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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Overcoming Fear: What is fear?

Fear is the anticipation of something terrible happening in the future. Whether it's one second, five minutes or five years, fear arises in the mind and is always because of something you don't what to occur. Think back of a time when you were afraid, see if the fear was because of what you were experiencing at the moment or as a result of the thing you didn't want to happen. You'll see that the latter is true.

Fear is a learnt behaviour coming out of our personal experiences and conditioning. We were taught what we should fear - fear of others ridiculing us; not measuring up to the 'standards' of others, not falling in line with what is called 'the norm'. Many of our fears originate from our childhood - fear of not getting the correct answer in class or being bullied in school etc.

Many of these behaviours have become embedded and deep-rooted within us and were never addressed. As a result, we grew into adulthood with these same fears controlling our lives and hindering us from moving forward, exploring life and living our dreams. Some in very subtle ways being justified as being cautious, others more blaring that cause us to shrink within and suppress what we truly desire and opt to remain in the 'comfort zone' as to not face the unknown.

As we come into the inner awareness of our true identity, as we enter in to the light of truth, fear falls away as darkness dissipates when the light is turned on in a room. We do not have within us the Spirit of fear but our origin comes from the Source power of love which, when we open our lives, will flow in and through us, producing the fruit of a bold and confident mind. We'll begin to understand that we have within us all we need to turn our lives around, to control our environment and decide what comes into our lives because of what we allow to remain and grow in our hearts, in our thoughts.

When we listen to the voice within, the Source of our strength, we gain confidence to overcome all the external arrows of fear that try to penetrate our armour of faith to poison and shake us down and move us from our power.

Begin to make it your habit to connect with and rely on the advice of the inner Wisdom of the Spirit to lead you through the path that is right for you in spite of what fears may try to impose on you.

What fears are holding you back?


  1. Good post, Alicia. Okay, what fears are holding me back? 1) Fear of failing (again), like in losing weight and 2) Fear of losing money (like in starting a used bookstore/thrifty shop) Yeah, fear does lousy things to us. It also halts our taking "action." Anyway, have a great day! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. Fear comes at us but when we shift our thinking and focus on the outcome the fear falls away. Keep pressing forward in spite of past failures.



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