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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps to Go with the Flow to Manifest Your Desire

Going with the flow not only gets you in sync with the universal energy but it also puts you into a relaxed state of mind so you're open to receive what the Spirit has to offer at each given moment. When you are tangled in frustration and/or preoccupied with negativity, you hinder your mind from being consciously present to see what's in front of you - what the Spirit has brought to you for your benefit. 

So let's look at 5 action steps you can take right now to go with the flow to manifest your desire.

Step #1 - What do you want to manifest?

What is it you truly desire? Come face to face with this because this is the starting point before anything physically manifests. All that we see in our universe came into existence because of a desire - whether the desire came from the Great Universal Spirit or from us, consciously or not - it all began from a thought that became emotionally charged into a strong desire and continued to take form from there.

Step #2 - Relax

I cannot count how many times things have come to me when I was in a relaxed state, often not even thinking about my desire at the time - the answer just showed up. When we're full of negative energy - anger, frustration, stress - it makes it difficult for us to see the answer and the path we need to follow to get to the results we want. 

Step #3 - Release the outcome

You do not know all the ways in which a desire can come into manifestation in your life and if you become rigid in receiving your desire in one way and one way only, you may very well be hindering your results. Releasing the outcome, letting go of how it will all work out or the path in which your desire will come gives the universal energy the freedom to bring it to you in the best way possible. 

Step #4 - Be open 

Be open to the channel through which the Spirit has chosen to help you. Watch out! This may come to you shrouded in adversity. E.g. you ask for a successful business but then you lose your job though on the surface this may seem like an unfortunate situation. But if you look for the hidden gem with eyes of positive expectation, laying beneath the surface you'll find the opportunity you've been waiting for but only manifests itself as you are open to the Spirit and expect the best outcome no matter what. 

Step #5 - Take action!

What can you do right now? What do you feel you should do or could do or are inspired to do right now? It may be to just relax and allow - then do that. It may be that you need to start from where you are and use whatever resources are available to you right now. It may mean that you start moving and have an open heart and keep your eyes and ears open to where the Spirit is showing you to go to moment by moment. Whatever it is, do that, take action and in taking action what you need will show up to help you take the next step.

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