engaging in physical activity, even if it is in 10 minute spurts throughout the day helps keep your body in active gear.

4) Relationship growth - as you develop and grow in our spiritual, mental and physical growth, your relationship with others begin to improve. Your perspective of others begins to change. You begin to attract relationships that will enhance your own personal growth as you enhance theirs, as well. You become more loving and tolerant of others.

Check these 4 main areas to see where you could make the adjustments to encourage your personal growth that you may reach the fullness of maturity to begin to bear fruit and live your life on purpose.

Let go, let God - Part 2

Getting my body back - Day 88

Creativity behind the scenes

No matter what project you are working on or what goal you are trying to achieve, when you have done all that you can do, let go and let God. When you are waiting for an answer to a solution, or you desire to find your life partner, let go and let God. Do what you can do within your power to do it, and then let go and let God.

By your letting go and allowing God to do his part, you are allowing the universe to work everything out on your behalf. Unknown and unforeseen circumstances are being shifted and moved to provide the most favourable condition for the manifestation of your desire. God is aligning everyone involved to bring you the desired results. People and appointments are being set up to meet your need.

Changes in legislation, regulations and procedures on all plains that involve you are being made as you let go and let God. If, like me, your life partner has to come from one city to come across several cities to find you, let go and let God do what he is doing to bring you the happiness you are looking for.

You may not know why you encountered traffic this morning on your way to work or an important business appointment, but let go and let God, because you may have just missed a fatal accident. When things are not going the way you initially intended it go, let go, let God.

If you have an idea for a custom designed dress or suit, you would either sketch the design or carry a picture of your design to the designer. The outcome of your project is totally left in the hands of the proficient designer to complete the outfit in the most efficient way possible.

Allow the creativity of the Great Designer behind the scene to design your desire into manifestation.

Fuelling words: I set my goal to achieve my ideal weight. I do what I can do within my power to do it. I let go and let God design the results behind the scenes to helping me manifest my desire.

Workout: gardening, incorporating exercises in my daily routines.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Invitation to go towards the light

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 70

As we turned over the soil in parts of the garden, we noticed some seeds which never germinated in the darkness of the soil and some that began the germination process but never penetrated the soil's surface. We left them in the soil to become compost for the surviving plants which will continue to grow to bear fruit and fulfill their purpose.

There are 4 different types of people in the darkness:

1) The ones who stay in the darkness because they've become comfortable there and they're so absorbed in their lives that even if light comes they don't notice it.

2) The ones who stay in the darkness because they've become comfortable there, see the light, but choose to ignore it and remain in the darkness.

3) The ones who see the light and begin to go towards it but are convinced by the ones who chose to remain that the light is scary or should not be trusted.

4) The ones who see the light, ignore the skeptics and the critics in the darkness, follow the light and find the path out into pure light gaining more and more light as they go closer to the light source.

Like our plants that will reach their full maturity at the fruit bearing stage, so will the people who turn towards the light and allow the natural growth process to unfold, bringing them to full maturity to bear fruit thereby fulfilling their life's purpose.

Of the four types, which one are you? I invite you to go towards the light of the Spirit and keep reaching for the light that you may 'bear fruit' and complete your purpose on earth.

Let go, let God

Getting my body back - Day 87

Ever since I was a child, I frequently heard my mother say, "Let go and let God." As I got older, the phrase became very real in my personal experiences.

When we're working on reaching our goal, the temptation to become anxious in its attainment can set in. It is our part in the creative process to ask, believe and act, beginning with what we know that we can do along with any inspired thought and/or action. The manifestation part is God's part and that is where we let go and let God do his part.

It's like entering into a business partnership and you've defined which part of the creative process of the product creation you'd do and what your partner would do based on each person's expertise. Once you've established these perimeters, you don't go over to your partner and say, "Well, this is the way I want this done and this is how you should do it."

The reason why you partnered with this person in the first place is because he/she is quite capable of accomplishing his/her end of the creative process without your input or overseeing what is done. You may not get the best work relationship with your partner if you're always intervening and taking over his/her job.

