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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - One Step At A Time

Feeling like no matter how hard you try you're getting nowhere fast? Take it one step at a time. Everything will work out, everything will turn out fine. Keep believing. Keep expecting. Keep holding on. Keep acting on and moving towards your goal.

Today's tunespiration is One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks

Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Going With The Flow Of Your Body To Maximize Your Workout Efforts

When you're doing your workout routine are you listening to your body? You could be missing out on a lot when your mind is wandered off somewhere else or you're so focused on your reps that you're not in sync with your body. 

As you pay attention to your body, becoming one in mind, body and spirit, you can feel when it's time to change. As you breathe in, filling your lungs with life-energizing oxygen, be conscious of the cleansing and rejuvenating breath as it goes through your body. 

Listen to the signals your body is sending when you're overdoing it or when you feel good about your workout or when you need to intensify the move. Be present, not preoccupied with what's for supper or how much chores you must get done. 

Remember you are a triune being - spirit, mind and body - therefore all three should become one even as you workout. Draw life-energy from the Great Universal Spirit into your spirit. Visualize that energy running through you healing and energizing every part of your body and enabling you to live a healthy lifestyle as you live your dreams.

In this mindset you'll find your workout routine more life-sustaining and enjoyable.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps to Go with the Flow to Manifest Your Desire

Going with the flow not only gets you in sync with the universal energy but it also puts you into a relaxed state of mind so you're open to receive what the Spirit has to offer at each given moment. When you are tangled in frustration and/or preoccupied with negativity, you hinder your mind from being consciously present to see what's in front of you - what the Spirit has brought to you for your benefit. 

So let's look at 5 action steps you can take right now to go with the flow to manifest your desire.

Step #1 - What do you want to manifest?

What is it you truly desire? Come face to face with this because this is the starting point before anything physically manifests. All that we see in our universe came into existence because of a desire - whether the desire came from the Great Universal Spirit or from us, consciously or not - it all began from a thought that became emotionally charged into a strong desire and continued to take form from there.

Step #2 - Relax

I cannot count how many times things have come to me when I was in a relaxed state, often not even thinking about my desire at the time - the answer just showed up. When we're full of negative energy - anger, frustration, stress - it makes it difficult for us to see the answer and the path we need to follow to get to the results we want. 

Step #3 - Release the outcome

You do not know all the ways in which a desire can come into manifestation in your life and if you become rigid in receiving your desire in one way and one way only, you may very well be hindering your results. Releasing the outcome, letting go of how it will all work out or the path in which your desire will come gives the universal energy the freedom to bring it to you in the best way possible. 

Step #4 - Be open 

Be open to the channel through which the Spirit has chosen to help you. Watch out! This may come to you shrouded in adversity. E.g. you ask for a successful business but then you lose your job though on the surface this may seem like an unfortunate situation. But if you look for the hidden gem with eyes of positive expectation, laying beneath the surface you'll find the opportunity you've been waiting for but only manifests itself as you are open to the Spirit and expect the best outcome no matter what. 

Step #5 - Take action!

What can you do right now? What do you feel you should do or could do or are inspired to do right now? It may be to just relax and allow - then do that. It may be that you need to start from where you are and use whatever resources are available to you right now. It may mean that you start moving and have an open heart and keep your eyes and ears open to where the Spirit is showing you to go to moment by moment. Whatever it is, do that, take action and in taking action what you need will show up to help you take the next step.

And speaking of next step, I have a very special offer for you right now, a Free 30-Minute Self-Empowerment Session with me. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Real Life Example of Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

In yesterday's post we discussed how we got our desire for apricots satisfied. Today we'll look at another example from something that also happened while we were in the city. 

At another parking lot, while I waited in the car for Dad and a couple of the older girls to return from the store, my 9 year old noticed a vehicle as it passed by. She thought it was a friend of ours who usually comes into town on the weekends but actually lives in the city. My daughter thought that it would be a treat to see him. 

