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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - You'll Be In My Heart

No matter where you are, you're never alone.

Today's tunespiration is from Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart

Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting my body Back Friday - It's an Inside Job to Get Your Body Back

Losing weight and getting into shape is an inside job even though physical action is taken which is evidence of what a person is thinking.

The thought is, "If I exercise each day and change my eating habits then I'll lose weight and I'll feel good about my body again." This is good on one hand but bad on the other. Because unless the individual has addressed the cause of the weight issue in the first place sooner or later he or she will return to the old habits and then back to square one.

Like any other change in a person's life, it starts within - the thought process - what's going on inside. The dislike for exercise, the dislike of oneself, harbouring anger, resentment and even stress can affect a person's health as well as their weight.

So what are we to do to change the results?

1) Release Negative Energy

Negative emotions stored within the body cells express themselves in the form of illness and sometimes as excess weight. Identifying and releasing the negative energy from your thought life will begin the reversal process of negative emotional habits, whether these negative attacks are directed toward yourself or another. Your body still feels the effects and the evidence shows up as external results - either through illnesses or excess weight.

2) Become Saturated with Positive Energy

Create new affirmations that will become your new self-talk, e.g. I'm beautiful, I'm healthy. Your brain will pick up the new vibration and distribute the signal to your body cells which will begin to filter out the negative damaging energy and renew your cells with new life force.

3) Exercise and Nutrition

Eat a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetable and exercise regularly adding weight training to your routine to build your metabolism to effectively burn excess fat. Your body will begin to feel energized as you empower it from within through your positive self-talk combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

4) Use the Formula for Success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

The more you practice your positive self-talk the more embedded the new words would become within your subconscious and soon create the imprint over time to become your autopilot internal programming.

When eating a balanced diet and including exercise in your routine it becomes a habitual way of life which will begin to become evidence externally over time.

You can do this as you put these steps into practice and create the change you desire from the inside out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Action Thursday - 3 Simple Action Steps to Gain Clarity and Resolve Personal Issues

These 3 simple action steps, as you put them into practice, can help you gain clarity to resolve any issues in your life.

1) Ask for your eyes to be opened

The solution may be hidden right in plain view but you're not seeing it. Stop for a moment and ask within for your eyes to be opened so you can see clearly to the solution to resolve your personal issue.

2) Use the Law of Thinking

Like thoughts attract other thoughts to it. Activate the law of thinking by focusing on what you do want, even if it's a small piece to the puzzle. Other ideas will come and as you move forward you'll begin to be inspired even further.

3) Timing is everything

When you work in harmony with the Spirit, you'll know when it's the right time to act. The clues will show up and everything will fall into place as you move when prompted by the Spirit within.

Use these three steps this week to help you gain clarity to resolve whatever it is you're working on. Remember, practice, practice, practice!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timing is Everything

A couple months ago we found a generous farmer who gave us some manure for our garden. The manure actually helped some of our vegetables to grow bigger and healthier but it wasn't enough to cover the entire garden. Our farmer friend invited us to come back anytime we needed more manure.

We decided that we'd return to the farm a couple weeks later but as time moved on we became occupied with other things and felt it wasn't time just yet. A couple days ago we met our friend at the local grocery store and reminded him that we needed to get more of the good stuff for the garden.

Yesterday, we decided to visit the farm where we filled our buckets with the manure. The farmer and his wife had their granddaughter over for a visit and our children were invited out to play - company for her and our children found a new playmate.

That's not all. We've been looking around for huckleberries, which we were told are supposed to be very tasty. While we were talking about berries, our farmer friends gave us some of what they had stored in their freezer. We got a positive identity of the fruit so when we go berry picking we'd know what to look for.

They introduced us to other berries on the farm - gooseberries, red currents, black currents and black berries - to add to our list of berries we became familiar with this year and only yesterday we had written the list.

Roxella, our youngest child usually cries when she comes in contact with other adults. But for the first time she smiled with our farmer friend, stretched out her hand and shook his hand and even allowed him to walk with her and pick her up. He was absolutely delighted.

A visit that would take 10 minutes ended with goodbyes 3 hours later with future play dates in the making.

When we wait for the Spirit's timing, everything works out perfectly not only for us but for all involved. Many times we miss blessed moments or moments of power when we rush ahead and do not wait for the right time. Meeting the farmer at the grocery store was our cue that it was time for the visit.

