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Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Discouraged?

On your journey to reaching your goal, you get all fired up, you're focused and doing all the steps necessary to bring you closer to achieving it. Then, it happens. You begin to get anxious because you're not making the progress you expected.

Instead of becoming discouraged look for the positive results you've had so far. When discouragement sets in, it brings with it its first cousins - disappointment and depression and its second cousins feelings of defeat and dissatisfaction.

Don't go down that road. Quickly look for the results you've attained so far.

When I first started on my weight loss journey, I was looking at myself in the mirror. Even though I had seen some progress in my goal to attain my ideal weight, the physical progress was not as much as I expected. Immediately I began to feel the feelings of discouragement, yep followed by first cousin disappointment. I stopped those unfriendly visitors right at the door.

The first question I asked, "What can I do to turn this feeling around and begin to feel good again?" I began by appreciating my body. Just being thankful that I bore and nursed 7 healthy perfect children. I expressed thankfulness that I am healthy and able to care for them and that I'm a fruitful vine. Immediately, the feelings of joy returned and the family of discouragement and depression took off.

Whatever you may be feeling today because you're not where you expected to be, stop and look for all the things you have and you've accomplished. You'd be surprised how energized you'll become to keep on keeping on.


  1. Alicia, you are truly amazing. Imagine! Seven perfectly healthy, beautiful children is a huge contribution to the world! Good for you! We don't give ourselves enough credit, do we? Take care, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Yes, sometimes we forget and/or
    minimize the good we already have in our lives.



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