Soon enough, your partner will say, "Listen up, Buddy, seeing as how you know what's best and how to do the job, why don't you do it yourself. I'll just sit over here and let you do your thang."

After you've given it your best shot and become overwhelmed with frustration, you come to the realization that your partner knew exactly what he/she was doing and did it with ease and in the least amount of time possible.

It's the same with God. Do what is your part to do, but allow the expertise of the Creator to complete his end of the job as you let go and let God do his part in manifesting your desire at precisely the right time and under the right conditions.

Fuelling words: I do my part and step out of the way that God can do his part to bring out the best outcome possible.

Workout - walking

Friday, July 10, 2009

What if everything was free?

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 69

Plants receive water and sunlight in order for them to grow. Birds build their homes in trees and find their daily food supply all without cost or price.

What if you had to pay for every raindrop that fell from the sky?
What if you had to pay for every ray of sun that touched your eyes?
What if you had to pay for every breath you took and paid a recycling fee on carbon dioxide you breathe out?
What if you had to pay rent for the body that housed you?
What if you had to pay for every thump of your heart?
What if you had to pay for every lock of hair, some would be really glad they didn't have any - I'd be in trouble.
What if you had to pay taxes on every centimetre of hair or finger nail growth?
You'd better stop growing if you had to pay for every inch you've ascended in height - short people, "Be happy."
What if you had to pay for every pound of fat you put on?
What if you had to pay for every pound of muscle you weighed?
What if you lived in a world where you could get off the treadmill to make a quick buck so you could pay for your basic human survival - the right to food, shelter and clothing?

What if you could live your true bliss without consequence?
- paint your greatest masterpieces
- write your best lyrics
- sing your sweetest melody
- dance your most artistic expression
- play with your children all day
- write your best rhythmic poem
- design your most fashionable styles

What if we all shared our talents?
What you needed that I have, I gave to you without price?
What I needed that you have, you gave to me without cost?
What we each have that another needed, you gave to them without strings attached?
What if we all gave freely as the universe, as God gave us? What if?

What if the world reached the level of consciousness like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Jesus, Mother Theresa, Lao Tzu, if only for a year? The course of civilization would have reached its first step to completeness in well-being.

Heal the world with love

Getting my body back - Day 86

Now that you've basked in and soaked up the sun's rays, you feel energized and certainly happier than before. You get an extra 'pep' in your step. You're more pleasant when greeting others and your face beams.

When you've basked in the presence of inner unconditional love, other people around you can sense a beautiful spirit. They know that there's something different about you. Love heals and when others come in the presence of love they can feel it. Love cannot be contained and therefore needs to be shared.

As you give out, you make room to receive more and more abundantly. Your love shown to others heals them and brings them to a place where they too can receive love from the Source of love and be filled and in turn fill others with their love; love on a deeper level, unconditional love, in spite of love and not because of. You love others out of the abundance of unconditional love and not because of something they've done.

When you love unconditionally, you see beyond a person's faults and choose to love. Someone may say, "How could you love someone that's betrayed you, someone that has deeply hurt you? And I say to you what someone said to me years ago when I was going through a tough time, "Walk in the Spirit, walk in love."

Love will get you through anything. Think, speak and act out of love. Get your mind back onto Love and allow the healing rays to flow in your heart like a balm. It may be that if your betrayer continues in their path that you have to let them continue on, but let it be that your heart stays in love and wish them no ill, but only love. Bless them in your heart and release them in love.

Make a decision that no matter what, you will walk in the Spirit of Love and heal the world with your love.

Fuelling words: I live my life in Love that I may experience true life and share that life with others.

Workout - gardening

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is it grass or is it corn?

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 68

Our corn is really thriving, some at about 2 feet high, and the last few days of rain did them some good.

One thing we have noticed is grass growing in between the corn. At times we really had to look closely and examine the leaves to make sure it was grass we were weeding and not the smaller corn. When the grass is among the other vegetables, like the beans, peas, cucumber etc. it is easily identifiable but it is a bit more difficult among the corn.

