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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How did they pull this off?

Here is some Awesome News for you!

With Bob Proctor's Summit Event in Los Angeles in September, you will receive a free ticket when you become a member of Six Minutes to Success.

And here's something else! Something one-of-a-kind amazing.

Not only will you spend time with Bob as he gives you some life-changing material -

You will also meet someone who has been a quiet but killer force (in a good way) in the lives of millions of people.

That would be Frank Kern. I say quiet force because he is pretty low-profile, at least in the personal-development world. But Killer because he is completely accomplished in the marketing world, earning tremendous sums for his clients and himself.

He is truly the Top Internet Marketer in the world.

He is feverishly sought-after. Hundreds of people are willing to pay him $9700/month and 15% of their revenues for half a day of his expertise.

His last seminar, with a price tag of $10,000, sold out in less than an hour.

You will want to hear every last word spoken at the Summit.

You can't buy into it. But it IS included for free with your Six Minutes membership.

Try it here for a buck for 30 days:

P.S. Remember- the Summit is exclusive to the active

Six Minutes to Success members. Oh, and did we mention that it was free?

P.P.S. I don't want to shake you around with the big "there are only a limited number of seats" line, but the fact is, the conference room for the Summit only holds a certain number of people, and that's it.

So, don't dally, if you want to be in the room for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spirit Guidance: Consciously ordering your life with Spirit guidance

Once you've entered into conscious co-creation with the Spirit, all of your life is guided and directed according to the Omniscient mind. Every situation you will ever encounter, whether relationship, finances, health or business affairs, when surrendered to the Spirit, will have a positive outcome.

All things work together for your good. Regardless of what you've gone through, when you walked unconscious to the Spiritual connection, will be used to produce good in your life. Nothing is ever wasted. Even adverse conditions, when submitted to the Spirit's usage, is an effective tool to developing compassion and dealing with others from a place of compassion.

With Spirit's guidance, wisdom is available to you each and every step of the way; from the tiniest task to the largest circumstance. Your eyes and understanding are opened up in new ways as you are willing to be enlightened to new fresh ideas.

Walking with the Spirit calls you to a higher standard of living, one that is specifically designed for your personality, gifts and talents, and purpose in this era. Therefore your decisions to life are made in direct correlation to these.

No longer are you satisfied to fit in with the norm, just because, but you delight, even more, to be associated with and acquainted with all that the Spirit desires to do through and in you. You are free to choose.

Your circumstances no longer dictate the way you live or influence your decision, but you now can change your experiences, speak to the mountains in your life and remove them in confidence knowing that you shall have what you say.

Just as plants and trees sown in the soil germinate and grow naturally and effortlessly, so too, will you as you yield to the Spirit's guidance naturally and effortlessly.

Monday, March 29, 2010

You need to see this

In case you missed it, Bob Proctor is about to do something unbelievable!




Bob's going to put on a two-full-day session called The Six Minutes Summit. It's totally free, it's private, and it's open only to active Six Minutes to Success members.

This will be, by far, the best seminar he has ever done. It's set to be Los Angeles sometime in September, 2010.

(Exact dates to be announced. More details will follow.)

As you probably know, Bob is recovering nicely from recent heart surgery. But, he is not sure whether he will ever do another in-person event like this again (except for his $18,000 Matrixx seminar).

This Summit will be his BEST event yet...but no one can buy into it at any price.(Bob has not presented a seminar like this in more than two years. And that one cost big bucks.)

The only people to be let into the Summit will be active Six Minutes members...and those members get in absolutely no charge.

The best part is, you can try Six Minutes for 30 days for a buck by clicking here:



There are over 300,000 people who told us they had interest in Six Minutes, and 1000's more on the Early Bird List.

I don't want to pull out the "high pressure" hose on you and say that this thing is going to sell out tomorrow, or whatever... but I can tell you that I've never seen so much interest in a wealth building program launch like this, ever.

And with this news I just told you getting out now about the Summit,the demand could be totally huge. There are only so many seats in the room and they will definitely be filled fast.

So, don't wait, if you want one of those seats at the Summit.

P.P.S. If you are already a Six Minutes member, you are good to go. They have a seat for you and will see you there. More on the details soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Scripture - Lord's Prayer Scripture Song

Here's a different take on our Sunday Morning Scripture. You may need to stop it video to read the scriptures but it's quite inspirational.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Think your Hands are Too Small to Make a Difference?

