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Monday, March 29, 2010

You need to see this

In case you missed it, Bob Proctor is about to do something unbelievable!




Bob's going to put on a two-full-day session called The Six Minutes Summit. It's totally free, it's private, and it's open only to active Six Minutes to Success members.

This will be, by far, the best seminar he has ever done. It's set to be Los Angeles sometime in September, 2010.

(Exact dates to be announced. More details will follow.)

As you probably know, Bob is recovering nicely from recent heart surgery. But, he is not sure whether he will ever do another in-person event like this again (except for his $18,000 Matrixx seminar).

This Summit will be his BEST event yet...but no one can buy into it at any price.(Bob has not presented a seminar like this in more than two years. And that one cost big bucks.)

The only people to be let into the Summit will be active Six Minutes members...and those members get in absolutely no charge.

The best part is, you can try Six Minutes for 30 days for a buck by clicking here:



There are over 300,000 people who told us they had interest in Six Minutes, and 1000's more on the Early Bird List.

I don't want to pull out the "high pressure" hose on you and say that this thing is going to sell out tomorrow, or whatever... but I can tell you that I've never seen so much interest in a wealth building program launch like this, ever.

And with this news I just told you getting out now about the Summit,the demand could be totally huge. There are only so many seats in the room and they will definitely be filled fast.

So, don't wait, if you want one of those seats at the Summit.

P.P.S. If you are already a Six Minutes member, you are good to go. They have a seat for you and will see you there. More on the details soon.

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