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Monday, November 29, 2010

Unconditional Love - Answer the Call to Return to Love to Enrich your Life from Within

We’ve come from a place of Unconditional Love. And even though we have this rich heritage many have strayed away hoping to find comfort in our dazzling outer reality which leaves us feeling disconnected from the Source of our power.

What is this power Source and what is Unconditional Love? They are one and the same. Love is powerful and power resides in the Omnipotent presence of the Great Universal Spirit. From the Divine Spirit each of us were created and fashioned out of love.

Unconditional Love shows no favouritism. You are loved regardless of your status, upbringing, experiences, merits, or whatever you may think that you need to ‘shape up’ in order to measure up to become accepted.

Love calls to us to return home; to return to the inner sanctuary of our inner being where we experience peace of mind and shelter from all that ails us. Only when we return home will we begin to experience the enriching power that comes from within and can truly express to others that true power.

To continue to press onward craving after the external things leaves us only wanting more and not being satisfied. It’s like having a thirst for water but only trying to satisfy this thirst with fruit juice, pop, tea or any other drink. The result? Only temporary relief, but sooner or later the thirst rises again and you’re back to square one. But drinking water quenches your thirst, leaving you satisfied, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Similarly, when you return to the Life-sustaining water of life and drink from within, allowing the inner being to be drenched from within, what’s the result? A satisfied you, a happier you, a completely enriched life and those external things you desire come to you as well.

Will you answer the call, return home and be filled with the power of Unconditional Love once again?

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