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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spirit Guidance: Consciously ordering your life with Spirit guidance

Once you've entered into conscious co-creation with the Spirit, all of your life is guided and directed according to the Omniscient mind. Every situation you will ever encounter, whether relationship, finances, health or business affairs, when surrendered to the Spirit, will have a positive outcome.

All things work together for your good. Regardless of what you've gone through, when you walked unconscious to the Spiritual connection, will be used to produce good in your life. Nothing is ever wasted. Even adverse conditions, when submitted to the Spirit's usage, is an effective tool to developing compassion and dealing with others from a place of compassion.

With Spirit's guidance, wisdom is available to you each and every step of the way; from the tiniest task to the largest circumstance. Your eyes and understanding are opened up in new ways as you are willing to be enlightened to new fresh ideas.

Walking with the Spirit calls you to a higher standard of living, one that is specifically designed for your personality, gifts and talents, and purpose in this era. Therefore your decisions to life are made in direct correlation to these.

No longer are you satisfied to fit in with the norm, just because, but you delight, even more, to be associated with and acquainted with all that the Spirit desires to do through and in you. You are free to choose.

Your circumstances no longer dictate the way you live or influence your decision, but you now can change your experiences, speak to the mountains in your life and remove them in confidence knowing that you shall have what you say.

Just as plants and trees sown in the soil germinate and grow naturally and effortlessly, so too, will you as you yield to the Spirit's guidance naturally and effortlessly.


  1. Hi Alicia...It's true what you say. Walking with Spirit does, indeed, call us to a higher standard of living. That can be difficult out in the world, at times, but He always gives us the stamina we need to get through anything. Thanks for your post. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Alicia,

    I am enjoying and benefitting from my email updates from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. You're welcome Susan. And yes, the Spirit does give us the stamina we need to go through anything.

    Have a blessed day.


  4. You're welcome Momsweb. I am blessed when you are blessed. Have a blessed day.



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