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Monday, November 22, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Are you a grasshopper or a giant?

The way you see yourself, your perspective of who you are, plays a vital part in the way you act and the experiences you have in all areas of your life. If you have a low perspective of yourself or a low self-image no matter what situation, you’ll find yourself being unsuccessful in whatever you attempt to do.

So I ask you the question, “Are you a grasshopper or a giant?” If whatever situation you encounter you see yourself as being small among the giants, then you’re already beaten even before you attempt to step forward.
You see, your victory or your defeat is in your mind. And if in your mind you’re already convinced that you’ve lost at the game of life – no matter what the label is, business, career, weight loss, friendship, relationship etc. – you are right, you’ve already lost.

Your thoughts determine your reality and the outcome of what you hope to materialize. So if your thoughts and emotions are transmitting ‘grasshopper feelings’ (feeling small), then you will attract back to you that reality. You first have to BE a giant in order to LIVE as a giant. In other words, you first have to be a giant inside of you, see yourself as a giant for that giant like life to manifest outwardly.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about towering over others in order to take advantage of them. I’m talking about being successful, bold and victorious in all areas of your life. I’m talking about being triumphant in the face of adversity and not cowering under because you feel small, because you feel inferior, because you feel like a grasshopper when you come against a ‘mountain’.

You are more than your current situation. And as you begin to see the giant within you and allow that giant to rise up from within, you’ll begin to gain victory after victory over your fears, over your insecurities, over your so-called inadequacies. You’ll begin to see the power that lies in you which will manifest in your outer experience as you set free the giant within as you release all of your inner inhibitions.

Every time you face a situation and those grasshopper like feelings come knocking at your door, let the giant of confidence open and say, “No vacancy here.” Then move forward toward your goal, knowing that all is well.

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