Timing in everything in our lives and can make the difference between a good or a great time or just enough or more than enough or ordinary or extraordinary. Which do you choose?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Clarity - 4 Steps to Gaining Clarity to Achieve your Goal

To achieve anything in life you need to be clear on what you want and become clear on how to get there. But sometimes the path to getting there may be blurred and many give up because they can't see how they can achieve their goal.

The following four steps will give you a head start to gaining clarity.

1) Be specific

Get specific and have a clear descriptive picture of what you desire to accomplish. You may want to put your ideas on paper for better clarity as you work through this process.

2) Use the law of thinking

Activate the law of thinking. Thoughts attract more thoughts along the same lines and they build on each other. When you activate the law of thinking more ideas and wisdom come to you to resolve your personal issues.

3) Ask for clarity

This is a simple but profound step to seeing through to your solution. As you ask the Spirit within for clarity, to see clearly, you'll find that you begin to see things that you've never seen before. New ways of doing things begin to emerge and you may wonder, "Why hadn't I thought of that before?"

4) Persistence

Persistence is the key to achieving any goal. As you determine in your mind that you will get the answer to resolve your situation, doors begin to open. You've demanded of life in your persistent attitude that you will press through regardless of the outer circumstances, and therefore life will hand over to you the circumstances necessary to help manifest your desire.

What methods do you use to gain clarity to achieve your goal? Share your comments below.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Open my eyes - Do you have eyes but cannot see?

Recently, my family and I went for a drive on the roughed back country road, something we love doing frequently. As we drove along, my 8 year old daughter spotted a bald eagle perched high up in a tree. I'm the one that usually spot these beautiful majestic birds but this one was hers. The funny thing though, as I stopped the vehicle to look at the eagle, I couldn't see it at all. Dad and the other children tried their best to show it me but I still couldn't see it.

A thought came to me, "Ask for your eyes to be opened so you could see." Obediently I asked, "Please show me where it is." And immediately, my eyes cleared and I focused in on the eagle. It was like someone removed blinders from my eyes.

As we drove off, I contemplated, "What else am I not seeing that's right there in plain sight?" And I began to ask for my eyes to be opened to other things in my life?

What about you? What things are you struggling with that the answer may be right there in plain sight but you're blinded by confusion, depression, habits of the past, disappointments and any other negativity that's blocking the way of your progress?

Take a few minutes now to be quiet and ask for your eyes to be opened that you may see your way to the solution that you may see your way out. And as you believe and accept that the answer is yours, your eyes will be opened and you'll find your way to victory.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Believer - Do you believe in your dreams?

No one could sing the song that's inside your soul. Your dream is your song and only you can sing it and express what's in you. Is it worth trying for?

Listen to today's tunespiration - Believer by Christina Milian

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - See Your Body Through Spirit Eyes

When you see your body through the eyes of the Spirit, you begin to see and treat your body differently.

Your body should not take the attention away from who you truly are inside, but it should be seen as a visible means of expression of the Spirit and of your talents, abilities and inspiration. All thought and desires alone without your body remains in the invisible realm. But when the body is involved you enjoy the physical manifestation of those desires.

Click on the link to read more

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Action Thursday - 3 Steps to Use your Creative Juices to Kick Start your Dream - Part 4

If you've put aside your dreams because you feel it's too late to get back in the game, now's the time to get up and get busy living your life on purpose. It's never too late. Take action and use these 3 steps to get back on track.

1) Get creative - use your imagination

Get your thinking cap on and use the law of thinking to attract more thoughts to fulfilling your dream. What steps can you take right now to move you closer to actualizing your dream? Get creative and develop your imagination with usage. Then brainstorm and take action now.

2) Change your perspective

Shift your mindset from I can't to I can. Because as you believe in yourself, even if you're not yet perfect in attaining all the skill set you need right now, you can begin to take baby steps daily until you become stronger. Pull up on those personal experiences and see the beauty in them to get you to where you want to be.

3) See the beauty in everything

You can decide to look at everything from the dirty window pane of negativity or you can clear your inner perspective by shift your thinking to see through the window pane of positivity. When you decide to look for the good in everything, you begin to see the beauty in everything. Even a stormy day holds its unique beauty, but you have to look for it to be able to enjoy it.