When Dad and the older girls returned, we drove out of the parking lot and while we waited for the traffic lights to turn green, lo and behold who do we see driving by? Yep, our friend. We decided to follow him and sounded the horn as he parked his car and was headed towards his workplace. He was totally surprised to see us - my daughter's desire manifested right in front of our eyes. 

What's the mindset here? 

1. Emotional Charged Desire

She really wanted to see our friend and thought it would be a nice treat. I could hear it in her voice as she expressed her desire - it was one that was emotionally charged. 

Are you emotionally connected to your desire? Do you feel your desire from your heart?

2. Let it go 

The thing is we also joined in with her in agreement saying that it would be nice to see him and that was the end of that. We didn't really discuss it anymore. But what was happening was that the universal energy was set in motion to bring her exactly what she desired. 

With all that energy put out there everything flowed in precise synchronicity to manifest this desire - from the time she made her wish, to the time we left the parking lot to be positioned at the traffic lights to see our friend drive by. That brings us to the next point.

3. Positioning

As we go with the flow, not entangled with negativity, we naturally move into position to receive what we desire, being at the right place at the right time. Everyone involved, everything we need all comes together at once, all starting from a thought. 

Tomorrow, Action Thursday, we'll look at some action steps and something special for you as you become self-empowered to go with the flow to manifest your desires.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real Example of Going With the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

Last week on our trip into the city, while we were parked in the parking lot, I observed behind the fence a tree laden with apricots. So I was talking with one of my daughters wondering how much the owners would charge for a bag of apricots. I didn't go ask them though. 

We left that area and took the children for a drive and on our journey we ended up at the local airport where we got to see a couple of small planes coming in. 

After we left the airport, we decided to drive some more before we headed back home. As we were driving on one of the local roads, we came to a roadside tree also laden with apricots. We were able to stop the vehicle and picked some to take with us. 

The desire to have apricots opened the door and manifested a way for us to enjoy them. We went with the flow; being open to what the Spirit had to offer. We didn't initially get the apricot from the first tree because we didn't know the owners. However, a way was provided for us to still enjoy apricots without having to intrude on someone else. 

When you become clear on what you desire to achieve in life, the possibilities to have that desire become reality are endless. Once you keep an open mind and are willing to go with the flow of the Spirit what you desire will manifest itself, the offer will present itself to you with ease. 

We were simply having a good time with our children and following where we felt prompted to go. It is in this willingness to do as we were instructed that our desire was satisfied. 

What is it do you desire? Become clear right now, let your imaginative skills go to work for you, envision your desire and allow your mind to be open to the direction the Spirit is taking you.

Tomorrow we'll look at another real example of 'Going With the Flow to Manifest Your Desires.'

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mastering the Art of Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

When you go with the flow of the Spirit, things happen, miracles occur. You become untangled from stress, frustration and you are free and open to what the Spirit has to offer.

In this state of being and relaxation, the synchronicity of life occurs. Things begin to fall into place, your desires are satisfied and you can marvel at how everything has come together so easily and effortlessly without you having to force, push or 'make it happen'.

When you let go and flow with the Spirit, the problem you've been trying to resolve for the longest time simply unfolds the solution and you wonder, "Why hadn't I thought of that before?"

Sometimes we become so caught up with life's schedules/ the rigidity of our schedules, we miss what the Spirit has to offer.

Practice the art of going with the flow so you can master it and live in a more relaxed state of mind.

I am open to what the Spirit has to offer today.
All good is here now and everything is unfolding itself right now for my ultimate good.
I am abundant now. Abundant life-energy is now flowing in and through me and manifesting itself in all of my physical circumstances in the form of joy, peace, prosperity, happiness and above all, a satisfied life.
I am complete. I am whole.

Tomorrow we'll look at a live example of 'Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires'.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Having An Ordinary Day? It's Alright!

Each day is filled with new adventures only if you're looking for it. You can look at life as being mundane or you can look for the beauty as each day unfolds, it's all in your state of mind. You can look at a tree each day and think, "Oh it's just same ole, same ole - a tree. I've seen it many times no big deal." 

But if you choose to take on a different perspective you can look at the same tree each day and discover something new each time. The adventures of life await you but you must be looking for them and be open to receive the lesson that each adventure chooses to reveal to you.

