Changing Inside Out Now!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unconditional Love - How to Experience Unconditional Love and Live on a Higher Plane

When you experience true love it changes your outlook on life. You begin to see others through the eyes of love knowing that we are a part of something greater, a part of the whole. Unconditional love transforms you from the inside out and takes you to a higher plane of living. It cleanses you so you can experience more joy and peace.

Here are some steps to follow to experience the power of Unconditional Love starting today.


As with everything in life you must first have the desire to experience Unconditional Love. Once you’ve established that in your mind it creates the first step towards opening the door to the inner sanctuary of love within you.

Set aside time in the silence

Love is best experienced in quietness. Set aside time in silence to release all your inhibitions, all the negativity that inhibits true love from growing inside you. And as you sit in quietness allow the rays of the warmth to shine over your inner being.

Feel the feelings of love

Go to new levels of ecstasy, feel the feelings of Unconditional love, feel the warmth. Follow the guidance of the Spirit as you listen within, look within and feel within. Each day as you do this, you’ll find that you’ll begin to feel calmer, more at peace with yourself and with others and more contented.

Surrender to love

Surrender here means to yield to love’s embrace, to allow the flow of inner beauty to move through you. It is in the process of surrendering that you are open to receive all that the Spirit has to offer. Resistance hinders the free flow of love like debris blocks the free flow of water.

Journey to center of your inner being

Feel the large void within your soul. Look within and consciously connect with the Great Universal Spirit of Love and allow your inner void to be flooded with love. Journey to center of your inner being and consciously feel all of you being completely filled until you’re satisfied.

You originate out of love and this is the only place you’ll feel completely satisfied and at home. Ever wondered why you feel so incomplete even though you may have everything? The operative word is thing. Unconditional love need not depend on things to satisfy. As a matter of fact, even if you have nothing, you can go into the inner sanctuary and feel completely satisfied, safe and fulfilled.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Unconditional Love - Answer the Call to Return to Love to Enrich your Life from Within

We’ve come from a place of Unconditional Love. And even though we have this rich heritage many have strayed away hoping to find comfort in our dazzling outer reality which leaves us feeling disconnected from the Source of our power.

What is this power Source and what is Unconditional Love? They are one and the same. Love is powerful and power resides in the Omnipotent presence of the Great Universal Spirit. From the Divine Spirit each of us were created and fashioned out of love.

Unconditional Love shows no favouritism. You are loved regardless of your status, upbringing, experiences, merits, or whatever you may think that you need to ‘shape up’ in order to measure up to become accepted.

Love calls to us to return home; to return to the inner sanctuary of our inner being where we experience peace of mind and shelter from all that ails us. Only when we return home will we begin to experience the enriching power that comes from within and can truly express to others that true power.

To continue to press onward craving after the external things leaves us only wanting more and not being satisfied. It’s like having a thirst for water but only trying to satisfy this thirst with fruit juice, pop, tea or any other drink. The result? Only temporary relief, but sooner or later the thirst rises again and you’re back to square one. But drinking water quenches your thirst, leaving you satisfied, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Similarly, when you return to the Life-sustaining water of life and drink from within, allowing the inner being to be drenched from within, what’s the result? A satisfied you, a happier you, a completely enriched life and those external things you desire come to you as well.

Will you answer the call, return home and be filled with the power of Unconditional Love once again?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - You Know Better Than I

Feeling lost? Not sure which way to go? Are the plans you made falling apart? Trust the Spirit. Keep the mindset that all is working out for your good even though you may not see the whole plan or understand why. Remember that your good or your success may come shrouded in the cloud of adversity. It's all a part of the grand design and master plan. Trust the process and keep moving forward. 

Today's tunespiration comes from Joseph King of Dreams - You Know Better Than I

Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Connect with the Giant within to Overcome Weight and Health Issues

Experiencing prolonged health and weight issues can make you feel like the grasshopper going up against a giant. But keeping this perspective only feeds this belief and causes the giant to seem bigger than it really is. It’s time to connect with the true giant, the giant within.

Identify the truth

Truth is, you are whole, you are healthy and the giant within you exists in this truth. As you decide to agree with this truth you give your giant within the permission to express this truth through your life. Are you going to agree with what your eyes tell you or are you going to believe the truth of who you really are. You may ask, “How can I ignore what I see before my eyes each and every day? Isn’t that the truth?”

Let me ask you this “Is it true that the sun moves? It rises in the east and sets in the west each and every day.” Truth is, the sun is not moving, the earth is. Even though your eyes tell you that the sun is moving you know better and ignore what your eyes say and believe the truth.

