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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Elements to Empower Your Vision Board

Vision boards aid in the vivid mental processing of your image you desire to manifest. If you're having trouble using your imagination to visualize the strong mental image which is vital for attracting the desires you want, vision boards are great tools to help strengthen your imaginative powers. 

But how do you actually harness the power of using vision boards? We'll look into the elements that empower your vision board to create the magnet you need to draw into you the things you desire in your life. 

Element # 1 - Emotions

Your emotions add vitality to your desires that you've added to your vision board. You must bring the vision board image home. By that I mean, the images may be on the vision board but now you have to consciously connect with your images and feel the feelings of having your desire as you look at them. You're making the emotional connection within you which creates the energy wave to attract the ideas, people, circumstances and events to bring your desires into reality.

Element #2 - Own the images

If you keep seeing the vision board images as being separate from you, you will continue to attract that separateness into your life. You've got to own it, you've got to see them as yours. One way is to imagine the images inside of you - this is mine. Another way is to see yourself actually doing the activity on your vision board or mentally placing yourself in the location of the images on your vision board.

Element #3 - Become one with your images

With the process of becoming one with your images, you need to bring your mind into accepting that this is your reality. You need to bring your emotions into the mix as well - feel the feelings of having that ideal weight, or on that dream vacation, or having that happy relationship. Hear the sounds and your laughter as you're enjoying your desires. Become so engulfed in your imagination as you concentrate on living the life of your desire - it is happening now, believe it!

Element #4 - Express gratitude

Gratitude always opens the doors for more of what you're grateful for to come to you. It clears the channel to allow more good to come to you. It also puts you in the mind frame of already having received what you believe belongs to you and puts you in the mode of expectation for its arrival. 

In tomorrow's post we'll cover the 3 Foundational Steps You Should Have Before You Create Your Own Vision Board.


  1. Great suggestions, Alicia. I'm going to follow them to the letter. Susan

  2. That's great Susan and keep repeating them over and over again.


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