Today's tunespiration comes from Great Big Sea - Ordinary Day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Laying the Foundation

After you've made the decision to get your body back to the size you desire you've got to lay the foundation in place. You never begin to build a house without a plan and after the plan has been made you need to lay a solid foundation which you will build on. 

So how do you lay the foundation for your weight loss?

Foundation #1 - Decide your goal?

A builder has a design in mind before he begins to build a house and the blue print is the tangible expressive path to creating that design into physical manifestation. The builder can remove any kinks in his/her plans before actual building.

So when you set down to decide how much weight, fat, you want to get rid of, you need to also draft out your action plan to reaching your goal i.e. how much is your ideal weight goal and size, when you want to get there by etc.

Foundation #2 - Break down your action plan

Now you need to break down your action plans into smaller bite size; how much you plan to lose off each month, each week, each day and what work out you will do to achieve your goal - weight training, walking, jogging etc. 

Now something I have to share here from my personal experience, I go by my clothes size. I've used the scale at other times but I find that it tends to be discouraging for me when I don't see the shift on the scale. Keep in mind that you may be building muscles and as a result you may not see so much of a shift in the scale initially. 

I let the way my clothes fit be my guide and also let my eyes tell me what I need to know. Pictures are also a good way to keep track of your progress, a month from now in the same outfit will give you a good clue.  

Foundation #3 - Chart/Review your progress

Set up a system in order to review your progress each day and each week. This way you can make the adjustments you need to keep on track. For example, what have you done today towards your goal? Did you stay with your plan, if not, why and what was the reason for not following through? You can catch a trend in things happening in your life and make plans to change them or work around them.

Go ahead and lay that foundation now. 

My weekly progress - I've laid the foundation for my progress this week. Have you ever had a weird workout schedule? When we went berry picking I waited with the baby while she slept and as Dad and kids picked berries, I thought, here's a chance to get my workout in as the radio blasted out the music up in the mountains. Great way to keep away wildlife and work up a sweat, using my body as my weights. 

How was your progress this week?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps To Develop Your Talents To The Fullest Potential

Have you traded in your natural talents to adapt to the 'status quo' of others? Are you a follower trying to fit into the gifts of others and not what you have inside of you? Your natural abilities cause you to flow with ease. You can do this all day and not feel like this is work because even though you are 'working' you are having fun so it doesn't feel like what we term as work. 

Your talent, though it may be unique and different from others, have other people who are interested in what you have to offer. Because in the time slot that you've come to earth you've been given exactly what you need to serve the people of earth. You already have your following BUT, in order to realize your dream you must develop your gift.

How then do you develop your talents to the fullest potential so you can provide for yourself as well as serve others as well? 

Action Step #1 - Identify what you're passionate about

What beneficial activities do you enjoy doing? This is where you need to conduct a self-analysis - know yourself. If you're unsure, ask your family or friends. Identify different trends in your life. What things do you gravitate to? What activities do you lose yourself in that you become so absorbed in it you close out the world around you?

Action Step #2 - Accept your gift as your earthly resource

You are filled with the resources you need for every stage of your life. Accept your gift as part of the rich heritage of your birth right. Every resource you have has a place and value and that value can be enriching to your life - whether it's to bring you joy, motivate you or provide a livelihood all in one. 

Action Step #3 - Practice

You've mastered walking because you had a desire to do so and because of this you practiced each day. It is not in the large steps sporadically that you take that you master your talents, but consistent rehearsal each day. Put aside time each day to develop your talent and before you know it - without doing anything that spectacular - you'll become a master at it.

Action Step #4 - Look for opportunities to use your talent

Never hide your light under a bed. Flowers bloom in the wide open for all around to admire. Bloom where you are. When you first practiced walking did you hide? No. You looked for every opportunity to use your new found talent. As a matter of fact you enjoyed when your parents looked at you as you strutted your stuff. So here you go, look for ways to use your talents and bloom where you are.