Your true image is one of perfection and wholeness. That’s the truth. The manifestation of sickness and weight issues are the results of negative thinking and unresolved emotional issues. When we remove the blockages and allow the free flow of positive energy, we’re able to reconnect with the truth that’s within us. As we shift our minds from what our eyes are telling us to accept the truth and come into agreement with it, the giant within awakens and our lives begin to change from within.

Speak the truth

Speak the truth of who you are so that the energy of your words vibrates within and throughout your life. Words are powerful and the vibration of them connects with other vibrations that cause you to manifest your desires. Silence the voice of the grasshopper mindset and let the giant within speak out loud of the truth of your reality.

Act your truth

What can you do to act in accordance with your truth? What can you do differently? What inspired ideas come to you? When you agree with the giant of your truth, you’ll begin to act from that truth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday – How to Awaken the Giant within You

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends. Have a blessed holiday. Be thankful for the giant within.

The giant within waits for your summon for help. It will not awaken unless you allow it. If you choose to hold on the ‘grasshopper mindset’ you will not be able to experience the greatness of your giant. The ‘grasshopper mindset’ and the ‘giant mindset’ cannot both exist in the same space. One will dominate the other. While one is awaken the other sleeps. It’s your choice to turn on the light of the giant within so the darkness of the ‘grasshopper mindset’ will dissipate.

What situation are you dealing with right now?

Zoom in on your current situation. Get a pen and paper and write it down. You are now engaged in the process of dealing with your circumstance head on. You’re not trying to change by situation by ‘cutting down the tree’. You’re going to the root, internally, and uprooting the old ‘grasshopper mindset’ (small thinking) so you can begin to replace it with the new.

Become consciously aware of the giant within you

Begin to see yourself as being greater than your problems. There is a solution.
See yourself as having a clear mind and having the solution to the way out or through this situation.
See yourself as being connected to the Universal ‘Soil’ of the Spirit where all life dwells and through which all wisdom comes to you to sustain your greatness.
See yourself as the great oak tree being sustained by the Universal Soil of the Spirit as the roots of your inner being reach down into the spiritual realm and draws out the nutrients you need to sustain your life in this situation and all other issues you face.

Answer your situation with the voice of the giant within

As you shift your perspective, answer your situation with the words of the voice of the giant within. You can say, “I am greater than this situation. I have a solution. My answer is on the way, I am at peace knowing all is well and all is working out perfectly on my behalf. I am victorious.”

Act with the confidence of the giant within

Follow the inspired idea and move forward in confidence knowing that you are not alone. You have the power of the Universal Source with you and in you. Know that you will succeed and that you have already. Go forward in that confidence

Here’s your chance to break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life. Here's a simplified step-by-step plan to help you - Overcome Inferiority Complex, 5+ Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-confidence.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – 4 Keys to Shift your Perspective from Grasshopper to Giant

A grasshopper’s size is really tiny in comparison to a giant. If you look at yourself with this same perspective in the face of your adversity, you limit and deny yourself of being able to overcome whatever situation you may be going through right now. If you see yourself as being limited and helpless, your belief creates your reality. Yes, you’ll find that you’ll not want to look for a solution because you think that you can’t find a way out of your situation.

Your thinking pattern is keeping you hostage to a life of mediocrity. Now’s the time to rise up into freedom and break free out of your mental bondage.

Understand where change begins

You must first understand where change begins in order to create a different lifestyle. If you’re looking for your situation to change before you do then you’re in for some disappointments. Change begins within you and as you realize this change starts with the way you’re thinking then you’ve found yourself on the right track. Your thoughts are the seeds that create the fruit of your reality.

Understand what your outer reality is

Your outer reality is the manifestation of your thoughts, the fruit of your thought seeds. Once the seeds have been sown, the stage is already set. You can’t have cucumbers from tomato seeds. Therefore, to change the reality you’ve got to go to the root, uproot them and replace them with new thought seeds. Stop trying to cut down the apple tree and expect oranges to grow instead.

Determine who you want to become

When you determine who you want to be, you can make a shift in your perspective. For example, if you see your current situation as being overwhelming, determine who you want to become in this situation. I want to be strong, I want to be bold. Then shift your perspective from being fearful of the situation. The interesting thing about this mindset is that you begin to feel the strength and confidence in your body. Many times we don’t get the results of strength because we buy into the lie of being helpless and weak and therefore we accept that as our reality. From this mindset how can you win?