Living your dream, your life purpose, will energize you. Because as it is coming from your inner being the power you need to carry it out will be given to you. Decide and take action, get your creative juices flowing and kick start your dream.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Use your Creative Juices to Kick Start your Dream - Part 3

Train your eyes to see beauty in everything. We live in a society where the negative is magnified and good is downplayed. But if you train yourself to look for beauty in everything, no matter what it is, beauty comes back to you. You know the saying, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

Click on the link to read more

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Use your Creative Juices to Kick Start your Dream - Part 2

People would go to purchase their daily newspaper at these once filled newspaper boxes. After time has gone by, worn out and old, these boxes stand empty, until someone came along and saw that even though the boxes were out of use for holding newspaper, they were not totally out of commission. It took some imaginative wheels turning to get them back to serving a different purpose.

Click on the link to read more

Monday, July 19, 2010

Use your Creative Juices to Kick Start your Dream - Part 1

Feeling all worn out and you're on your last leg? Use your imagination to kick start your dream.

I picked up a really cool article from a follower on Twitter regarding a street artist named Posterchild.

Click on the link to read more

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Feeling like an Outcast?

Feeling like an outcast? You know you are loved in spite of what turmoils you face or how abandoned you may feel. I pray for you today to be strengthened from within, to be provided for in whatever way you need, and most importantly, that you can see the light that is within you, draw life from within and rise up and above your current circumstances.

This tunespiration comes from The Hunchback of Note Dame - God Help The Outcasts

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting my Body Back Friday - Feeling Discouraged?

On your journey to reaching your goal, you get all fired up, you're focused and doing all the steps necessary to bring you closer to achieving it. Then, it happens. You begin to get anxious because you're not making the progress you expected.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Action Thursday - Enriching your Life - Part 3 - Experience Peace

If you've ever walked through the woods, you may recall experiencing a sense of peace among the trees. You've felt the cool gentle breeze as it brushed across your face and witnessed the swaying of the trees as the wind blew gracefully through the leaves.

Click on the link to read more

Action steps today: Combine the experience of love, joy and peace to enrich your life and draw life energy from the Spirit.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enriching your Life - Part 2 - How to experience joy when things look bleak

Whenever your seedlings are growing well, it's almost as if they're joyful because their leaves perk up and they're nice and sturdy. You could tell by droopy leaves that something is just not right.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Enriching your Life - Part 1 - How to enrich your life

Every gardener knows that nutrient-enriched soil produces healthy crop. Similarly, an enriched life promotes a healthy life style.

How do you enrich your life?

Click on the link below to read the rest of the article.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Your Dream is Written in your Heart

When you live your dream you'll find destiny written in your heart. You may never know where your gifts may lead and it may not show at the start. Keep following your dreams, for that is the place where you belong. Think it's too late? Never! Take courage and go after it. It's who you are and where you belong. And besides, you're always free to begin again.

Today's tunespiration comes from Disney's Barbie Princess and the Pauper -Written in your Heart.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Living in the Power of Now to Maximize Workout and Health Benefits

Visualization of your ideal weight and optimum health plays a vital part in keeping you focused on your target. But when it comes to working out, your mind needs to be present, be here now.

Don't just do the routine exercise. Focus on what muscles you're working out. Feel the muscles being put to work. You'll better be able to isolate the muscles and properly target the muscle group you're working on.

Pay attention to your breathing, as you're taking in fresh oxygen and releasing the bad air from your body, feel what's happening to your body and consciously recognize the cleansing breath you're taking in. Get your mind actively involved in this process as you direct the inhaling of positive energy and releasing of the negative.

Particularly when you're brisk walking and jogging, you need to draw in more oxygen. And as you breathe deeply, oxygen moves through your body giving you more energy to keep going.

Have you ever sat down with a bowl of fruits and because you were preoccupied in your thoughts you didn't realize you had finished the entire bowl? Disappointment swept over your face because you didn't realize you were down to your last piece of fruit and you probably felt dissatisfied because you didn't get to relish in the flavour of the last bite.

When you are living in the power of now, you're able to enjoy every bite along with a sense of being full. Take the time to truly enjoy your food and not be in a hurry to get it over with. Enjoy all the flavours as they burst in your mouth.