Action Step #5 - Take it up to the next level

After you mastered walking, did you stop there? No, you wanted to run and climb and jump and - you get the idea. So now that you've reached one level of success, go for another and another and another after that, take it up to the next level. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open this book and prepare to be struck by your own Incredible Power! It's not a book, it's an experience!

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Ignite the Genius Within combines adaptations of two new and powerful therapy treatments—EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Brainspotting TM. 

Dr. Ranck, a psychotherapist in NYC, who along with her traditional practice specializes in creativity and performance enhancement, witnessed many astonishing and “impossible” transformations while using these fast and effective mind/body techniques. She wanted to provide the experience and results in a book for the general public. 

Your genius brain and system already have all the answers you need inside you—you just haven't had easy access to them…until now. 

Ignite the Genius Within is a different kind of book altogether. It’s a book that works from the inside out. It is mostly a doing book rather than a reading book that works on two levels: 

POWERFUL COLOR IMAGES AND ARTWORK, accompanied by penetrating questions guide you to deep-brain processing. A picture paints a thousand words. Pictures are a short-cut into you. 

A BILATERAL SOUNDTRACK with music and nature sounds that oscillate back and forth (instead of stereo), stimulates both sides of the brain, distracting the thinking brain, and giving access to dream processing—which usually happens while we're sleeping. Proven to enhance creativity, this soundtrack allows you to travel through space and time—and sometimes to take a trip into yourself unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

By forcing the brain to process information differently, we can begin to see and experience events and ideas through new eyes. A new perspective can potentially change everything. Ignite's powerful elements uncover and deliver the answers—that are already there—in order to make change happen within the deepest part of you. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You Developing Your Gifts To The Fullest Potential?

Each of us is given natural talents for our sustenance here on planet earth. However, this sustenance is interlinking. Our talents do not belong to us only but are interconnected with the needs of many others on the earth. 

And in developing and using our gifts/talents, our seeds, to the fullest - nurturing them each day - we can then use our seeds as service to meet the needs of others and at the same time fulfilling our own needs as we enhance our earth during our time here. 

We are the seeds of our parents, grandparents and ancestors. Some of us left our homeland, carried by the wind on planes to be planted elsewhere where we can grow and bloom. Others grow where they are. In each case both are called to live to their fullest potential. 

The one carried by the wind to another land are like seeds which the birds or animals carry from fruit and sow these seeds in other places. These seeds germinate, grow and make up our lush forests and rich flora. 

When we live our talents, instead of doing what others say we should do, we will always be provided for. Some soil may not be conducive initially for proper plant growth, but you can improve the soil and make it suitable or find the right seeds for the type of soil you have.

The environment/soil in which we're planted may not be the best for growth but we can improve it. We can add some positives into our environmental soil and work it to get the best results so our gifts/talents can flourish to provide for our needs and the needs of others.

If you've been given only one talent, use your gift to the fullest so it will yield many fruits. Peaches, nectarines, mangoes all have only one seed but when the one seed is sown into the soil and nurtured to maturity, it produces many fruits in return for the one. And each fruit contains a seed - think about how many more seeds you'll have now. 

All you need is one seed to get the ball rolling. Some of your talents, your hidden abilities sometimes are only revealed once the talent you have has reached its fullest potential. You never know what possibilities await you. 

Other fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, tomatoes and peppers have many seeds in them, but the same process applies. Each seed needs to be sown and nurtured to maturity. 

Often times we become impatient and stop the nurturing process along the way when we don't see the fruit, the results we want in our lives. Mangoes take 5 years before they bear fruit, strawberries take 3. But once the fruit comes in, the flavour is quite satisfying. 

When we find ourselves complaining about not seeing the fruit, remember that there is a season for all things and as long as we continue to do the things necessary to promote growth - giving the plant/your talent what it needs daily for survival; right temperature, water when necessary - not too much or too little, sunshine, heat or cool depending on the plant - in due time the fruit will appear. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - What A Wonderful World

In spite of all the negatives round, it truly is a wonderful world. But you only see the beauty when you're looking for it, when you're enjoying the 'now' moment, when you take the time to 'smell the roses' - beauty is all around.

Take the time today to absorb the beauty of life around you.