Reverse the players

Instead of seeing your situation as the giant and you the grasshopper, see yourself as the giant and your situation as the grasshopper. See yourself as ruling over the circumstance and resolving your issue. See yourself as confident and strong and your situation under your control. See yourself as being victorious and that you already have a way out. When you adopt this mindset you are activating creative energies of change within you and out in your reality.

Remember the ball is in your court – this is your life and you must play the game according to your expectations. Refuse to see your situation as the winning team and start seeing yourself victorious every time. Speak to yourself about being strong. Your positive self-talk will embed the new change within you as you nurture this mindset every day.

Here’s your chance to break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life. Here's a simplified step-by-step plan to help you - Overcome Inferiority Complex, 5+ Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-confidence.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex - How to Identify the Grasshopper Mindset vs. the Giant Mindset

No one wants to be identified as being small-minded or feeling like a grasshopper when compared to giant-like adversity. But it’s that mindset which keeps us bound to our situation that we need to release ourselves from when we begin to change how we look at our current situation.

Who’s the giant in this situation? That’s the question we need to ask and by asking it we can change the way we think. But first of all in order to change the way we think we need to identify the grasshopper mindset as well as the giant mindset in order make the switch in our own minds.

What’s the grasshopper mindset?

When you face a situation and you become gripped with fear to the point of not being able to see a way out or even have hope that there’s even a way out, you’ve settled for the grasshopper mindset. You’ve settled to be defeated, gave up trying and perhaps ran away in fear.

Let’s see a live example. You may have the dream of being a singer. But when you think about the going up on stage and facing the crowd you succumb to the fear. You begin to think, “How can I go out to that crowd. I’m not good enough.” Even though that may not be the truth, you’ve decided to give up on your dream and allow the giant of fear to cause you to run away.

What’s the giant mindset?

The giant mindset causes you to see a situation that could be overwhelming or impossible and know that there has to be a way out. The giant mindset says, “It can be done. I will find a way no matter how long it takes. I will be victorious in this. I will have it.”

Let’s use the example from above. The giant mindset says, “No matter how much I may be shaking in my boots, I’ll find a way to go onto that stage and give my best performance. I can do this.” Then despite the crowd, the giant mindset takes a few deep breaths, straighten up and walk out in confidence facing the fear and still press forward knowing that all will be well, I am greater than this fear.

Now look at your situation and determine this, “Do you have the grasshopper mindset or the giant mindset? How can you shift to the giant mindset in this situation? How can you look at yourself through a positive perspective? How can you become the giant?

Whatever mindset you choose, know that one will bring victory and the other will keep you bound.

Here’s your chance to break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life. Here's a simplified step-by-step plan to help you - Overcome Inferiority Complex, 5+ Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-confidence.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Are you a grasshopper or a giant?

The way you see yourself, your perspective of who you are, plays a vital part in the way you act and the experiences you have in all areas of your life. If you have a low perspective of yourself or a low self-image no matter what situation, you’ll find yourself being unsuccessful in whatever you attempt to do.

So I ask you the question, “Are you a grasshopper or a giant?” If whatever situation you encounter you see yourself as being small among the giants, then you’re already beaten even before you attempt to step forward.
You see, your victory or your defeat is in your mind. And if in your mind you’re already convinced that you’ve lost at the game of life – no matter what the label is, business, career, weight loss, friendship, relationship etc. – you are right, you’ve already lost.

Your thoughts determine your reality and the outcome of what you hope to materialize. So if your thoughts and emotions are transmitting ‘grasshopper feelings’ (feeling small), then you will attract back to you that reality. You first have to BE a giant in order to LIVE as a giant. In other words, you first have to be a giant inside of you, see yourself as a giant for that giant like life to manifest outwardly.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about towering over others in order to take advantage of them. I’m talking about being successful, bold and victorious in all areas of your life. I’m talking about being triumphant in the face of adversity and not cowering under because you feel small, because you feel inferior, because you feel like a grasshopper when you come against a ‘mountain’.

You are more than your current situation. And as you begin to see the giant within you and allow that giant to rise up from within, you’ll begin to gain victory after victory over your fears, over your insecurities, over your so-called inadequacies. You’ll begin to see the power that lies in you which will manifest in your outer experience as you set free the giant within as you release all of your inner inhibitions.

Every time you face a situation and those grasshopper like feelings come knocking at your door, let the giant of confidence open and say, “No vacancy here.” Then move forward toward your goal, knowing that all is well.

