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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Action Thursday - Practice Prevention to Overcome Psychological Effects of Guilt

Practicing prevention is the best cure to overcoming the psychological effects to guilt. If you stay alert and keep an eye out on your thoughts and emotions you can prevent the feelings of guilt to take over your mind. 

Let's review the 3 tips to prevention.

Tip #1 - Quickly identify situations that contribute to stress or depression

Action Steps 

What situations contribute to stress or depression in your life? 
What can you do to avoid them or avoid being consumed by stress or depression?

Tip #2 - Change your perspective on the situation

Action Steps

How can you look at your situation differently?
What can you learn from your mistakes?
How can you use your mistakes as your strengths instead of being weakened by guilt?

Tip #3 - Physically move from the event

What strategies can you implement now to help you avoid situations that will cause you to get off track?
What can you do if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation?

Take action and practice prevention.

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