Today's tunespiration is from Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - I'm Going All Out!

When I initially lost off the excess weight, it wasn't because I was focused on losing weight. I did that and what I got was more frustration than results. My whining and complaining only brought me stress, made me miserable and unmotivated to exercise. It was only after I did these three things that I began to see results.

Checked My Spiritual Connection

Who am I in relation to the Great Universal Spirit? I'm greater than my external appearance. My external appearance does not dictate how I see myself. I'm beautiful, my body is beautiful. At the time I had 7 children and I looked at what my beautiful body had created and I was thankful that my body sustained me all through these years. What could you be thankful for right now on your journey to your ideal weight?

Check My Mental Thought Patterns

I changed my thought patterns toward exercise. I totally despised working out. I got bored and frustrated very easily especially when I didn't get the results I wanted right away. I decided that instead of focusing on weight loss I'd focus on strengthening my body, having fun in what I did. All the while as I released all of that negative from my mind and shifted my thinking the weight started falling off.

Enjoyed My Physical Workout

I did weight training, interval training - interchanging brisk walking with jogging - gardening and simply having fun piggy backing the children and playing with them. When I got bored of my routine, I changed it and did something different which was also quite rewarding. The result! The weight started coming off and my target pants I wanted to fit into did actually fit me and zipped right up. 

In March I gave birth to our 8th child and now I'm going all out once again to drop off the extra baby fat. The good thing as I look at the way my clothes fit, compared to last time, I had not put on as much weight as before. So I'll be using these same 3 steps to get back into all of my pre-pregnant clothes, while focusing on the right things such as having fun and being strong to reach my goals.

Each Friday I'll give a heads up on my progress. Join with me and let's go all out and Get Our Bodies Back! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Action Thursday - The 5 Step Process To Getting Everything You Want

You can have everything you want out of life because everything you desire desires you and is coming towards you as you move towards it in your thoughts, words and actions. There is a process involved in having what you want which involves both the mental and physical process to materialization. 

Here is the 5 step process

Process Step #1 - Laser clarity on what you want

Confusion or indecision in the mind leads to non-realization of your goals. If you're confused about what you want to accomplish your results will reveal the same. Indecision leads to no decision = no results = no change. So you first need to stop procrastinating about what you want to achieve and come to a final decision on where you want to go. 

Process Step #2 - State what you want

Your words are your servants sent to do your bidding. State what you want in clear specific detail so your 'servants' can understand and carry out your wishes. Your words go out in the universe and gather all the help you need to manifest your desire - bringing people with the information you need, uncovering ideas to help achieve your goals etc.

Process Step #3 - Express Gratitude

Being thankful in advance for the manifestation of your desire declares to the Spirit that you already believe and know that you will have the answer you're looking for. That energy attracts similar energy that brings into physical formation what you want in your life. 

Process Step #4 - Let go

Go ahead into your day and allow things to unfold. Do what you are prompted to do. As you are about your daily activities ideas will drop into your head, people you need to help you will visit you. So instead of trying to figure out how it will all come together, let go and allow.

Process Step #5 - Positioning 

Positioning is so important to getting what you want. Be available to what the Spirit has to offer each day for you never know when you'll be prompted to do something, like go to the grocery store or step outside for a walk or call a friend. When you follow through with what the Spirit has to offer, even though the idea was not initially on your agenda, you'll find that the answer to what you're asking or looking for shows up when you act on what you're inspired to do. 

Always keep an open mind. Never get too rigid in your schedule and tasks that you miss the blessing that's meant to be yours each day. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Join the Grandmother of Herbal Medicine as she becomes A Gypsy in New York

I'm inviting you to spend a week reading a wonderful book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, the Grandmother of Herbal Medicine - A Gypsy in New York. You'll love sharing her wanderings among the Gypsies in New York as she discovers and learns of many natural cures.

In this richly detailed memoir, Juliette de Bairacli Levy – one of the founders of American herbalism – offers us a rare and compelling documentary. It is at once a travel book, and herbal guide and a compendium of Gypsy lore and Gypsy ways. 