Here’s your chance to break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life. Here's a simplified step-by-step plan to help you - Overcome Inferiority Complex, 5+ Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-confidence.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Anyway - Martina McBride

Whatever your hands find to do that's good, keep doing it even if it doesn't turn out quite like you think it should. Seeds of goodness will never go to waste. They'll always come back to you. Maybe not in form you think it should. But God always knows what's the best provision for you. 

Today's inspiration comes from Martina McBride - Anyway

Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Using Visions Boards To Reprogram Your Mind For Better Health

Your internal programming controls your outward experience. So whether it's your weight or other areas of your health, you need to return to your subconscious mind to reprogram it to yield to you its power to reap the benefits of physical well-being. 

For the most part, our physical ailments are the results of negative emotional issues harboured within our bodies. These unreleased negative emotions become blockages within our bodies affecting us in the form of physical illness and/or increased weight issues. 

So then, how do we use vision boards to help us reprogram our minds to better our health?

Before we get into using vision boards, let's first deal with the emotional issues affecting us. We first need to set time aside where we can do an internal detoxification program. We know about physical detoxification to help us lose weight, but what about an emotional detoxification program to release the emotional toxins of anger, resentment, guilt, grief, pain etc?

We need to first take the time and consciously examine ourselves and begin to release these negative blockages so they can free us from within in order for the body to do what it naturally does to ensure optimum health. 

Now let's get into the usage of vision boards.

You'd want to collect images of the ideal image you'd like to attain if it is you desire to lose weight or you can get one that shows a person that's healthy and enjoying their life. This image you'd put in a prominent place so the image can be imprinted into your consciousness, which will in turn send it into your subconscious mind where, if nurtured, will continue to grow from within you until it's finally expressed in your physical reality. 

The work must first begin within where you are being changed inwardly as you begin to see yourself embracing and living the life of your desired image from your vision board. Your vision board image becomes your life style and experience. 

The combination of releasing negative emotions, your emotional detoxification program, with your vision board visualization both work together to produce the effects you desire to externalize as you begin to change from the inside out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Action Thursday - How To Create Your Own Vision Board

Creating your own vision board can be a fun project. My children enjoy cutting out their own pictures and pasting them on their own boards. Plus it's a great fun time for the family as well. So let's get into the materials needs and instruction steps to creating your vision board.

Materials to create your vision board

Bristol board (if you're making a physical vision board)
Images (cut out from magazines, flyers, printed from the internet, your own pictures)
Paper Glue
Permanent Marker

Instructions for a physical vision board

Step 1 - Gather all of your material on a table so you have a large enough space to spread out your pictures.

Step 2 - Trim any excess off your images and shape them to your liking.

Step 3 - Place your images on the bristol board where you'd like them to go. Move them around until you're satisfied with where you have them placed before you begin to glue them on.

Step 4 - Glue your images onto the bristol board.

Step 5 - Label the images (optional). For example, under the image of your vacation you can put 'Dream Vacation in the Bahamas'.

Step 6 - Allow the glue time to dry.

Step 7 - Find a prominent place to put your vision board where you can easily visit on a daily basis.

Instructions for a virtual vision board

Step 1 - Gather images from the internet or cut out images from magazines, flyers or your own pictures you scanned and uploaded to your computer.

Step 2 - Crop your images, removing the excess, and save the cropped pictures.

Step 3 - Using Paint or Photoshop program on your computer, place all your images on the blank canvas in the position of your choosing.

Step 4 - Label your images (optional). For example, under the image of your vacation you can put 'Dream Vacation in the Bahamas'.

Step 5 - Flatten your images to the canvas and save as a .jpg file on your computer. 

Step 6 - Save your vision board as a background image on your desk top or as a screen saver.

Step 7 - You can also save your images singly to use as a screen saver. That way you can see the images one at a time as they change.

So now that you've created your vision board, what next?

1. Set aside some time to become silent.

2. Focus and concentrate on your image.

3. Absorb every detail of your image and memorize it.

4. Own it - let be yours.

5. Become one with it - see yourself living your dream life or desire.

6. Use affirmations each day - Thank you that all I desire is coming to me now.

7. Use the formula for success - R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time - Repeat, repeat, repeat each day until the image becomes clearly imprinted in your conscious, then into your subconscious and into your reality over time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Foundational Steps You Should Have Before You Create Your Own Vision Board

When you decide to create anything, you need to have a foundation before you begin to put the framework together. The same is true before you get into the craft of creating the vision board; there are a few foundational steps you need to take.

Foundational Step #1 - What do you want to manifest?

