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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Action Thursday - 3 Simple Action Steps to Gain Clarity and Resolve Personal Issues

These 3 simple action steps, as you put them into practice, can help you gain clarity to resolve any issues in your life.

1) Ask for your eyes to be opened

The solution may be hidden right in plain view but you're not seeing it. Stop for a moment and ask within for your eyes to be opened so you can see clearly to the solution to resolve your personal issue.

2) Use the Law of Thinking

Like thoughts attract other thoughts to it. Activate the law of thinking by focusing on what you do want, even if it's a small piece to the puzzle. Other ideas will come and as you move forward you'll begin to be inspired even further.

3) Timing is everything

When you work in harmony with the Spirit, you'll know when it's the right time to act. The clues will show up and everything will fall into place as you move when prompted by the Spirit within.

Use these three steps this week to help you gain clarity to resolve whatever it is you're working on. Remember, practice, practice, practice!


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