You can make a difference right where you are. Think your hands are too small to make a difference?

It doesn't matter the size of your hands, but the size of your heart. For if small hands can hold the hand of one person and lift them up from a place of despair, then that one hand that has been lifted up, will have the strength to lift up another. And if your small hands can make a difference in the life of two others, then those two others can uplift another two.

In the end, when all is said and done, only kindness matters; not all our achievements, not all that we strive to accumulate, but our kindness, our love. What will you do today to make a difference?

Today's tunespiration comes from Jewel - Hands. Enjoy and be inspired!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Experience the Essence of Life Through your Body

Experience the essence of life through your body. Love every inch of you. With all the media hype about the way you should look, the size you should be and if you're not there you're less than perfect, many people have a difficult time loving themselves. The message sent is that you're less than perfect if you're not dressed a certain way or weigh a certain weight.

Experiencing the essence of life does not mean that you stop enhancing and taking care of your body. It means that, in addition to improving your health and maintaining your weight, you enjoy and appreciate every cell in your body. You appreciate all the work that your body has to do to keep you alive despite the way it's treated at times.

Listen to and enjoy the beat of your heart. Perhaps you'll hear a new song in its rhythm. Feel the smoothness of your skin or feel the texture of your hair as you pass your fingers through it. Feel the movement of your body as you walk.

For all of your body was created by God and is of God and is made up of the substance of God. Appreciate God in your body and experience the true essence of life.

Need an affirmation? Try this one - "I love every inch of me. I'm alive and full of God in every cell of my body."

Now that the good weather is here, incorporate exercise into your daily routine even as you go outside and are working around the house.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unconditional Love: Love Conquers All

Every gardener will go to great lengths to care for his or her garden. Even though gardening is hard work, the gardener joyously toils knowing the harvest time will come and then he or she will celebrate.

It's the gardener's pleasure to sit and feast on the fruit of his or her labour, and is proud to show off the garden and its fruit. No matter the thorns, the tilling, the weeding, the gardener keeps keeping on, taking joy in knowing that all the work he or she has put into this garden will soon pay off.

As you express your nurturing love to others, regardless of the obstacles, the struggles, keep keeping on. Know that all your work will not be in vain. One day you will enjoy the fruit of your labour.

If you have children you nurture them will your love, your instructions, daily reminding them and instructing them in the way that is best. Even though at times they may not listen, you keep keeping on; disciplining, loving, guiding. One day you will enjoy the rewards of your love.

What about friends, other relatives, husband, or wife? Let your love outshine every obstacle. Yes, you may disagree, after all you have your own mind, and they have theirs, but let love reconcile you. Let your love be more important than your disagreement. Have your disagreement because it identifies who you are, but let not disagreements separate your love.

Agree to disagree, but agree to agree that love will always conquer all. Once you've settled that in all of your relationships with others, it does not matter what comes your way. Deal with the issue in love as much as is possible but determine to let love be the final outcome. See others through the eyes of love and then your perspective on your disagreement or indifference will change. Let not your mould hill of disagreement turn into a mountain too hard to climb. See love and love will bring down every mountain turning it into rubble.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unconditional Love: The Pruning Process of Love

Love nurtures with tenderness and gentleness; however, love also expresses itself in firmness and strength.

Dried leaves fall off of trees and plants when they no longer serve their purpose on them. A gardener prunes a tree, removing dead branches and leaves, in order for it to bear more fruit.

For you to fulfill your life purpose, the pruning process of love is essential. Holding on to things that are hindering you from or that are not taking you in the direction of fulfilling your ultimate purpose, robs you of the joy of life and the joy of purpose.

You are free to make choices in your life and therefore those choices you make should reflect who you choose to be, allowing other things in your life that do not serve your ultimate purpose to fall off or be removed.

Keep this in mind, that which you have pruned, even though it is not currently active in your life, may be used for future reference in carrying out your purpose.

Sometimes the decision to removing the non-beneficial aspect of your life may seem difficult, but being aware that this is part of your growth process makes the transition worthwhile.