You must first have a clear idea of what you want to manifest, what you want to change in your life. Clarity on your desires will give you clarity in choosing the best images for your vision board. Are you focusing on one area like your relationship? Or are you focusing on a few areas like health, career, dream home etc.? This step prepares you when you begin to search for the images to portrait your desire.

Foundational Step #2 - Why type of vision board are you going to create?

Are you going to have a physical vision board or a virtual vision board? A physical vision board can be placed anywhere in your house, office, car (depending on the size) etc. A virtual vision board can be on your screen saver or as a background image on your computer. Either way, you'll need to decide which is convenient for you to easily access on a daily basis.

Foundation Step #3 - From where are you going to get your pictures?

You can get pictures from old magazines, flyers, print off images from the internet or even pictures that you have hidden away somewhere in a shoebox. Get creative and pull out all of your images and get them ready as the amount will help you decide how large your physical vision board will be and how many images you're actually going to paste on. 

Take the time to lay the foundation for creating your own vision board and we'll get into the steps needed to actually begin.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Elements to Empower Your Vision Board

Vision boards aid in the vivid mental processing of your image you desire to manifest. If you're having trouble using your imagination to visualize the strong mental image which is vital for attracting the desires you want, vision boards are great tools to help strengthen your imaginative powers. 

But how do you actually harness the power of using vision boards? We'll look into the elements that empower your vision board to create the magnet you need to draw into you the things you desire in your life. 

Element # 1 - Emotions

Your emotions add vitality to your desires that you've added to your vision board. You must bring the vision board image home. By that I mean, the images may be on the vision board but now you have to consciously connect with your images and feel the feelings of having your desire as you look at them. You're making the emotional connection within you which creates the energy wave to attract the ideas, people, circumstances and events to bring your desires into reality.

Element #2 - Own the images

If you keep seeing the vision board images as being separate from you, you will continue to attract that separateness into your life. You've got to own it, you've got to see them as yours. One way is to imagine the images inside of you - this is mine. Another way is to see yourself actually doing the activity on your vision board or mentally placing yourself in the location of the images on your vision board.

Element #3 - Become one with your images

With the process of becoming one with your images, you need to bring your mind into accepting that this is your reality. You need to bring your emotions into the mix as well - feel the feelings of having that ideal weight, or on that dream vacation, or having that happy relationship. Hear the sounds and your laughter as you're enjoying your desires. Become so engulfed in your imagination as you concentrate on living the life of your desire - it is happening now, believe it!

Element #4 - Express gratitude

Gratitude always opens the doors for more of what you're grateful for to come to you. It clears the channel to allow more good to come to you. It also puts you in the mind frame of already having received what you believe belongs to you and puts you in the mode of expectation for its arrival. 

In tomorrow's post we'll cover the 3 Foundational Steps You Should Have Before You Create Your Own Vision Board.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Understanding Vision Boards

Whether you call it vision board, dream board, reality board or whatever name you have for it, vision boards have become very popular. But the question is, "Do you know why vision boards are used - what's their purpose, how effective they are and how to make them work for you?"

First of all, let's get into understanding what a vision board is. Basically, a vision board could be a collage of pictures, whether from others or your own, of the lifestyle you wish to create for yourself. It can also be one picture perhaps of a house you wish to purchase or a dream vacation you'd like to take. 

So what you're actually doing is collecting pictures of whatever your desire is and placing them on a surface in a prominent place with the intention that you'd manifest this in your life. 

So why are vision boards used?

The intention is to manifest what you want. But the science behind having a vision board is to imprint the  image into your conscious mind and then into your subconscious mind, which is your internal programming or auto pilot, in order to reprogram your subconscious to yield its power over to you. 

Let's break this down further

Your brain sees in pictures, right? So when you take the time to look at your vision board and really concentrate on every detail of your image, you are engaged in the imprinting process, the repetitive process of reprogramming the subconscious mind to accept this new image of what you desire to manifest in your life. 

You see, your subconscious mind does not discriminate as to what goes into it. It's like the soil of your garden that does not discriminate as to what seeds you the gardener decides to sow into it - that's the job of conscious mind. 

The conscious mind, like the gardener, is the decision maker. So when you decide what images you want to manifest in your reality, the subconscious takes that images and, like the soil, begins to 'grow' it. And as long as you don't interfere with the process by inputting negativity, your image will continue the growth process inside of you until it begins to crystallize in your outer reality, your experience.

