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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Steps to Living in the Power of Now - Part 2

Living in the Power of Now enables you to activate the power that's available to you now. Power does not come to you for a past event. Neither does it come to you for something you're going to do in the future.

Power comes to you now! Now, when you need it to carry out the task that's immediately in front of you. Now, when you need to make a decision. Now, when you need wisdom to overcome your current situation. Being more in the present, in the Now, you can be in the constant flow of Infinite Energy to rise above any situation you face now.

What then can you do to embrace living in the power of now?

1) Observe your mind

Because the mind is the tool to express who you are through the law of thinking, take the time to observe how your current state of mind is controlling you as it runs on autopilot. If you're unable to stop thinking at will and just allow your mind to rest, your mind is in control of you. It's draining vital energy when you should be resting and energizing your body. This is the first step to taking control of your mind and not your mind controlling you - observing what your mind is doing.

2) Release the past

As you observe your mind, you can begin to filter out those thoughts and thinking patterns that are not in harmony with who you desire to be. Release the past negative experiences and don't allow them to be your present preoccupation to inhibit your future growth. Release the past positive experiences in gratitude so that you can embrace more new positive experiences that you'd never thought of by living in the power of now.

3) Release the future

Living in the future, for that moment when everything will become better, puts you in a state of being constantly absent from the present. There needs to be a balance - a time to think about the future, but then you need to become present so you can get wisdom and engage in the necessary steps, in the now, that will become your future results.

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  1. Hello Alicia...It's true that the moment is all we have. Yesterday is gone forever and none of us know if there will be a tomorrow. Now is all we have. Thanks for your insightful post. Susan


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