Yield to the pruning process today, and as nature shows us, experience the fullness of your fruitfulness, thereafter.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unconditional Love: Love Promotes Growth

Love promotes growth. Nurturing which comes from the heart of love promotes growth. If you've ever left a garden to itself without care, weeds begin to overtake it, and before long, what was once a beautiful garden or could have been a beautiful garden, has now lost the opportunity to express that beauty. Lack of care gives way to the infestation of weeds and bugs.

Love, God's love which flows through your soul needs to express itself in and through you. It desires the opportunity to nurture you, infilling you and overflowing your being into physical expression. With that physical expression of love into others, they are therefore nurtured. Not only do you experience personal growth and the blossoming of your inner and outer garden, but you allow others to experience the same because of your love.

How do you express this love?

Love requires no instructions of how to love. You just love. You feel love and then express love. If instruction is required, then you need to return to the Source of love, feel and experience this love and you'll be moved from within to outwardly express that love to another.

Therefore, in what form should love be expressed?

In a kind thought, word, deed. Be kind in your thoughts towards others, for if you are unkind in your thoughts, your negative energy is transmitted to them. Without a spoken word, they feel your negativity toward them.

Be kind in your words. The way you speak with others and what you say to others can either uplift them or stomp them down, making them feel smaller than an ant.

Love in your deeds. Whatever you do to or for someone, feel the feelings of love from your heart and the feelings and energy of love will be communicated to their inner being that they are loved and that they are important. In so doing, you empower another to feel good about him or herself and know that they are worth more than they think of themselves.

Make love your quest to receive and experience and then give to others that new life may blossom from you and others with whom you share that love.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Unconditional Love: Live your life from love

Nature has an innate ability to nurture the plants and trees relying on her with the love of sustenance within her soil.

Out of the soil's bed of love springs forth life and life is sustained.

It is out of this love, the love that's embedded within our souls, that our life flows out of, and that which sustains every part of our growth, development and relations with others.

Live your life from love. Whatever you do, do because of love. Develop love for yourself; for in so doing you love God. Develop love for others, for in so doing, you love yourself. For whatever you desire that others do to you, do to them and for them.

Out of the bed of love springs forth flowers of goodness, kindness, graciousness, compassion, tenderness and tolerance. Mother Nature cares for the earth that all may benefit and enjoy the fruit of her love.

Develop your talents and abilities out of the heart of love for yourself, love for others and ultimately love for God.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - Trust What the Spirit has to Offer

The main ingredient to having what we desire is trust - trust what the Spirit has to offer. After you've decided what you want and done all that you can do, release it, trust the Spirit and allow the Spirit to manifest in the best way possible.

Many times we get in the way of our success. We mess things up and wonder why we're not making progress. That's because we've not remained in our place of the creative process, we're trying to do what is not our part.

So what exactly is our part of the creative process?

1) Ask

Decide what you want and then ask for what you want.

2) Believe

Believe that you can have your desire and then accept it into your heart. When you truly believe, you've accepted that what you desire is already yours.

3) Act

Act on your inspired ideas and do what you can to get you closer to your goal.

4) Release

Release the outcome into Divine Intelligence. Allow God to bring people and situations in alignment at the right time. There are things that you may not be aware of and as you release the outcome over to the senior partner in this creative process, things begin to unfold and fall into place.

Don't get in the way of your success, trust what the Spirit has to offer.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - The Wind Beneath My Wings

I dedicate this song to my family, the wind beneath my wings, and to you, my readers, subscribers and those who encourage me to press on.

Today's tunespiration comes from Bette Midler - The Wind Beneath My Wings

Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Discouraged?

On your journey to reaching your goal, you get all fired up, you're focused and doing all the steps necessary to bring you closer to achieving it. Then, it happens. You begin to get anxious because you're not making the progress you expected.

Instead of becoming discouraged look for the positive results you've had so far. When discouragement sets in, it brings with it its first cousins - disappointment and depression and its second cousins feelings of defeat and dissatisfaction.

Don't go down that road. Quickly look for the results you've attained so far.

When I first started on my weight loss journey, I was looking at myself in the mirror. Even though I had seen some progress in my goal to attain my ideal weight, the physical progress was not as much as I expected. Immediately I began to feel the feelings of discouragement, yep followed by first cousin disappointment. I stopped those unfriendly visitors right at the door.