With such similarities, it made me ask the question, how do you identify true friends, the right relationship, the right decision, and the right path in your life? With so many things coming at us even in this information age, how does one identify between what is true and the look alike? How do you determine which path brings you the corn harvest you are expecting and not the disappointment in finding weeds?

There are few things that will help you decide when making any decision.

1) Examine the corn leaves.

Stop and take the time to examine every situation. We have seen corn leaves before, does this look like corn leaves? You may have been in a similar situation before or know someone who has had to deal with this situation, how does this one match up to what you know? Start with what you already know.

2) Go with your inner feelings.

Even though it looked like corn, there was that inner feeling that said no, it is not corn. And sure enough when we uprooted it, yep, it was grass.

3) Ask for help.

If unsure ask for help. If you consult first with God for direction, the right person or right book will come to you with the answer you need.

4) Give it time.

Instead of rushing in headlong, give a situation time to unfold its true identity. Wait for the signs that will show you the truth. There were some seedlings in the garden that sprung up among what was sown. We were not sure if it was weed or vegetable. We waited and sure enough, over time and as the plant grew, we were able to identify it as a weed and then uproot it. God always reveals the way if we wait for the signal of the Spirit.

Have decisions you need to make? Use these steps to identify between your corn and grass.

Bask in the warmth of love

Getting my body back - Day 85

It's summer time again and just about everyone is enjoying the sun and basking in its rays, gobbling up as much warmth as possible before the coolness of the fall and frigid winds of the winter sets in.

Some people lay in the sun for hours absorbing as much vitamin D as they are able to. Some days we lay out in the back yard, in tire tubes, completely enjoying the sun as it pours down longed-for heat on our bodies.

It is the same with basking in the warmth of love from the Spirit. As you sit or lay relaxed in the presence of Love and allow its rays to move within your being, just absorbing its richness and joy that springs out of this love, you are taken to a realm of Spiritual ecstasy.

In the heat of the embrace of Love all your barriers and walls begin to come down releasing you from its grips and setting you free while preparing the ground of your heart to absorb more of its warmth.

The longer you stay the deeper you feel this Love and the wider the spread of it within your inner being. The deep void or emptiness within your soul begins to fill with Love until the flames of fire consumes every part of your inner being and burns away completely all fears and all restraints and reservations that keeps you from experiencing true freedom.

As you enjoy your summer having fun in the sun and basking in its rays, your body will thank you for it. But more importantly, take time to bask in the warmth of love, your soul will thank you for it.

Fuelling words: I welcome and bask in the presence of love and allow love to fill me and satisfy the inner longing and the deep void within my inner being.

Workout - gardening

Mother nature's simplicity

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 67

It's been raining for the last three days and the plants love it. When we went out to look at them we were amazed at how large they had grown, they just grew overnight. The broccolis are bigger, the cucumber and squash leaves have expanded, the watermelon grew an extra inch and the beans have started to bud.

We noticed that when we used the water from the hose there was little growth, but the rain water did wonders for these plants. We figured it must have been the chemicals in the hose water as opposed to the natural chemical free rain water which did its magic with our garden.

Mother Nature knows exactly how to take care of what belongs to her and she does so with such ease and simplicity, without all the extra trappings, and gets the greatest results to satisfy those within her care.

We add a lot of extra trappings to our lives to supposedly enhance us but instead we become too bugged down with them that it hinders our growth and inhibits our growth process. All the things that we think we need, that we feel that we can't do without or have to have to make our lives better can sometimes become a hindrance to us. Sometimes less is more. The less stuff we clutter our lives with, the more time we have for people that are more worthwhile.

When you work with the Spirit's guidance, you begin to see things from a different viewpoint. You begin to see those areas of your life that are more important and require more of your attention than that which is superficial and serves no real purpose other than to rob you of precious time and head space.

