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Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Using Visions Boards To Reprogram Your Mind For Better Health

Your internal programming controls your outward experience. So whether it's your weight or other areas of your health, you need to return to your subconscious mind to reprogram it to yield to you its power to reap the benefits of physical well-being. 

For the most part, our physical ailments are the results of negative emotional issues harboured within our bodies. These unreleased negative emotions become blockages within our bodies affecting us in the form of physical illness and/or increased weight issues. 

So then, how do we use vision boards to help us reprogram our minds to better our health?

Before we get into using vision boards, let's first deal with the emotional issues affecting us. We first need to set time aside where we can do an internal detoxification program. We know about physical detoxification to help us lose weight, but what about an emotional detoxification program to release the emotional toxins of anger, resentment, guilt, grief, pain etc?

We need to first take the time and consciously examine ourselves and begin to release these negative blockages so they can free us from within in order for the body to do what it naturally does to ensure optimum health. 

Now let's get into the usage of vision boards.

You'd want to collect images of the ideal image you'd like to attain if it is you desire to lose weight or you can get one that shows a person that's healthy and enjoying their life. This image you'd put in a prominent place so the image can be imprinted into your consciousness, which will in turn send it into your subconscious mind where, if nurtured, will continue to grow from within you until it's finally expressed in your physical reality. 

The work must first begin within where you are being changed inwardly as you begin to see yourself embracing and living the life of your desired image from your vision board. Your vision board image becomes your life style and experience. 

The combination of releasing negative emotions, your emotional detoxification program, with your vision board visualization both work together to produce the effects you desire to externalize as you begin to change from the inside out.


  1. Hi Alicia...Oooooookay. Guess I need to move some of my vision boards to more prominent places where I can see them more frequently. Great post! Susan

  2. That's good Susan. You'll find that you begin to become more familiar with vivid images and it'll make it easier to accept it as your own.


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