The first question I asked, "What can I do to turn this feeling around and begin to feel good again?" I began by appreciating my body. Just being thankful that I bore and nursed 7 healthy perfect children. I expressed thankfulness that I am healthy and able to care for them and that I'm a fruitful vine. Immediately, the feelings of joy returned and the family of discouragement and depression took off.

Whatever you may be feeling today because you're not where you expected to be, stop and look for all the things you have and you've accomplished. You'd be surprised how energized you'll become to keep on keeping on.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think Your Way To Success

How you think about your success plays a vital part to you having success. Your thoughts can either push you to the finish line or cause you to stop and give up.

Whenever the journey gets tough, if you begin to entertain thoughts of giving up, you send a message to your body to respond to the idea of giving up.

When our youngest daughter, Roxella, was 3 months old, she discovered that she had hands. She observed them and sucked on them, as well. She was making the connection between her brain and hands as she learned to coordinate the movements.

Research has shown that babies' brains are very active at this age. If you've ever observed a child, you'd notice how they'd look at a toy and immediately the body launches forward with a hand outstretched to get it. The child is using thought which sends the message from the brain to the body, with such precise speed, into action.

As adults, we've mastered the connection between movements and the brain, to the point that we do not have to even think about moving our bodies to complete a movement. We only need to think of getting up and immediately our bodies respond.

It is this obedience to the thoughts we engage in that allows us to continue moving forward on the path to success or give up. The starting point of thought leads to action and continuous action as we engage in continuous positive thought until we reach our goal.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Being Honest - Be Honest With Yourself

When deciding on what it is you want to achieve in your life, you need to be honest with yourself. It's amazing how we could compromise in what we truly desire to accomplish because we feel that we can't have what it is we want.

If you decide in your mind that you can have what it is you want to achieve, you begin to remove the barriers and all limitations and get down to the heart of the desire.

I've found in my own experience that when I'd compromise and settle for something other than what I truly desired to have, that I was running around and not getting anything accomplished. This is because there's a deeper longing in my heart that stood out more to God than the actual thing I was saying with my mouth.

If you find yourself going after something and things do not seem to be working out, stop and check yourself. Ask the question, "Am I on the right track? Is this what I truly want, or am I settling for less because I can't see how I'm going to accomplish this?

When you start being truly honest with what you truly feel in your soul, you allow yourself to be opened to receive your blessing.

What areas of your life have your compromised in and settled for what you didn't want?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inner Guidance: Follow the Inner Guidance

Each one of us has the inner guidance, the wiser voice, to direct us on the path that we should follow. As we spend time in the silence, we learn to listen and recognize and develop this inner prompting.

Because we all are so unique, God speaks to us in ways that we each understand; perhaps through symbols, billboard posters, inner prompting of the heart, the scriptures and even nature. We develop communication tapered specifically to our unique built which comes about as we develop our relationship with our Creator in the secret place.

In the secret place, we find peace, love and freedom - our sustenance. Not only do we learn to listen but we are also invited to ask questions and receive divine wisdom and inner guidance to resolving every issue we face and every path we need to take.

Begin today, even if it's 5 minutes (increase the time as you go), to spend time in the silence, listening. See yourself connecting with God in your inner being as you look within your heart. Experience the Love as it flows within you.

As you continue to practice this daily, allowing the spark of love to be fanned into a flame, the joy of living becomes evident in your life that even in the midst of adverse conditions, you remain stable. You have a quiet place to go to renew your strength and faith.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adverse Conditions: Look for the Seeds of Good

Every situation, no matter how dismal, has the seed potential for good. Just as every seed has life contained within it and every type of seed produces a different kind of plant or tree, so too, does every situation in your life.

Every struggle you encounter has the spark of good within it and if you search for the good you would ignite the flames of new life. You may have gone through some experiences that made you wonder if you'd ever come out of it. But here you are today. Or you may be going through some things in your life right now and wonder how could this amount to any good.

If you look for the good or even ask, "How could any good come out of this?" or "What's the good in this situation?" You'll be amazed at the answer. Adverse conditions can make you a better person or a stronger one only if you look for the valuable lessons contained within them. Use this new knowledge to enhance your life and the life of others. Then, you would have redeemed each situation and count it as added treasure in the jewelery box of life.

