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Friday, March 30, 2007

Conscious Effort...Subconscious change...

Making a conscious effort to create a subconscious change…

Do you remember when you learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle? At first, it seemed like a difficult task.

You had to learn the basic procedures, requirements and theory. Then, you needed to apply what you learned to practical application. No matter how much you knew about driving or riding, you still had to put that knowledge into practical use, and apply the feeling part of it; that’s the point where knowledge meets senses, and together, they give you the ability to maneuver the vehicle or the bicycle.

You were focused and absorbed by the learning process. You were uninterrupted and determined that you would master the task. With regular conscious repetitive practice, you pressed forward until you could drive that vehicle, even to the point of carrying on a conversation without thinking of what the next step was.

If you learned to drive a standard vehicle, you were automatically changing gears; gearing up from gear one to gear five. The process became such a natural part of you, embedded and solidified in your subconscious mind.

Even if you had not driven and rode a bike for many years, that embedded memory would still kick in; maybe a little rusty on the application at first, but with a couple of practice runs, you’d be driving or riding as an expert.

Remember when you were a kid and they asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? You were so full of hope, and you felt you could do anything. Remember the feeling of that dream to be a firefighter, pilot, policeman, nurse or doctor? You pretended to be putting out fires with your imaginary water-filled hose; making gushing water sounds, adding effects and enhancing vivid images to liven and heighten the reality of that dream.

You made loud siren sounds, which made your parents scream at you; but you were having fun, you kept going and dreaming. You saw yourself in that position doing exactly what you wanted to do, and you just couldn’t wait to grow up.

To create long term permanent changes in our lives, we need to apply the same process to everything we undertake. That’s the power of change.

The procedure, however, doesn’t only apply to physical tasks that we are trying to accomplish, but it also refers to emotional and thought changes we need to make, bringing about the desired attitude we want to change. What type of person do you want to become? What kind of attitudes do you need to harness and portray?

1) Decision – taking the time to decide what you want.
2) Gather the necessary information and equipment needed to make that change; if required, training may be necessary.
3) Taking relevant action steps to apply the knowledge acquired and letting the senses, combined with the knowledge, become in sync.
4) Regular conscious consistent practice until the goal is reached and mastered, solidifying and imprinting this new goal in the subconscious memory.
5) You are now the expert at your desired task.

Repeating the same process over and over again, one task at a time will bring transformation and permanent change in your life, totally.

Written by Alicia Isaacs

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are You Trying to Conquer your Goliath... with Little Success?

…perhaps you’re working from the wrong mold…

David was the runt of his family. His elder brothers were a part of the Israelite army; skilled fighters, while David cared for sheep.

The Israelite army was on the battleground with the Philistine army, and David rose up early the morning, left his sheep with a keeper, to take provisions to his brothers.

Goliath, the Philistine champion, was ‘strutting his stuff’, against the Israelite army, and David was not about to let him get away with this. He may be the runt of his family, but he knew the power of God working through small, seemingly simple things.

David declared to the Israelite army, ”Let no man’s heart fail because of this Philistine; your servant will go out and fight with him.”

Saul, the king of Israel said to David, “You are only an adolescent, he has been a warrior from his youth.”

David told him that he kept his father’s sheep, and when a lion or bear came to eat the lamb he fought against the lion or the bear, and killed them. David knew that because God had given him the ability to kill these predators, which were greater in size than he, God was able to do the same for him against the Philistine champion.

When David stated his evidence to Saul, Saul immediately gave David his armor; his bronze helmet for his head and clothe him with a coat of mail. David put his sword over his armor.
(1 Samuel 17:20-54)

Get this, as David tried to go, but he could not because he was not used to the armor. He told Saul so, and then took them off.

You see, when we try to accomplish great things or set out to attain our dreams, there’s always someone trying to tell you how you should do it, and their idea is usually according to how they think and based on their experience, their abilities or inabilities, not yours. Or they say, “You can’t do that, you have no experience,” or, “You have no right to go after that dream,” or, “That’s impossible for you to achieve. Who do you think you are? Only certain people could accomplish such great things.”

David had an ace that no one knew about, and so do you. You’ve got your own training over the years, your own molding, so to speak. You’ve been trained and shaped over the years to achieve those dreams. Your training or experiences in life may seem small to others who’s not lived them. You are equipped with everything you need to accomplish your dreams. It’s all a part of your ‘make up’.

David drew out from his previous ‘seemingly’ insignificant victories in his life to prepare him for his greatest victory yet. This victory was the forerunner to becoming king of Israel.

There are great victories ahead for you. What ‘seemingly insignificant victories have you had in the past that’s prepared you for greater victories and a chance to living your dream? It is time to draw from those victories, retrace your steps, and in the same mindset, rise to the challenge.

Does the position you hold seem insignificant to others, just a ‘menial’ job, but you know that you are destined for greatness? What is your dream? Where are you in life? Who has discouraged you from living your dream; family, friends, society? Get in your ‘mold’, face your ‘Goliath’, and with the wisdom, courage and strength of God, assert your victory.

Step up and step out and declare as David said, “The Lord Who delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.”

Written by Alicia Isaacs

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do You Have Big Feet?

Are you trying to fit your big feet into small shoes?

Have you ever observed a young child trying to put on a shoe she or he has outgrown? The child tries his best to force his foot into the shoe. The foot is propped up in the shoe unable to go in completely. Something isn’t working right.

You hear shoes banging on the floor, and cries of frustration ring out. She brings the shoes over to you, the parent, and says, “On.” You try to explain, “It’s too small,” but she doesn’t understand, and gets even more frustrated because mom or dad isn’t helping.

So you give her an interesting toy or point to a squirrel frolicking in the backyard in hopes that she’ll forget about her problem, and you use the opportunity to hide the shoe.