Like Mother Nature in her simplicity, God provides us with a trapping free life to truly live in freedom which promotes growth and sets the grounds and atmosphere for the growth process to evolve naturally and effortlessly in the least time possible, sometimes seemingly overnight, like our plants.

God provides the right environment and conditions for the perfect plan to work in perfect harmony bringing about the most beneficial experience for your life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Face to face with Love

Getting my body back - Day 84

Do you recall a time when you were first in love how energized you felt? You probably were so excited, your heart fluttered, you were on cloud 9, your face beamed with joy. Then the 'honeymoon' was over and you came back down to earth facing the realities of the relationship challenges where this love either continued to grow or the two separated.

There is a place where you come face to face with true Love where Love is unconditional; not the fluff that society throws around as a pass off for love - love today, gone tomorrow. No, this Love is eternal and true. When you come face to face with this Love, it goes to the very core of your soul, beams and glows, moves across and within your inner being.

This Love brings with it life, energizing you from within outward and causes the entire you to beam. It brings its own melody to your soul, comforts and holds you from within. Satisfies your every longing to depths where mortal hands cannot reach.

This Love is found in the silence of the soul. As you sit, looking inward to the Spirit of Love, you open your heart to experience love in its purest form; no judgment, no conditions, no stipulations and constantly flowing, just pure Love and acceptance. No need to stand on your head, do cartwheels or bend over backwards. This Love is ever ready to embrace you and draw you into its warmth.

The question is, "Are you ready to come face to face with unconditional Love and experience Love in its highest form?"

Fuelling words: I allow Love to flow in my inner being and light my soul aflame, bringing joy in all I do.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In honour of Michael Jackson

From the Spirit

From the stillness of brilliance you emerged and illuminated in the womb of Katherine. For the remainder of the nine months, you were polished by the Spirit knowing that there was none to perform like you or ever will.

Michael, my Spirit child, how I love you. For in your illumination, you have touched billions and allowed them to let their light shine. So, I welcome you home. For this I give to you. Your power of illumination will shine brighter than a morning star for eternity; so will you be loved.

In honour of Michael Jackson

Written by L. Campbell

Usher singing - Gone too soon

Queen Latifah

Stevie Wonder sings "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" and "My Destiny"

Jennifer Hudson

Monday, July 6, 2009

Broken but not defeated

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 66

When we were transplanting our broccoli seedlings, one of the seedlings' stem broke in the process. We decided to plant it in the garden anyway to see what would happen with it.

Sure enough, day by day, the cells regenerated themselves and the broccoli is growing quite strong with its leaves getting bigger each day. As long as the seedling remained in the soil it stood a chance for renewal and was able to heal itself.

If you remain connected to the Source of your life's sustenance, even though you have been completely broken, you have hope. You may be broken but not defeated. You can be regenerated again in the restoration process as long as the roots of your heart are planted in the soil of the Spirit's love.

The soil of Love has all the requirements necessary to put your broken pieces back together again and heal you. Whether your life is a mess, your heart's been broken and your situation seems hopeless, turn inward to the silence of the Spirit's soil and draw life and wholeness from the Spirit's nutrients to enrich the cells of your inner spirit.

Love - the intangible element

Getting my body back - Day 83

Healing foods are packed with nutrients to help prevent illnesses and assist the cells in repairing the body. For example, bananas protect your heart, quiet a cough, strengthen bones, control blood pressure and block diarrhea. Apples protect your heart, prevent constipation, block diarrhea, improve lung capacity and cushion joints.

Adding more of these foods to your diet encourages a healthy body.

But what about a broken spirit? No food or drug has been prescribed on the market to heal one that's emotionally wounded. This is an inside job where no human hands can touch.

So, how does one heal an emotional wound?

It is said that time heals all wounds. If that is so, why then do so many people wound around with crushed spirits which is evident in their faces or in a chaotic life which is an attempt to mask the wound and suppress the pain?