Change the way you see your situation. Pay attention to and focus on the good. You'll gain energy to pull you through and prepare you for future events.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Scripture - Are You Satisfied With Good?

From the fruit of his words a man shall be satisfied with good and the work of a man's hands shall come back to him (as a harvest). Proverbs 12:14

Did you realize how powerful your words are? Put a careful watch over your mouth and in particular, your thoughts. For what you think about, you will speak about. Whether you realize it or not, your words are creating your life. It's a part of the creative process.

God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Jesus said, "My words are spirit and they are life." Our world and all that is seen came as a result of the desire of Divine Intelligence. Whatever we desire comes as a result of the words that we speak which creates the life we desire.

If you desire to be satisfied with good pay attention to your thoughts and then your words. For when your thoughts are filled good, with what you desire, you will be satisfied with the fruit.

Fruit is a result of the seed that was planted. Therefore the fruit of one's lips comes as a result of the thoughts of one's heart or one's belief.

Every action we perform leads to a result which is the harvest that comes from the seed of our thoughts which leads to our words followed by our actions.

Whatever you do desire to achieve in life, make a decision, then allow the thought seeds to take root within the soil of your subconscious mind. Your new thought seeds will begin to germinate by daily repetition. As you continue to feed these new thought seeds with your emotions and constant attention, your words will naturally fall in line to match what's growing inside of you as well as your actions.

Daily nurturing of your thought plant will ultimately produce a harvest of the fruit you desire.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - I Believe

Your belief in a thing will keep you persistent until you achieve it. Belief sets you into action and keeps you moving forward towards the goal until you receive your prize. Who knows where your gifts will lead you, who you will stand before, who will honour you. Sharpen your skills, develop the inner tools of your talents, believe and watch the doors open on your behalf.

Today's tunespiration comes from Fantasia Barrino - I Believe.

Getting my body back Friday - Perseverance Through the Growth Process

The final achievement of your goal reflects the level of growth you’ve attained during the process.

When you first made the decision to go after what you desire, you may not have known how to get there. You finalized in your heart and mind that you would achieve what you set out to do.

The information you gleaned, the hours of research, the frustration that you came through were all a part of the growth process. The roadblocks which made you draw on your creative juices to find another way to arrive at your destiny. The failures that made you stop to think and regroup. The tests that made you re-evaluate the value and worth of your goal. The friends you met along the way to give you support. The information you absorbed from every book you read. Perhaps the countless hours spent dreaming, adjusting, hoping, praying were all part of your growth process.

You learned a lot more about yourself; your strengths, your weaknesses. You built up your muscles and were able to do things you never thought you could, when you first started off. Changes occurring on the inside of you produced the outward results of your final achievement.

Here you are today standing tall because you endured and persevered. Others admire your success and wish they had what you have. But, are they willing to pay the price to learn and grow? The learning process caused you to evolve into the type of person you have now become; a process which took place on the inside, where no one else witnessed but you and then manifested itself outward.

Every mature tree began very much the same way; a seed in the soil invisible to the eyes, but quietly changing and growing until it breaks through the ground’s surface. Much of its growth is taking place on the inside bearing outward witness of the inward changes.

I feel the changes that are occurring in my body, invisible to the outer world. Day after day, I learn and grow within. Listening to my body and becoming more in tuned. As long as I keep changing from the inside it will reflect on the outside.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Developing Determination

To achieve anything worth having, there must be some unction of determination on your part to take you through to the finish line.

What is determination?

1) Determination is the sustenance you need to keep going when you’ve failed so many times. It’s the deciding factor when obstacles present themselves.

2) It’s the mindset in spite of the pain that lifts you up and pushes your body forward even when it says you should give up.

3) It’s that which compels you to keep searching for an answer when you’ve searched before and have been unsuccessful.

How does a person become determined?

1) You see the value/importance in what you’re doing or what needs to be done.

2) You’ve made a mental decision to do this thing no matter what comes your way.

3) You know in your heart that you can achieve this goal/dream.

Determination is like a shield which deflects every objection that challenges why you cannot have what you set out to attain. You know without reservation that you can achieve this thing - that inner feeling/knowing inside you that the negative, “You can’t have or do,” is incorrect and that the positive, “I can have or do” is possible.

