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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 Keys to Living in the Power of Now - Part 3

In order to become more successful at living in the power of now, these 2 important keys unlock the door to attaining this spiritual level of enlightenment.

1) Become more 'now' conscious

Develop the now consciousness by becoming more now conscious. Pay attention to what's in front of you, to what you're currently doing. E.g. when you're driving your car, you know your destiny but you need to be present; you need to be conscious now to the road that's directly in front of you, to where you're driving, to the street signs, to what the other drivers are doing and not on the destination.

You know you will get to your destination eventually which will become your now. But until you get there, pay attention, be alert to what you're doing now and that will get you safely to your future destination.

2) Apply the formula for success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Success in anything requires repetition. You don't get good at riding a bicycle by riding it only one time. It's the constant repetition of the principles of balancing that you master each time you get on the bicycle.

Similarly, practicing living in the power of Now needs to be a constant daily practice in order to change the old way of thinking and adopt the mindset of living in the present. Many of the memories of the past may come rushing back to the conscious mind fighting for a way to capture your attention again. Many of your future joys may entrance you and cause you to miss the moment of expressing gratitude for what you currently have. But be persist and in time the new habit will begin to create the imprint on your subconscious and ultimately expressed in your daily lifestyle.

As you rest and relax, become still and allow your mind and body to be absorb with the state of being and feeling inner joy and peace. Here you will draw the energy you need to vitalize every part of you and fill the void you feel within. There's power in stillness. There's power in silence. Practice silence and reap the benefits of a satisfying and enriched life.

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