That which is intangible can only be healed by that which is also intangible. Love is the intangible element needed to completely heal an emotional wound. As the wounded one looks within to the Source of Love which is the Spirit of Love, love's warmth gently moves within the inner being saturating and healing all emotional wounds.

When you come face to face with that inner Spirit of Love and yield your hurt to its strong yet gentle embrace, the chains of anger, resentment, fear and hurt loses its hold on you, for none of these can stand in the presence of true Love.

This freedom becomes evident in your physical body, your face is brighter because you are happier; you have entered the presence of and have been touched by love.

Fuelling words: I relinquish all hurt and all that disturbs my emotional state of peace to the presence of Love.

Links to foods that heal:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 5

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 65

Since we've last weeded the flower garden the poppy flowers have begun to blossom; some yellow and one orange, so far. The four o'clocks have not yet blossomed but they're looking very strong.

We've taken the time to give this garden the attention it needed and now we're enjoying the rewards of our labour.

As you activate the law of giving and receiving in your life, you open the door to much joy. It may not always come back to you in the way you gave it but it does come back and many times it comes in the form of that which you most desire.

When you cease to give, you block the flow of God's universal blessings from flowing to you and through you to others and then back to you. You interrupt the natural law when you hold on tightly and don't release what's in your hands; whether it's money, food, clothes, love, joy, peace or talent.

Releasing what's in your hands frees your hands to receive what God desires to give to you. Give to others knowing that you will receive; knowing that all your needs have already been met and will manifest itself naturally and effortlessly.

Let your life be a conduit through which the abundant life of God constantly flows in, through and out of you.

Living your fullest potential

Getting my body back - Day 82

When you live to your fullest potential, you give opportunity to others to live to their fullest potential, as well. The opposite is also true; when you deny your purpose and settle to live the way others say that you should, you deny others their expression of their fullest capabilities and the attainment of their highest potential.

Humanity was designed to live as a whole; in oneness with God and with each other. However, when we see ourselves as separate and independent of each other and neglect to consider the effects of our actions, we all feel the effects of it whether we are conscious of it or not.

Your body, even though it has separate parts, functions together independently yet as a whole; the legs for walking acts independently from the hands but yet still working together to take the hands and the rest of the body where ever it needs to go.

If your right foot is deficient in any way and is not fulfilling its full capabilities it affects the rest of the body. You may find ways to compensate for this deficiency by improvising as much as possible, i.e. use a crotch. But even though this crotch assists you in walking, it does not perform in the same capacity as your right foot.

In the same way, when you do not live your life in a way that's fulfilling your purpose you were sent to earth to fill, this deficiency of full expression of your talent affects the rest of the body of humanity.

Others may not see the importance of what you have to contribute at the time but it is not for them to decide, they were not given your mission. Your purpose and mission are written deep in your heart and only you can feel the feelings of that which you enjoy doing and long to accomplish.

Fuelling words: I live each day fulfilling my purpose using my body as full expression of my divine mission.

Incorporating exercise in my daily routine

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 64

As we were walking across our lawn, we observed that one of the apple trees were springing new shoots at the bottom. In continuing with our observation, we noticed a weed growing out of a hole on the apple tree trunk. We found it very fascinating and decided to leave it to see what would occur in the coming days.

Sometimes, in the process of eliminating events in our lives, stopping to observe before taking action may be a necessary step. Certain aspects of your life may not run according to norm or you might find them to be fascinating. Stop and observe, give it time to evolve. If it's not causing you harm or discomfort, take note of what's occurring. What you may have considered a 'weed' may very well turn out to be the start of something unusually new for you and may take you in a direction you never have considered or thought possible.

Carefully weed your garden but keep a keen eye out and don't be overly hasty when something unusual pops up. Consider looking within and asking the Spirit if this is a good thing that's beginning to emerge or not. Wait for the answer. If within you, you feel you should wait, then go ahead and wait. Whatever the inner peace, follow it. Be open and be guided by the inner Spirit.