Determination gives birth to persistence and is the outward expression in the form of persistence.

Why does a person need to be determined?

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you need to be determined? The higher the goal you need to attain, the more of the demand on your will to be determined to see it to the end.

You are here today because of one sperm’s determination to reach the egg in spite of the harsh adverse conditions and competition it faced in the uterus. It will do us well to follow this blue print to achieve anything we set out to do and see it to its completion.

Regardless of the adversities we face, determination may be the only thing we have to keep our heads above the water, stiffen our fists and press forward until we reach the destination point.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Change Your Life: Miracles Come to the One Who Believes

Miracles come to the one who believes and expects its arrival. To create miracles, one must adopt and cultivate a mindset of transformation and change in order to invite its appearance. If you dislike the results you’re getting in your life, it is time to stop and make a change. To keep moving on in that path, thinking and acting the same, will ensure you keep getting the same results. You must stop - take stock of your life, figure out which direction you’re going and head that way.

If you’re driving a car and you haven’t decided on your destination, how will you know which way to drive? That’s just crazy! But if you first determine your destination, you know exactly where you’re going. You could get out a map and plan your route or at least ask someone for directions if you get lost along the way.

Change your life easily and effortlessly and create miracles even in tough times.

Changing Inside Out Now! is hosting a Free One Hour Teleseminar on Thursday, March 11.

You'll learn in this One-Hour Teleseminar:

* How miracles come to you.
* Where change begins and why knowing this makes the transition easier.
* Why change is a necessary part of your personal growth.
* The step by step process of change and how to consciously use them to get the results you want.
* You'll discover the source of your power.
* How to be empowered from within.

If you want your life to change, don't miss out on this powerful free presentation.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Teleseminar - How to Change Your Life Easily and Effortlessly And Create Miracles

Change your life easily and effortlessly and create miracles even in tough times.

Changing Inside Out Now! is hosting a Free One Hour Teleseminar on Thursday, March 11.

You'll learn in this One-Hour Teleseminar:

* How miracles come to you.
* Where change begins and why knowing this makes the transition easier.
* Why change is a necessary part of your personal growth.
* The step by step process of change and how to consciously use them to get the results you want.
* You'll discover the source of your power.
* How to be empowered from within.

If you want your life to change, don't miss out on this powerful free presentation.

To reserve your spot, register for the free call at

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - Don't give up, you're not defeated

As long as a person doesn't admit he's defeated, he is not defeated-he's just a little behind, and isn't through fighting. Darrell Royal

I found this really cool quote and I thought I'd share it this morning.

As long as you've got life in you, you can make it. Even though you may be lagging behind, as long as you don't throw in the towel, you still have a chance to reach the finish line. Let your gaze be completely on your goal as you move ahead and don't become preoccupied or carry on idle conversations with your doubts, disappointments and limitations. These conversations only take up mind space and interrupt your creativity to create the life you desire.

Rest if you must, but get back in there and keep on keepin' on. Every road block we encounter is an opportunity to learn to use our creativity to advance to the next level. The key is to look at each set back from a positive angle. Sometimes we become so distraught over the loss of an opportunity, not knowing that a better one is up ahead.

Always keep an open mind to the way in which your desire is manifested to you. Never give up on your desire, but if in the event you don't see it coming in the manner you expected, be open to embrace it. The Universe has many ways in which to bring us what we desire, allow the universal wisdom to abound in all your decisions. Say, "I'll have this or something better."

As long as you keep holding on and act on your inspired ideas, you will manifest your intention.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - I'm Everything I Am Because You Loved Me

Be the inspiration in someone's life today. Sometimes we don't see the beauty in ourselves and only through the eyes of someone else do we come to realize that we can be the best we can be.

Believe in someone today so they can in turn believe in themselves and change their lives and perhaps the world. When we fill our hearts and eyes with the intention to focus on the positive, looking for the greatness in others, it will cause them to begin to look at their lives and talents from a different view point.

Today's tunespiration comes from Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Don't Believe What They Tell You!

Don't believe a word they say about you that does not express the highest truth of who you are. If you find you're not getting the results you want, check what you've chosen to accept as truth. What have your family and friends told you about you? Many of these opinions we take and accept them as our own and as such they become ingrained in our subconscious producing the results that we're having now.