All is well again - out of sight, out of mind. You regain your composure. The child is unaware that the size of her feet has changed. All she knows is that the shoe belongs to her, she’s worn it before, and now, well, there is a problem - it doesn’t work anymore. Why not? The child does not yet understand that she’s grown and needs new shoes.

Now, you may ask, what’s that got to do with anything? Well, that behaviour may continue way into adulthood even though the scenario has changed.

Are you trying to remain in situations - job, career, relationships, lifestyle that just doesn’t “fit” anymore? Though they once “fit” and made you happy, you now find yourself frustrated and miserable. Newsflash! You’ve grown. What worked before that made you happy and joyful, now ‘sucks’. It’s time to move on to ‘shoes’ that fit and are comfortable.

You may be in a job situation that you really dislike. When you first started, you may have enjoyed it, you were having fun and it was the perfect ‘fit’. But you’ve acquired new skills, new mindset. Perhaps you’ve added new experiences, and over time had not realized that you, too, had grown – yes, become miserable, and can’t understand why this job you once enjoyed has become frustrating.

What about relationships – your spouse, friends, your kids. Many people go through life staying in relationships and adverse situations for many years, without making a change, even though they’re unhappy.

It’s time to look for new shoes – a bigger size. It may not be necessary to change relationships, but change the way you’ve been handling them. In some cases, it may require leaving the comfort zone of familiar territory.

Finding a new job elsewhere that you can continue to grow and expand and not be ‘squeezed’ may be necessary. In other cases, it may be transferring to another department. Obtaining a new promotion with new challenges, or maybe, starting a new business.

Whatever the case, it’s time to go shopping for some ‘new shoes’.

So mom or dad goes out and purchases a larger size pair of shoes, the child puts them on, with ease, and is happy once again. At least until she’s outgrown those ones as well.

In the process of shoe shopping, you just don’t pick up or purchase a shoe just because it was cheap or on sale. You’ve got to check to ensure it’s the right size for you. The right style for you.

Choosing to take a risk and creating a change.

How does this process work?

1) You first need to take an analysis of your reality. What situation are you currently in that you’re unhappy about?

2) Recognize where you are, and what you’re feeling in the situation. Identify the strong emotions that go with that. Many experts advise that you write these down as a visual marker of where you are. Face your situation ‘square in the face’.

· For example, if you are in a job situation, ask yourself, “Do I love what I do?” If the answer comes back, “No”, you need to reexamine yourself, and move to the next step.

· For a relationship – “Is this relationship adding joy to my life? What would I like this situation to be?” Imagine yourself in that place you want to be. Allow yourself to feel the longing, the joy.

· For example, “What job would I love to do that would replace and/or surpass the income that I currently have?” Be specific and detailed.

· For a relationship: start by identifying what you expect out of the relationship—both from yourself and the other party.

3) What can I do now to move me closer to that goal? Write down steps to take to meet those objectives. You may add to this list as the need arises. Some research may be necessary depending on what your goals are.

You may need to assess the responsibility you have in the success of the relationship you want to improve.

Every step takes you closer to your goal. It is better to take baby steps than no steps at all. You’ll feel much better and alive as you are working towards achieving what you set out to do. This is called the shopping process, and once you’ve reached your goals, you’ve got new shoes. Your joy and self confidence will soar.

Written by Alicia Isaacs

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Are You Cheating the Earth?

Every person that comes to the earth is given particular talents and abilities for that time period and era that he or she enters the earth.

Each individual is equipped with talents and abilities to provide for their sustenance on the earth, and for the benefit of others, as well, leaving a heritage for their children to continue on, and a legacy from which others in society may benefit.

As in a puzzle, we all have different shapes and sizes. Every piece holds a key part. Without each piece, the puzzle is incomplete. The outer pieces form the frame which holds the entire puzzle together, and gives direction for placement of the inner pieces.

The inner pieces are also vital, which gives strength, completeness, fullness and beauty. Together they render a sense of accomplishment.

We need to be in our placement for it to all work together smoothly. When an outer piece or edge piece wants to be on the inside, it throws the entire puzzle off. The same is true for an inner piece wanting to be on the outer edge or border.

Then we have an inner piece being fitted in the wrong spot. It’s forced and is not a natural flow. Some pieces may look similar to others, some may even have the shape of another piece, but when you examine the picture, the picture tells a different story.

So much is the way of folks who have an inner ability but find themselves placed or forced in the wrong spot (job, career) – life is miserable – taking a job even though it’s not what the individual wants or loves. However, when one knows his or her inner passion – talents and abilities, and follows that path – in occupation and purpose – they experience joy, a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and satisfaction. The world around them benefits from this inner gifting.

Talents and abilities are given for that particular era in time due to changes in society, and what is needed and necessary on the earth. Everyone has a part to play in his or her time spent on the earth – whether it’s to the environment, animals, nature, humanity – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional.

When we do not fulfill our part – use our talents and abilities for the benefit of ourselves and others, we are robbing ourselves, our families and our society of those treasures that are in us. As a result, a void is left in our lives, the lives of our families, friends and people that we come in contact with, and therefore, our world – now and in the future.

We all have different purposes. If we only have one type of fruit, we lack the nutrients from other variety of fruits and vegetables, grain products and dairy products. But having a variety of foods provides us with the necessary nutrients needed for our bodies.

We must embrace and appreciate the variety of talents, abilities and personalities in ourselves and others, and take pride in being different.

Are you using your talents to better yourself and society? Do you know what talents you possess? Do you know how to find those secret treasures in you? It’s never too late to start treasure hunting for those ‘diamonds in the rough’, and living life with passion and purpose.

Written by Alicia Isaacs

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