Going natural

Getting my body back - Day 81

As a way to make my hair more manageable it was permed around the age of 11. I've kept this perm up until the age of 30 when I made the decision to go natural.

We put many different chemicals in our hair to improve the look; whether to fix too frizzy, too curly, or too stringy, there's a product on the market which for the most part contains chemicals in it. These products were manufactured to assist us but many of them end up damaging our hair in the long run.

The best way is not always the easiest or most popular, but the benefits are most rewarding. I've been tempted many times at the outset of this decision to give up the task, which for my hair type, could involve many hours.

The benefits? My hair is healthier than it's ever been, longer than it ever was. And it's given me the opportunity to pull up on inner creativity producing new hairstyles. I recall asking the Spirit of God to show me a way to effectively manage my hair and find hairstyles that were appealing to me especially when I had to attend a special event. I found that I got complements from other people where ever I go; they're fascinated by my hair - if they only knew, huh?

Changing what you do with your hair may not be an adventure you're ready to embark on but there may be other areas that you may need to consider going natural; for example, eating more natural chemical-free foods, natural skin creams or oils or natural home remedies for common ailments.

I was recently listening to a Youtube recording from Dr. Mercola and his statement was that if you cannot eat your skin cream then it should not be put on your skin because whatever you put on your skin enters into your blood stream. I would say that includes whatever chemicals you put in your hair, as well.

The benefits of going natural? A healthier you!

Fuelling words: I consider the things I put in and on me to ensure I encourage a healthier me.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 63

While weeding our flower garden, we noticed a large root from the rosehip. As we pulled on it, the roots of the four o'clocks began to come up, as well. So the task of chopping up the root, section at a time, was our only alternative to avoid uprooting the four o'clocks. We got out the parts of the root that was just underneath the four o'clocks. The remaining root would have to stay until next spring when we begin to prepare the garden again.

Extra caution must be taken when you attempt to eliminate deep-rooted issues in your life. If not, you'll find yourself destroying that which you were trying to protect in the first place. If you have some weeds in your life's garden that are threatening other areas of your life, eliminate them but watch out for those deep roots, those things that have been dormant for a long time but ever so often begin to surface through your life's soil. As you try to move on, building new dreams, they surface and overrun your life.

If you are unable to completely eradicate these roots, cut what you can and wait for the right timing or the right season. If you look to the Spirit for guidance, you'll be shown the way and the right time in dealing with deep-rooted issues that will result in the best outcome possible and avoid total devastation.

To eat meat or not

Getting my body back - Day 80

For the last few months I've been thinking about the foods we consume and how we could improve our nutrition intake.

We've recently been making more changes to our diet, especially in the consumption of meat. I have to admit; I love and enjoy eating meat. I was brought up on eating meat and love the variety of meat dishes my husband cooks. We've already cut back on our bread consumption and replaced it with more fruits and vegetables. We've began lessening the amount of meat we have on a daily basis and taking it a bit slowly, using other foods as substitutes for meat.

I've also considered some scriptures which prompted me to question whether or not we were even designed to eat meat. In the book of Genesis 1, it refers to God creating herbs, fruit and vegetation for food.

Daniel 1:12 speaks about Daniel refusing to eat the king's meat for 10 days and opted for a vegetable diet which made him and his friends healthier looking than the other men.

Consider also fruits and vegetables, these are live foods. Fruits come right off the trees, and vegetables come right out of the ground which is best when you can grow your own minus the pesticides.

Meat on the other hand, the only way to get it is to kill the animal. Fruits and vegetables - live foods, meat - dead animal, dead food? This is just my personal observations.

It is said that you should not leave meat out because it begins to decay if not refrigerated. Refrigeration slows down the decaying process but it does not prevent the inevitable. What exactly goes on in our stomachs from constantly eating meat over a long period of time?

I've found an interesting article that goes into deeper details about meat, click on the link below.

Consider your own diet and health factors and make the necessary adjustments to improve your health.

Fuelling words: I consider my diet and ensure that what I consume is working with my body to produce energy and optimum body function.


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