What about the negative things that you've been saying to yourself that you've accepted as truth about you? "I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I'm not smart enough like Jane. I'm fat, life is so hard, it's difficult to get ahead." How many of these have you accepted as your truth and are now being manifested in your life?

How about reversing the effects of these words? Let's try a remix, "I'm beautiful, I'm smart, Jane is smart and that's good for her, but I'm smart as well, I'm 120 lbs (or whatever the # is for you), life is beautiful - all good things come to me easily and effortlessly. It's easy to get ahead because the universe brings to me the mirrored image of what I feel inside. I am blessed. All my needs are met. My body uses food to keep me nourished and healthy.

Now you can create your own truth. And when that negative voice raises its head to say, "Who do you think you are? You know you're still stupid." Just simply respond, "Thanks for sharing but I am wise and I am beautiful," and accept that into your heart as your truth. "I accept this beauty as my truth. I accept this into my heart."

Keep repeating this to yourself. Even if you at first it feels uncomfortable, keep at it. The resistance will soon fall away.

One more thing, make sure you add feelings to this. So get your emotions involved in, feeling the feelings of the acceptance of being wise and beautiful and at your ideal weight.

Choose to believe your truth and don't believe what they tell you other than what is true for you.

What have you chosen to accept as your truth that's not getting you the results you desire to have?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Overcoming Fear: Take the Limits Off and Free Yourself

Because of fear, we are limited in our thinking and therefore limited in our experiences. Take the limits off your mind and free yourself. If you ever allow yourself to feel all the desires of your heart without the inhibition of fear or limiting beliefs, you'll find that your imagination can carry you to the far end of the globe and go places beyond your current location. Did you know that whatever you imagine you can experience?

Nothing is too big for you to experience. If you can imagine it, it is already in existence in the unseen world. You cannot imagine what does not already exist. And because of this fact you can have what you desire if you only take the limits off.

Strategy #1

Shift your thinking

The way you think, and therefore your perspective, affects your experiences. When you're afraid, you feel fear because of what you're thinking - the anticipation of what you don't want to happen. You're not experiencing the unwanted experience at that current moment in your reality. Therefore, if you shift your imagination from seeing the negative experience onto the outcome you do desire, you'll begin to immediately feel a shift in your emotions and ultimately your experience changes.

Strategy #2


Use visualization to put you into a positive energy vibration. Whatever you focus on will expand. If you focus on fear, fear will expand. If you focus on the outcome you desire, that will expand as well and move you the desired results.

Strategy #3

Get your emotions involved

It's one thing to shift your thinking and use visualization, but the real energizer comes from adding the emotional connection. Get your emotions involved and really feel what you desire the outcome to be. Look within to your heart and choose to allow yourself to feel the emotions of having the desired outcome materialized. Don't allow limitations to short-circuit your results.

Strategy #4

Believe and act

If you believe and accept that you can have the thing you've imagined then you must act on that belief. You've heard it said, "Act is if." Act as you would if you'd already possess the thing you wish you had. Take the necessary action steps that you would take if you were already experiencing your desire. This will put a knockout punch to your fear and send it packing and at the same time empowering you to free yourself from all that's entangling and holding you back.

You're an unlimited being. Walk in the power and strength of this unbounded way of life. Practice over and over until it becomes a habitual way of living.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Overcoming Fear: 5 Steps to Overcoming Fear

Fear will keep you paralyzed and hold you hostage to your 'comfort zone'. It will not allow you to realize your dream or let you taste freedom. Because of fear, many procrastinate before deciding to take the necessary steps to move forward to achieving their dreams. It may come out in words like, "I'll do it tomorrow, or next week." Then, because it's been pushed back so much, it becomes forgotten.

The following steps will guide you on your journey to overcoming fear:

Step #1 - Decision

Make a bold firm decision that you will have your desire regardless of what you face. When you make a decision you have a focal point to direct your attention.

Step #2 - Have an inner knowing

You have all that you need to get to the next level even if you are not consciously aware of it at the moment. Know that the help you need will come to you. Believe that help is already here even though you may not see it physically. It will manifest itself at the right time.