Juliette gives us river winds, strange characters in the streets by day, rats scurrying by at night, and legions of cockroaches in the apartments, against whose window the blossoms of apple and pear trees toss, even in the great city’s cement heart. 

In this richly detailed memoir, Juliette de Bairacli Levy offers us a rare and compelling documentary. 

And when you buy this wonderful and highly acclaimed book, you'll also receive dozens of wonderful downloadable bonuses that you'll love! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Will Personally Answer Your Questions

I’ve been thinking about what my subscribers need the most. 

Although I’ve been sending emails and writing articles/blog posts that I feel will help you, I don’t know your specific situation and would like to directly address situations that you need help with right now. 

It’s your turn to let me know what you want. I’m listening. 

I know what it feels like to struggle and not know who to turn to and what to do. You’re not alone and help is here. 

Go ahead and answer these questions in the comment area or at and I’ll be personally responding to each one of them. 

- What questions do you have?

- What information would you like from me?

- What is your biggest struggle right now? 

- In which format do you learn best? – articles, reports, audios, videos, teleseminars, webinars, one on one or other? 

- Do you prefer to receive a newsletter, blog posts or email or interchanging combination of all 3? 

- What article/blog posts topics would you like written? 

-  What products or services are you most interested in? 

-  What else could I assist you with? 

 I'm looking forward to continue on this journey of learning and growing together.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Are You Afraid to Fly?

It's time to fly! If you've been hiding behind your fears, your worries, your failures, it's time to fly and shine.

Today's tunespiration - Fly - Hilary Duff

Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Can Focusing On Joy Really Help You Stay Healthy?

If stress and frustration adversely affect our health, think of what joy can do. We face many daily challenges but we can overcome them if we choose to take our focus off of the stress and place it on the joy that lies within.

How can joy help you stay healthy?

Regenerates every cell within our bodies

Joy puts you into a positive vibration and therefore invites the life-giving energy which regenerates every cell within our bodies. You feel more relaxed and in this calm state of mind resolution to every situation comes. 

Joy nourishes the body

Coupled with Unconditional Love, joy creates a barrier from the negative effects of adverse situations. Circumstances that would normally get you down you can approach from the heart of love and the strength of joy.

You're able to rest much better

When you're full of joy you're able to rest much better and being able to rest allows your body to rejuvenate giving you the extra boost you need to start each day with a fresh perspective. 

Fuelling joy within makes you feel satisfied 

When you're focused on illness or on being overweight or you're discontented with life there's that inner feeling of being dissatisfied. If you find yourself feeling hungry even after you've eaten, check your joy level. 

Have you connected with the joy within? Are you longing for something deeper that you're trying to fill with physical food? Sometimes we try to fill the inner void with food and by doing this we find that we continue into overeating. 

Each day fill up your joy tank by consciously connecting to and shifting your attention to feeling the joy within.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Focus On The Joy Within to Overcome Struggles

Joy gives strength in spite of what your external circumstances may indicate. Think about what you're going through right now and then become conscious of what you're thinking about in relation to your circumstances. Is it positive or is it draining your life energy? Are you filled with joy or stress? 

Here are 4 action steps you can use right now to focus on the joy within to overcome whatever struggle you're facing today.

Action Step #1 - Go from the head to the heart

What's your usual pattern when you're faced with an adverse situation? Do you think about the problem so much that your head hurts? Do you over-analyze until you feel drained? Think about your mental habit when dealing with your situation then go from the head to the heart. Release your mind from the mental turbulence and look within to your heart to the place of joy.

Action Step #2 - Feel the joy within

Consciously allow yourself to feel the joy within. Thinking about it is part of it but it's more of a feeling thing. As you feel the joy focus your concentration on this feeling energy and allow your mind to become free from mental entanglement.

Action Step #3 - Remain in the energy of joy 

Let this joyous vibration remain in you as you go about your day and work through the process of resolution of your circumstances. As you feel the energy of frustration begin to overcome you again, shift your thoughts and emotions to the joy within.