Look out tomorrow as we discuss 'The Elements to Empower Your Vision Board'.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spiritually Speaking - Laura Lester Fournier and guest Alicia Isaacs

I have some really exciting news to share
with you.
I'll be a guest speaker on Spiritually Speaking
with Laura Lester Fournier.  This show will air
live tomorrow Sunday, November 14th, at
6:00 PM Eastern, 3:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 PM
Central on 1510AM Revolution Boston. 
You could also listen to the live link at:
We'll be sharing some really good nuggets on
motivation and overcoming inferiority complex.
So Tune In and Be Inspired!
Have a blessed evening.

Saturday Tunespiration - Bette Midler - From A Distance

When we stop looking at God as being separate and distant from us but is in us and is a part of us, we begin to look at life differently. We begin to see our oneness and not our separateness. When we understand that everything came out of and originate from God, then we'll realize that all is one and one is all. Then the distance-perspective would remove and we see that all we are is here and now.

Today's tunespiration comes from Bette Midler  From a Distance.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - Using Visualization to Overcome Health and Weight Issues

Whether you're dealing with weight issues or illness, correct use of visualization will put you in the mind frame to attract the results you desire.

What then is the correct use of visualization to overcome health or weight issues?

Do the opposite of what you've been doing. How have you been visualizing your body? You might say, "Well, up until now I haven't been visualizing anything?" That may not be entirely true. You just may not have been aware of it. What image have you been seeing in your imagination when you think about your body? As you seeing illness? Are you seeing a healthy weight?

Now you can reverse the process and do it consciously instead of unconsciously as you've been doing before.

Shift your mental image to pictures of health and wholeness, to an image of your ideal weight. And as you add the elements of empowerment of belief, emotional connection, own your image and become one with your image, your body will begin to respond to match the visual image of health and your ideal weight that you've programmed into the subconscious mind.

Like your thoughts, visualization also has a rate of vibration that attracts what is needed for its manifestation in your outer reality. You're doing the work from the inside of you which will produce the results outwardly instead of the other way around - working hard outwardly and against your internal programming. 

Where does change begin? Within. Therefore using visualization to aid in the change process begins with the image you're allowing to become embedded within your subconscious mind which, like your thoughts when nurtured, will continue to grow and expand in your life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Action Thursday - The Elements to Empower Visualization

Remembrance Day - Remembering those who sacrificed their lives.

Before we go into our post today, we take the time to remember those who sacrificed their lives in order for us to enjoy the freedom we have today. We take a moment to say thank you and express our gratitude. Though they may not be physically here, we send out into the Universe our thanks.

Today's post

As important as visualization is, you can't just think of your mental image and be detached from it and expect it to be effective. You've got to become one with your visualized image and own it.

Let's look at what elements are needed to empower your visualization.

Element #1 - Believe

You must believe that the image you visualize can be yours, that you can have it become your reality. It's the belief in a thing that vitalizes it and makes it become a part of you. To disbelieve in your mental image, your desire, pushes it away from you.

Element #2 - Emotional Connection

Every desire that you have has an emotional connection within you. Our desires, for the most part, arise out of that emotional connection. Therefore, by allowing your emotions to feel the feelings of having your desire as you visualize your image is a very key component of empowering your visualization.

Element #3 - Own it

Whether you use a physical image to help you visualize or you mentally create your image, you must own it. To keep that image and think of it as being separate from you creates the barrier that prevents it from coming to you or materializing in your life. You must see it as being yours, being a part of you.

Element #4 - Become one with it

When you own the image you begin to feel not only that it belongs to you but that you are one with it, it is a part of you, it is who you are. It becomes embedded in your internal programming, your subconscious mind, where it begins to grow and manifest itself within you, inspiring your actions or the actions of others around you which will produce the results you are expecting.

Use the Formula for Success, R = IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time. Repeat these steps over and over. Practice so it can be imprinted within you and become automatic.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why You Should Use Visualization

Visualization does not belong to just a few elite people. It is part of who we are and what we're supposed to do to create the life we desire. It's part of our survival here on planet earth, whether or not we use it in that capacity to enhance our lives.  

Why, then, should you use visualization?

Remember, the brain sees in pictures. Visualization imprints the image on your brain which not only sends this image to your subconscious but also to your body as well. What your mind imagines impacts your belief system, which in turn impacts your emotions and influences your actions. 

Therefore, using visualization to create the lifestyle you desire is so very important. Time spent in quiet contemplation and concentration on your desire emits an energy frequency throughout your entire body connecting with the universal energy of the Spirit to realize your desires. 

Instead of using your precious time and mind space filled with thoughts and images that don't add value to you, make a conscious decision and effort to practice mental shifting onto the images of your desire. This is called the imprinting process as you continually shift your mental images on your goals. 