Step #3 - Remain focused on the final outcome

Fear comes when we focus on all the things that could go wrong. But you gain confidence when you focus on the results you desire. If you decide to drive to the store and begin to think about all the things that could go wrong on the way there, you'll probably never leave your home. But when you focus on getting to the store and know that all will be well, confidence will be your focus and not your fear.

Step #4 - Take a deep breath and relax

Release the tension and allow your faith, your belief that you will have your desire, to arise. Shift your mind from fear of the unknown and look within to the Source of your strength. Release the negative energy by taking a deep breath in and exhale all the tension that keeps you paralyzed from moving forward.

Step #5 - Move forward

We fear the unknown, therefore doing that which you fear will dissolve the unknown and you'll put those fears to rest and build confidence. As you face the fear and do what you decided that you will do, fear will begin to fall away and each step forward will let your confidence rise higher and higher.

What steps do you take to overcome fear?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Overcoming Fear: What is fear?

Fear is the anticipation of something terrible happening in the future. Whether it's one second, five minutes or five years, fear arises in the mind and is always because of something you don't what to occur. Think back of a time when you were afraid, see if the fear was because of what you were experiencing at the moment or as a result of the thing you didn't want to happen. You'll see that the latter is true.

Fear is a learnt behaviour coming out of our personal experiences and conditioning. We were taught what we should fear - fear of others ridiculing us; not measuring up to the 'standards' of others, not falling in line with what is called 'the norm'. Many of our fears originate from our childhood - fear of not getting the correct answer in class or being bullied in school etc.

Many of these behaviours have become embedded and deep-rooted within us and were never addressed. As a result, we grew into adulthood with these same fears controlling our lives and hindering us from moving forward, exploring life and living our dreams. Some in very subtle ways being justified as being cautious, others more blaring that cause us to shrink within and suppress what we truly desire and opt to remain in the 'comfort zone' as to not face the unknown.

As we come into the inner awareness of our true identity, as we enter in to the light of truth, fear falls away as darkness dissipates when the light is turned on in a room. We do not have within us the Spirit of fear but our origin comes from the Source power of love which, when we open our lives, will flow in and through us, producing the fruit of a bold and confident mind. We'll begin to understand that we have within us all we need to turn our lives around, to control our environment and decide what comes into our lives because of what we allow to remain and grow in our hearts, in our thoughts.

When we listen to the voice within, the Source of our strength, we gain confidence to overcome all the external arrows of fear that try to penetrate our armour of faith to poison and shake us down and move us from our power.

Begin to make it your habit to connect with and rely on the advice of the inner Wisdom of the Spirit to lead you through the path that is right for you in spite of what fears may try to impose on you.

What fears are holding you back?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Decision Making - How to Make your own Decisions in Spite of the Opinions of Others

Do you find yourself always relying on the opinions of others in order to make decisions for yourself? Every one of us was given the ability to make our own decisions in accordance to what resonates within us. No one knows you better than you. And even if you're not so sure of yourself, when you take the time to listen to your inner heart you'll hear what you long for and become acquainted with your own desires.

The following steps show you how to develop that internal connection so you don't have to rely on others to tell you what's right for you.

1) Check with what you're feeling in your heart

People do things because it may be popular even if they don't feel like they should do what the crowd is doing. But because of pressure to conform, they suppress what they feel and follow along with the crowd and lose their own identity. Some never know who they truly are until they decide to take the journey of self discovery and self exploration.

2) Decision

Once you've come to understand what resonates with you and you feel good about it in your heart, make a firm decision to follow through on your decision.

3) Stick with your decision

Be determined to stick with your decision in spite of the pressure from others. If others try to dissuade you say, "Thank you for your concern," and continue on, on your path. They will come along after when they see you've believed in and stuck with your decision.

4) Strengthen your decision as you go along

Continue to strengthen your decision along the way, constantly consulting with your heart and affirming your decision. This will strengthen you through tough times, setbacks and if you begin to doubt your first decision.

5) Keep your decision to yourself

Give no room to others to change your decision if you're not yet strong enough to stand up under their opposing opinions. It is better to quietly go about your affairs and only let the results speak for themselves.

Practicing these five steps will build your confidence in making sound decisions for yourself in spite of others.

What decisions do you need to make that you're relying on the opinions of others to reach the final decision when you should be relying on what resonates with you?

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