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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Action Thursday - How To Create Your Own Vision Board

Creating your own vision board can be a fun project. My children enjoy cutting out their own pictures and pasting them on their own boards. Plus it's a great fun time for the family as well. So let's get into the materials needs and instruction steps to creating your vision board.

Materials to create your vision board

Bristol board (if you're making a physical vision board)
Images (cut out from magazines, flyers, printed from the internet, your own pictures)
Paper Glue
Permanent Marker

Instructions for a physical vision board

Step 1 - Gather all of your material on a table so you have a large enough space to spread out your pictures.

Step 2 - Trim any excess off your images and shape them to your liking.

Step 3 - Place your images on the bristol board where you'd like them to go. Move them around until you're satisfied with where you have them placed before you begin to glue them on.

Step 4 - Glue your images onto the bristol board.

Step 5 - Label the images (optional). For example, under the image of your vacation you can put 'Dream Vacation in the Bahamas'.

Step 6 - Allow the glue time to dry.

Step 7 - Find a prominent place to put your vision board where you can easily visit on a daily basis.

Instructions for a virtual vision board

Step 1 - Gather images from the internet or cut out images from magazines, flyers or your own pictures you scanned and uploaded to your computer.

Step 2 - Crop your images, removing the excess, and save the cropped pictures.

Step 3 - Using Paint or Photoshop program on your computer, place all your images on the blank canvas in the position of your choosing.

Step 4 - Label your images (optional). For example, under the image of your vacation you can put 'Dream Vacation in the Bahamas'.

Step 5 - Flatten your images to the canvas and save as a .jpg file on your computer. 

Step 6 - Save your vision board as a background image on your desk top or as a screen saver.

Step 7 - You can also save your images singly to use as a screen saver. That way you can see the images one at a time as they change.

So now that you've created your vision board, what next?

1. Set aside some time to become silent.

2. Focus and concentrate on your image.

3. Absorb every detail of your image and memorize it.

4. Own it - let be yours.

5. Become one with it - see yourself living your dream life or desire.

6. Use affirmations each day - Thank you that all I desire is coming to me now.

7. Use the formula for success - R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time - Repeat, repeat, repeat each day until the image becomes clearly imprinted in your conscious, then into your subconscious and into your reality over time.

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