Make a conscious decision to live in the power of now as you continue your journey to your ideal weight and optimum health.

Click on the Power of Now to find out how you can learn more of Living in Power of Now and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Action Thursday - Practice Silence and Become Empowered Living in the Power of Now - Part 4

As you quiet the mind and the body you're allowing power from the Infinite Source to empower you from within. Silence in the now is where great power resides. The still small voice speaks loudly in the silence. Wisdom emerges out of the silence. Confidence comes to you as you're strengthened in the silence. You overcome fear and become courageous in the silence. For silence is the dwelling place of the Universal Mind and Universal Power.

But this time of silence does not come to you unless you truly desire and consciously set the time aside for it. Only then will you be empowered living in the now as you practice silence.

5 Steps to Practice Silence

Step 1 - Schedule a time everyday where you'll not be disturbed and you can still your mind and body, preferably first thing in the morning to set the pace for the day and at night before bedtime so you can cleanse the mind and rejuvenate the body.

Step 2 - Speak peace to your mind. Say, "Peace, calm, relax." As you give this instruction to your mind, it will immediately pick up this vibration and send it also to your body causing it to relax. Repeat this as many times as necessary for you.

Step 3 - As you relax, become conscious of and allow the presence of inner peace, inner joy and love to emerge from within. I use the word presence because you'll feel this energy within you. The deeper you go into this the stronger this energy will become and the more peace, joy and love you'll experience. The warmth of your inner sun will begin to shine brighter and brighter dispersing the clouds that shade it.

Step 4 - Release all thoughts that come into this space. As thoughts come to you, look at them directly with your inner eye and consciously release them and re-enter your inner sanctuary of peace.

Step 5 - Become conscious that you are now in the presence of the Universal Mind - God, where all power, all knowledge - the All-in-All dwells and that, and this is very important, you are one with this Universal Mind. Be conscious that this Power Source now runs in and through you. Bask in this consciousness.

This is where I release you to have your own personal experience. Follow the inner guidance. You'll develop your own unique personal encounters and come out feeling energized and empowered to go out into your day. And as your day begins, continue to practice living in the power of now so that the flow of the Universal Energy is magnified into your daily activity.

The more you allow this energy to flow through you into others - releasing love, joy and peace to those around you - the more power you'll experience in your life. This energy multiplies by usage and you'll become a great power source through which the Infinite Mind of God can be expressed on the earth.

Click on the Power of Now to find out how you can learn more of Living in Power of Now and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 Keys to Living in the Power of Now - Part 3

In order to become more successful at living in the power of now, these 2 important keys unlock the door to attaining this spiritual level of enlightenment.

1) Become more 'now' conscious

Develop the now consciousness by becoming more now conscious. Pay attention to what's in front of you, to what you're currently doing. E.g. when you're driving your car, you know your destiny but you need to be present; you need to be conscious now to the road that's directly in front of you, to where you're driving, to the street signs, to what the other drivers are doing and not on the destination.

You know you will get to your destination eventually which will become your now. But until you get there, pay attention, be alert to what you're doing now and that will get you safely to your future destination.

2) Apply the formula for success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Success in anything requires repetition. You don't get good at riding a bicycle by riding it only one time. It's the constant repetition of the principles of balancing that you master each time you get on the bicycle.

Similarly, practicing living in the power of Now needs to be a constant daily practice in order to change the old way of thinking and adopt the mindset of living in the present. Many of the memories of the past may come rushing back to the conscious mind fighting for a way to capture your attention again. Many of your future joys may entrance you and cause you to miss the moment of expressing gratitude for what you currently have. But be persist and in time the new habit will begin to create the imprint on your subconscious and ultimately expressed in your daily lifestyle.

As you rest and relax, become still and allow your mind and body to be absorb with the state of being and feeling inner joy and peace. Here you will draw the energy you need to vitalize every part of you and fill the void you feel within. There's power in stillness. There's power in silence. Practice silence and reap the benefits of a satisfying and enriched life.

Click on the Power of Now to find out how you can learn more of Living in Power of Now and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Steps to Living in the Power of Now - Part 2

Living in the Power of Now enables you to activate the power that's available to you now. Power does not come to you for a past event. Neither does it come to you for something you're going to do in the future.

