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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Action Thursday - Practice Silence and Become Empowered Living in the Power of Now - Part 4

As you quiet the mind and the body you're allowing power from the Infinite Source to empower you from within. Silence in the now is where great power resides. The still small voice speaks loudly in the silence. Wisdom emerges out of the silence. Confidence comes to you as you're strengthened in the silence. You overcome fear and become courageous in the silence. For silence is the dwelling place of the Universal Mind and Universal Power.

But this time of silence does not come to you unless you truly desire and consciously set the time aside for it. Only then will you be empowered living in the now as you practice silence.

5 Steps to Practice Silence

Step 1 - Schedule a time everyday where you'll not be disturbed and you can still your mind and body, preferably first thing in the morning to set the pace for the day and at night before bedtime so you can cleanse the mind and rejuvenate the body.

Step 2 - Speak peace to your mind. Say, "Peace, calm, relax." As you give this instruction to your mind, it will immediately pick up this vibration and send it also to your body causing it to relax. Repeat this as many times as necessary for you.

Step 3 - As you relax, become conscious of and allow the presence of inner peace, inner joy and love to emerge from within. I use the word presence because you'll feel this energy within you. The deeper you go into this the stronger this energy will become and the more peace, joy and love you'll experience. The warmth of your inner sun will begin to shine brighter and brighter dispersing the clouds that shade it.

Step 4 - Release all thoughts that come into this space. As thoughts come to you, look at them directly with your inner eye and consciously release them and re-enter your inner sanctuary of peace.

Step 5 - Become conscious that you are now in the presence of the Universal Mind - God, where all power, all knowledge - the All-in-All dwells and that, and this is very important, you are one with this Universal Mind. Be conscious that this Power Source now runs in and through you. Bask in this consciousness.

This is where I release you to have your own personal experience. Follow the inner guidance. You'll develop your own unique personal encounters and come out feeling energized and empowered to go out into your day. And as your day begins, continue to practice living in the power of now so that the flow of the Universal Energy is magnified into your daily activity.

The more you allow this energy to flow through you into others - releasing love, joy and peace to those around you - the more power you'll experience in your life. This energy multiplies by usage and you'll become a great power source through which the Infinite Mind of God can be expressed on the earth.

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  1. That was great, Alicia. I will talk to my mind today. "Peace. Calm. Relax." Thanks. Susan


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