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Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Going With The Flow Of Your Body To Maximize Your Workout Efforts

When you're doing your workout routine are you listening to your body? You could be missing out on a lot when your mind is wandered off somewhere else or you're so focused on your reps that you're not in sync with your body. 

As you pay attention to your body, becoming one in mind, body and spirit, you can feel when it's time to change. As you breathe in, filling your lungs with life-energizing oxygen, be conscious of the cleansing and rejuvenating breath as it goes through your body. 

Listen to the signals your body is sending when you're overdoing it or when you feel good about your workout or when you need to intensify the move. Be present, not preoccupied with what's for supper or how much chores you must get done. 

Remember you are a triune being - spirit, mind and body - therefore all three should become one even as you workout. Draw life-energy from the Great Universal Spirit into your spirit. Visualize that energy running through you healing and energizing every part of your body and enabling you to live a healthy lifestyle as you live your dreams.

In this mindset you'll find your workout routine more life-sustaining and enjoyable.

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