You may find your mind drifting into the old way of focusing on your unwanted thoughts, but armed with this knowledge and the focused decision to recreate your life, you can begin to implement the new mental action of visualization.

Key: Use visualization to sow new thought images to reprogram your subconscious mind. If you're finding it difficult to imagine what you desire, use images from magazines, books, the internet etc. to help you get some ideas. Study the image. Absorb it in your mind and as you go into your day make mental reference to it. 

Okay, that's it for today. Tomorrow we'll look at The Elements to Empower Visualization.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mindset to Correctly and Effectively Use Visualization

In order to effectively use visualization, you need to have the correct mindset for it to be beneficial for your life. So then, what is the correct mindset you should adopt for effective visualization?

What are you focused on?

Shift your attention to what it is you want. By focusing on the things you desire you're creating the attractant you need to draw these things, circumstances, events and people into your life.

Use your imagination

Let your imagination, the workshop of the mind, create vivid details of the things you wish to experience. Don't allow your mind to focus on what you don't want. You've began the creative process in your mind. Allow the Law of Thinking to attract to you more thoughts and ideas to complete the image of your mental picture as well as direct you in the steps you need to take to materialize your ideas.

But my reality tells a different story

That's true. Your outward condition will still show evidence of what you don't want, for now. It's like uprooting a plant; the plant does not die right away. But soon enough, as it's no longer being vitalized by the soil, will begin to wither away.

So it is with your outer reality. As long as you continue to hold in your mind the mental image of your desire and no longer continue to feed your current condition with your attention, it too will fade away and the new will replace the old. 

KEY: Focus your mind on what you do want. Keep your attention on the things you want to manifest. Expect those things to come to you. Expect what you need to help you manifest your desire to come to you. 

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post as we go into 'Why You Should Use Visualization.'

Monday, November 8, 2010

Understanding Visualization

I'm sure you've heard the term visualization and the important part it plays in manifesting anything you want in your life. But what exactly is visualization and how can you make it work for you? How can you make it be an effective tool to attract your desires? We'll look into visualization and uncover the mystery behind it, which really is no mystery at all.

Did you know that you use visualization every day?

You may not be aware of it but when you are so engulfed in your imagination of what could happen or what has happened in your life in the past, you are activating the tool of visualization. The problem, however, is that what you're visualization is what you may not want to manifest in your life. Many people don't realize that what they're thinking about and seeing in their imagination are being recreated and thus begins the vicious cycle of attracting what they don't want.

So how can this be turned this around?

First, let's try to understand what visualization is? According to The Free Dictionary, Visualization means 'to form a mental image of'. But what exactly are you forming a mental image of? Is it of how bad things are going in your life? How bad things were in your life? How awful your experiences are or have been? How much money you don't have? And the list can go on and on. 

But all the while you're visualizing your misfortune or dissatisfaction, (yes, you are seeing a mental image of your life), you are sowing new thought seeds which are recreating your life with the same mental seeds you're sowing over and over and over again.

Now that you know, let's use the powerful mental tool 'on purpose' to create the life you desire. Think about what it is you truly want to manifest. What is it you really want? Don't let your mind focus on how many times you've failed or how hard it is to achieve your goal. Focus on your life as if you're already living your dream. What does it look like?

Ok, take the time to absorb this information and think about what you want. Tomorrow we'll go into the Mindset to Correctly and Effectively Use Visualization.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Getting Over Failure

You don't have to be stuck because of failure. You can get over it.

Watch Jack Canfield - Getting Over Failure

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Anytime You Need A Friend

Need a friend? Just ask and a true friend will come to your aid - whether it's for an hour, a week, a year or a lifetime. The friend you need at the time you need help will show up.

Today's tunespiration is from the Beu Sisters - Anytime You Need A Friend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You may become frustrated with someone today. Take a moment to consider the motive behind their behavior. Look deeply at this person and fill your heart with compassion. You and he have much in common....You are motivated by love and crippled by fear, this is the human condition. Embrace compassion today and expand your evolving connection to all living beings.Laura Lester Fournier

Getting My Body Back Friday - Overcoming Guilt When You Fall Off Track

If you've ever experienced the psychological effects of guilt as you're working toward your weight goal, you'd know it's not a good feeling at all. 

You're working out, eating right and feeling good about yourself, and then it happens. You fall off track one day, which turns into two which turns into a week and by this time you're feeling guilty because you're not doing what you're supposed to do to reach your goal and depression begins to set in. 

