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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Action Thursday - The 5 Step Process To Getting Everything You Want

You can have everything you want out of life because everything you desire desires you and is coming towards you as you move towards it in your thoughts, words and actions. There is a process involved in having what you want which involves both the mental and physical process to materialization. 

Here is the 5 step process

Process Step #1 - Laser clarity on what you want

Confusion or indecision in the mind leads to non-realization of your goals. If you're confused about what you want to accomplish your results will reveal the same. Indecision leads to no decision = no results = no change. So you first need to stop procrastinating about what you want to achieve and come to a final decision on where you want to go. 

Process Step #2 - State what you want

Your words are your servants sent to do your bidding. State what you want in clear specific detail so your 'servants' can understand and carry out your wishes. Your words go out in the universe and gather all the help you need to manifest your desire - bringing people with the information you need, uncovering ideas to help achieve your goals etc.

Process Step #3 - Express Gratitude

Being thankful in advance for the manifestation of your desire declares to the Spirit that you already believe and know that you will have the answer you're looking for. That energy attracts similar energy that brings into physical formation what you want in your life. 

Process Step #4 - Let go

Go ahead into your day and allow things to unfold. Do what you are prompted to do. As you are about your daily activities ideas will drop into your head, people you need to help you will visit you. So instead of trying to figure out how it will all come together, let go and allow.

Process Step #5 - Positioning 

Positioning is so important to getting what you want. Be available to what the Spirit has to offer each day for you never know when you'll be prompted to do something, like go to the grocery store or step outside for a walk or call a friend. When you follow through with what the Spirit has to offer, even though the idea was not initially on your agenda, you'll find that the answer to what you're asking or looking for shows up when you act on what you're inspired to do. 

Always keep an open mind. Never get too rigid in your schedule and tasks that you miss the blessing that's meant to be yours each day. 

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