Power comes to you now! Now, when you need it to carry out the task that's immediately in front of you. Now, when you need to make a decision. Now, when you need wisdom to overcome your current situation. Being more in the present, in the Now, you can be in the constant flow of Infinite Energy to rise above any situation you face now.

What then can you do to embrace living in the power of now?

1) Observe your mind

Because the mind is the tool to express who you are through the law of thinking, take the time to observe how your current state of mind is controlling you as it runs on autopilot. If you're unable to stop thinking at will and just allow your mind to rest, your mind is in control of you. It's draining vital energy when you should be resting and energizing your body. This is the first step to taking control of your mind and not your mind controlling you - observing what your mind is doing.

2) Release the past

As you observe your mind, you can begin to filter out those thoughts and thinking patterns that are not in harmony with who you desire to be. Release the past negative experiences and don't allow them to be your present preoccupation to inhibit your future growth. Release the past positive experiences in gratitude so that you can embrace more new positive experiences that you'd never thought of by living in the power of now.

3) Release the future

Living in the future, for that moment when everything will become better, puts you in a state of being constantly absent from the present. There needs to be a balance - a time to think about the future, but then you need to become present so you can get wisdom and engage in the necessary steps, in the now, that will become your future results.

Click on the Power of Now to find out how you can learn more of Living in Power of Now and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Living in the Power of Now - Part 1

What will you do with Now? Will you continue to live in the past, as good or bad as it was? 'Was' being the operative word here - it's gone. Or will you constantly live in the future - that which is not here yet?

Your past and your future only exist in your mind. All you have is here and now. Will you give your power to the past, releasing all your energies into something that no longer exists? Will you dwell in fear of the future that has not yet come?

Everything that is created has been created in the here and Now. When we allow our attention to be constantly preoccupied with the past and the future, we lose the energy for creative power in the Now.

What happens when we are preoccupied in the present with the past?

The Now becomes the past and presents itself with another missed opportunity to enjoy the peace and power that exists only in the Now.

What happens when we are preoccupied in the present with the future?

Preoccupation with the future robs us of consciously seeing and appreciating what the present, the moment of Now has for us. We miss when the Spirit brings answers to us because we're unable to immediately recognize it when it appears. We miss the still small voice of wisdom and the joys that the present holds because we're constantly looking for joy, peace and a better life somewhere sometime in the future.

Click on the Power of Now to find out how you can learn more of Living in Power of Now and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Let Me Be Your Wings

In all of our strugglings, when we release and let go and allow the Spirit to be our wings, we'll be taken to a world of inner peace and external abundance in any area of our lives. Heaven will be ours and all our desires will be met.

Decide to allow the Spirit's inner guidance to be your wings to a world far beyond what you could ever dream of.

Today's tunespiration comes from the kid's cartoon, Thumbelina - Let Me Be Your Wings. Even though the context of the song revolves around a romantic relationship, we can apply it to our inner romance with the Spirit and experience love, joy, peace, contentment and bliss. Think of the endless possibilities as you deepen your spiritual connection with God, your Infinite Supply.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Discover your True Nature and Use the Law of Thinking to Overcome Limitations

Do you know who you really are? Okay, I hear you say an emphatic, "Yes!" But do you really really know who you are? Many of us identify with being our physical bodies - I'm tall, I'm short, I'm beautiful, I'm fat, I'm black, I'm white, I'm Indian, I'm American, I'm Canadian, I'm a doctor, I'm a writer - and the list goes on and on. But these externals do not identify our true nature. We identify with these externals because of misplaced identity and hence the reason for many of our inferiority complexes, fears and insecurities.

Let's do a short exercise

1. For just a moment try to forget about your body - ignore your body.
2. Close your eyes and observe with your inner eyes what's going on inside of you.
3. Pay attention to your mind, your thoughts.
4. Now, quiet your mind from thinking, and focus your attention to your feeling place, your emotions, your inner feelings.
5. Allow yourself to connect with the inner peace, inner joy, inner love - at first you may just get glimpses of it if you've never done this before but keep focused and it will begin to become clearer and you'll be able to connect on a deeper level.

This place of peace, this place of Being, your inner spirit, this Inner Sanctuary is where you dwell and who you are and your connection to the Universal Mind, the Source, God, the Supreme Being. In this place you are unlimited. The ever flowing Infinite Supply flows to and through you. You are the sun, drawing your life energy from the Universal Source and shining brightly from within, emanating through your mind and body into your outer world. Do you see yourself?