Action Step #4 - Fuel that joy

Joy comes from the Spirit of Unconditional Love. Let the love of the Great Universal Spirit beam through your heart and continue to fuel the joy that's within. Remember the first time you've been in love how you felt full of joy? Unconditional Love continues to flow in abounding measure each moment of the day. Tap into and bask in love's rays and fuel the joy that lies within.

And now I invite you to get your Free Instant Access to the report - Empowered from Within and audio - Stay Connected to Your Power Source when you visit 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Empowered from Within - Focus On The Joy Within to Overcome Struggles

On this journey of life we face many different circumstances that can be quite challenging. If we're not careful these situations can sap us of our joy, leave us feeling drained and unmotivated each day. What's the solution? How do we rise up triumphantly over every situation we encounter? Focus on the joy within. 

Joy puts an extra pep in our step. It elevates from the energy of frustration and depression which can come with overwhelming issues in life. But if we look within to our inner being there's a place of quiet rest where we can retreat to, feel the negative energy from adversity fall off from our bodies and minds and regain strength to continue on, to face another day. 

Joy is powerful. It goes beyond happiness. Happiness is circumstantial; it relies on external things to fuel its survival. But joy goes deep within. Joy abounds even in the midst of adversity. Its energy comes from the Unlimited Supply of the Great Universal Spirit. It simply exists undisturbed by external circumstances. 

When you would normally feel sad or hurt over a situation, when you look beyond that incident toward joy within you'll find that the negative grip of your adverse encounter could easily fall off. 

And by focusing more on this joy within, your vibration changes - a song comes, a smile shines through your face and even if your condition does not immediately change, you can find the positive out of the negative. You can laugh again. But be careful though, your mind may want to pull you back into the negative energy. You may hear, "Why are you smiling? What's there to smile about? Are you crazy, shouldn't you be crying?" 

All these questioning come from the internal programming. But keep focus on the joy within and soon enough the questions will cease, the answers to your situation will come and you'll be free. Remember, your circumstance is temporary - this too will pass. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Someone's Watching Over Me

No matter what happens or what's happening now in your life, keep moving forward toward your dreams, cause someone's watching over you. It'll all work out in time.

Today's tunespiration comes from Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me

Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Are You Confident In Your Own Skin?

Has your confidence been shaken because of being overweight? It's time to take control and regain your self-confidence where you are right now. 

For years I've been self-conscious because of my weight - you know, pulling my tummy in to make it look flatter, dressing in darker colours to hide the flaws. These in themselves are not all that bad and you should always try to look your best but for the right reasons and with the right mindset. 

Is your being overweight affecting your interaction with others? Are you afraid to be seen in public? Then your self-confidence has been shaken. I'm not saying that you should stay where you are at an unhealthy weight, not at all. You should always be working toward reaching your goal but accepting yourself as you are right now on your journey to your ideal weight can boost your health and energy level and keep you from falling into a depressive state because of being overweight. 

You can become comfortable in your own skin and loving every inch of you in the process. When you love someone don't you want to take care of them, do the best you can to help them and find a way to do so even if you don't see how right away?

The same mindset applies to your own body. You can comfortably love you; care enough to help your own body reach its ideal goal. Beating up on yourself is not being kind or loving and that behaviour is counter-productive to what you're trying to achieve. 

What can you do right now?

1) Come out of hiding

Appreciate who you are, not because of your weight, you are much more than that, but because of your connection to the All-in-all, the Great Universal Spirit. Why? Because when you get to your ideal weight there may be more physical flaws that you may encounter, what then?

2) Walk boldly

Lift your head up. You've nothing to be ashamed of. Square your shoulders back and walk boldly and confidently. The energy you give off transmits to others around you. Embrace the energy of joy, of acceptance of you and who you are and allow others to bask in the warmth of your positive vibes. 

3) Release your weight anxiety

Let go of the stress that comes with being overweight, the anxiety of wanting to lose weight - these are counter-productive. It is only when I shifted my attention from weight loss to having fun and being strong that I began to release the excess weight.

Find something in your workout on your journey that brings you great joy in this path and keep on in that direction. Keep enhancing the process as you go along and be comfortable in your own skin.

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