What can you do to overcome the psychological effects of guilt so you can get back on track and not be overcome by it?

Click here to access the 4 tips that will help you through this process.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Action Thursday - Practice Prevention to Overcome Psychological Effects of Guilt

Practicing prevention is the best cure to overcoming the psychological effects to guilt. If you stay alert and keep an eye out on your thoughts and emotions you can prevent the feelings of guilt to take over your mind. 

Let's review the 3 tips to prevention.

Tip #1 - Quickly identify situations that contribute to stress or depression

Action Steps 

What situations contribute to stress or depression in your life? 
What can you do to avoid them or avoid being consumed by stress or depression?

Tip #2 - Change your perspective on the situation

Action Steps

How can you look at your situation differently?
What can you learn from your mistakes?
How can you use your mistakes as your strengths instead of being weakened by guilt?

Tip #3 - Physically move from the event

What strategies can you implement now to help you avoid situations that will cause you to get off track?
What can you do if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation?

Take action and practice prevention.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guilt - 3 Tips on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt - Tip #3

If you're in a situation that causes you to go deeper into guilt or bring on feelings of guilt, you don't have to stay where you are, you can do something about it. Let's look at Tip #3 on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt.

Tip #3 - Physically move from the event

Certain situations, activities or company may arouse memory of a past event which in turn brings on the feelings of guilt. Physically remove yourself so you can refocus your mind onto something more positive. No point staying where you are and succumb to guilt. It will continue to consume you and take you further downhill. Find something positive to shift your attention to and bring your emotions on a higher energy vibration.

Let's look at a practical example.

Say you are trying to overcome a smoking habit. You find yourself in the company of other people that are smoking, what do you do? Do you stay and try to be strong? No, this is the time that you walk away so you're not overcome by the desire of wanting to smoke and refocus your mind to reaching your goal.

At this point you're still vulnerable and you need to protect what you've already accomplished - whether it's a day, a week or a month that you've not had a cigarette - so you don't fall back into the habit and find yourself in a situation of feeling guilty for giving in.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guilt - 3 Tips on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt - Tip #2

Let's look at Tip #2 on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt

Tip #2 - Change your perspective on the situation

The way you choose to look at your situation could either push you further into guilt or lift you up to a more positive plane.

Change the way you look at your mistakes. Instead of beating up on yourself for the wrongs you did, search for the hidden gems in them.

What have you learned from this experience?

Let's say you've made a wrong decision in your business or you've fallen back into a bad habit, what can you learn from this? Look closely and ask within, "What do I need to know? What am I not seeing here? Clear my eyes that I may see what's important."

What have you learned about yourself?

Our mistakes show us where we are in the growth process. It can show us our inner strength in certain areas and our weakness in others. A baby learning to walk realizes that he/she needs to learn the art of balancing to avoid falling over. This is a natural process of self-discovery. So, instead of feeling guilty about 'falling' into bad habits again or making a mistake, look for what you can learn about yourself.

What can you change about the way you're thinking right now?

What are the thought patterns that are causing you to get caught up in the feelings of guilt? Observation of your thinking patterns can reveal this so you can shift your thinking to create a more positive mindset. When we're not alert to what's going on inside our minds and our emotions that's the time when we go of course in our most vulnerable moment.

What can you teach others from this?

The lessons you learned can be passed on to others so they too will benefit from your experience. Whether it's your children, your partner, friends or others you meet along the way, your experience can add tremendous value in making a difference in someone else's life.

Use the situation that drew you into feeling guilt and turn them into a positive outcome.

Look out tomorrow for Tip #3.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Guilt - 3 Tips on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt - Tip #1

Guilt can affect us on many different levels and areas of our lives. The behaviour of guilt can mentally inhibit us from being free from past mistakes so we're unable to move forward onto living a fully enriched life and achieve our goals. Using prevention as a tool to psychologically overcome the mental effects of guilt can empower you to take control of your mind and disempower guilty feelings.

Tip #1 - Quickly identify situations that contribute to stress or depression

When you are feeling stressed or depressed you are more vulnerable to negative feelings. These feelings open the door for and attract other negatives into your mind. As you develop the habit of quickly identifying situations that contribute to stress or depression, you could prepare yourself mentally to handle these situations differently so that guilt does not creep in and hold you in its clutches.

For example, if you are feeling stressed or depressed about a current situation, memories of things that you had done or neglected to do that contributed to the situation may come rushing in. As you think about what you've done or not done, you may start feeling guilty over the whole thing putting you further into depression.

Look out tomorrow for Tip #2.

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