Now you ask the question then, what is your mind? What is your body? They are but instruments through which the giant of your unlimited potential shines through. Your mind is the tool to express the ideas of your infinite being. It's the tool to develop and nurture your life purpose through the activity of thinking. Your body is the tool for your inner being to physically experience in expression this purpose.

The problem

The majority of humanity on a daily basis experience cloudy/overcast days, with maybe glimpses of sun trying to penetrate and brighten up our lives. But even on those days, the storms created by the mind because of wrong thinking block out the sun and leave a life in darkness - fear and despair. This fear expresses itself in many forms - insecurity, inferiority complex, limited self-belief etc.

Because of these overcast days you may not be able to identify with your true nature, the sun, because your perspective has become disillusioned by your physical vision. You begin to identify with your body, then you look in the mirror and don't like what you see. You keep thinking about how bad you look, how uneducated you are, how unloved you are. And the more you focus on the negative, the more the Law of Thinking is activated and you experience the opposite of what you truly desired and here begins the vicious cycle.

The solution

Reverse the order of your perception.

Don't Do: Don't look at your outer results - your body, your relationship, your life - and despise who you are. If the drill you're using to put screws in the wall does not work right, does that define who are? No, it just means that you may not be using the drill correctly in the first place and therefore you're not getting the results you want. By becoming angry and banging the drill on the floor or cursing the drill will not get it working.

Do Instead: But if you stopped and got some wisdom, perhaps by reading the manual or ask someone who knows, then you can educate yourself and apply this knowledge to the proper usage of the tool in order for it to carry out your intended purpose.

Get back to the original instructions, the Source, educate yourself by becoming acquainted with the sun of your inner being and draw from the Wisdom of Infinite Knowledge, experience it. Then you can fully develop, using your mind, your true intended purpose through the Law of Thinking and express and experience an abundantly enriched life in your physical body.

What does this have to do with getting your body back? You would have removed the blockages standing in your way. And by seeing your true nature you can now release your fears and be confident and bold in who you are. You can accept yourself knowing that your body is an instrument of your soul and now you can begin to give your body the love and nurturing it needs to serve you. Just as you'd do regular tune ups and maintenance for optimum usage of your car, how much more would you do for your body?


The Law of Thinking is only one of the 11 forgotten laws which complete the Law of Attraction. If you want to know more about these other 11 laws click on the link below and get access to your free teleseminar which gives you more information at

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Action Thursday - The 11 Forgotten Laws - 2 More Steps to Subconscious Reprogramming using the Law of Thinking to Manifesting Desires - Part 3

It's Canada Day! Happy Canada Day!

For Action Thursday, here are two more steps to Subconscious Reprogramming using the Law of Thinking to Manifesting Desires

1) Be Persistent

Persistence will always keep you focused on your goal. Too often we give up when we don't see the first sign of success. Every seed when sown in the ground must go through the germination process. You don't plant the seed today and see it pop up out of the ground tomorrow, unless you're talking about Jack and the beanstalk lol. But you know something is happening in the soil even if you can't physically see it. And as long as you don't dig up your seeds with the shovel of negativity, it will germinate, grow and eventually bear fruit and good fruit at that. Keep pressing forward. Keep on keepin' on until you reach your goal. You can do this.

2) Use the Formula for Success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Practice, practice, practice. As you keep consciously rehearsing your goal, you are imprinting it on your subconscious and therefore you're reprogramming your subconscious mind to yield its power to you. And just like the soil, it will manifest your desire. Allow the law of growth to bring you new experiences each day until your desire is fully realized.

Each day garden plants show signs of growth - a visible display of the law of growth in action. The Law of Thinking works very much the same way. As you sow good seed thoughts repeatedly, more positive energy causes that seed to grow and over time your results are visible not only to you but also to those around you. As you feast on the fruit of your thought seeds, others can share in your harvest as well.

The Law of Thinking is only one of the 11 forgotten laws which complete the Law of Attraction. If you want to know more about these other 11 laws click on the link below and get access to your free teleseminar which gives you more information at

I'm doing a live teleseminar (telephone seminar) to go further in depth on this topic. If you're interested and like to know more about it or have questions that you'd like answered on the call, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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