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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Develop the Power of Concentration

Developing the power of concentration is a powerful tool to helping you resolve whatever situation you're facing. Every problem has a solution waiting to be uncovered. But this solution often times requires the power of concentration to yield the answer to you. 

In this article we'll uncover 3 action steps you can use right now to develop the power of concentration

Action Step #1 - Write out what you need resolved

Think of the goal you're working on and the area in which you're stuck. Try to be as specific as possible. During this process identify the area you're having success in and the area you need resolution. Write these out as two separate areas. It will help bring better clarity on what you need to focus on. 

For example, you may be working on your relationship with your partner and you're having success spending more time together but when coming to communication there may be some breakdown in certain areas. 

So you'd write down 
- success area = spending more time together
- area needs working on = better communication

Or if you're working on a business, one area may prove to be productive while growth seems to be stunted in another. Specifically identify these areas as shown in the example above.

Action Step #2 - Visualize your outcome

Now that you've clearly identified the area you need to work on, clearly define what you'd like the end result to be. You see, you're looking at where you are now and where you need to be so you have a clear target that you're working towards. 

Using the relationship example above, you identified that you and your partner are not open enough in your communication or you yell instead of talk with each other when dealing with more intense situations. What would your desired results be? - To be more open in your communication or communicate in a calmer manner when dealing with more intense situations. Visualize your outcome and write it down. 

Action Step #3 - Get inspired ideas to manifest your desired outcome

Here's where most people get stuck because they don't know how to get from where they are to where they need to be. At this point you'll use 2 tools to get beyond this. 

Tool #1 - Use your observational skills

What causes the break down in communication? What are you doing in your business that's not working? Think about the last time you tried to communicate what happened? What triggered the argument? As you use your observational skills to mentally observe your own behaviour and that of your partner or to observe your business, you'll begin to see patterns that trigger certain reactions and results. 

Tool #2 - Use the Law of Thinking

Now begin to activate the Law of Thinking. You identified the problem, you used your observational skills to determine where you're getting the snags in your relationship, business or whatever goal you're working on, now through the Law of Thinking, brain storm possible solutions to resolve the situation. Write these down. 

Implement your best ideas but keep an open mind and listen within for other inspired ideas that surface from within you. Also give room to allow things to unfold naturally as well. Because when you begin this process it's amazing how things are set in motion and start to work themselves out easily and effortlessly as you move forward toward your desired results. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Develop the Power of Concentration to Become Empowered from Within - Part 3

Yesterday we covered 3 steps to develop the power of concentration. To recap:

1) Focus
2) Pay attention to details
3) Work through the process

When you use the resources inside of yourself to empower your life you'll find that life unfolds its mysteries to you one step at a time. 

Now today, we'll look at 4 more steps. 

1) Use the Law of Thinking

The Law of Thinking states that what you think about begins to expand and attract more of the same thoughts. So as you are going through the thinking process of resolution, instead of the act of worrying over your situation, more of those thoughts are drawn out of the ether into the thought mix you’re engaged in to help you manifest your desire.

2) Use your observational skills

Use your observation skills to examine the results you’ve been having in relation to the direction you desire to go. Then, evaluate if the actions you’ve been taking have been leading you down the path to the results you desire. If they are, continue on that path and see if intensifying your actions will get you closer to your goal more rapidly. If not, look at what you’ve been doing with the intention to change your thoughts and actions to get you more effective results.

3) Strengthen the determination mindset

The power of concentration is fuelled by your determination. A determined mindset will push you forward when the going gets tough or when it seems like nothing you’ve tried seems to be working. A determined mindset will keep you on track in spite of walls and setbacks and in the face of ‘seeming’ impossibility. For you will continue to look for ways to ensure your success. 

4) Develop Persistence

Persistence is the key to opening the door. Persistence rewards us with the gift of our desired results. As you stay the course, you’re building up inner strength and stability. You’re allowing the giant within to surface. Persistence builds endurance and endurance leads to longevity of Spirit. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Develop the Power of Concentration to Become Empowered from Within - Part 2

Yesterday we looked at a simple scientific example of how the power of concentration works. And if we put this example to use towards the desires we want to manifest, it can be quite effective in our lives. 

Today we'll look at 3 steps to help you develop the power of concentration to become empowered from within and manifest your desires.

1) Focus

You must remain focused on your goal regardless of the outward circumstances. Taking your eyes off the prize will surely distract you and take you off track. We may encounter many distractions throughout the day but a focused mind will prioritize what’s important.

2) Pay attention to details

Give all of your attention to what’s in front of you. By paying full attention to what you’re currently doing, you’ll be able to tap into your inner creative resources, see new and simplified ways of doing things and make the necessary adjustments in your strategy when needed.

3) Work through the process

With focus and attention working hand in hand, as you work through the process to resolve your personal issues, you’ll begin to unlock doors of wisdom and insight each step of the way. Because as you come to a roadblock, universal wisdom to direct your path unfolds itself.

Now relate these steps to the goal you're working towards right now or the ones you've given up on and see how you can apply them to help you reach your desired results. 

Tomorrow we'll look at 4 more steps.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Develop the Power of Concentration to Become Empowered from Within - Part 1

Often times we fail to fully attract what we desire because of lack of concentrated focus. When you use the power of concentration, you become empowered from within to manifest your desires.

Let’s use this popular scientific experiment as an example. When you take a magnifying glass and a piece of paper allowing the energy of the sun to directly focus its rays through the lens onto the paper, what happens? Due to the concentrated focus of the heat from the sun, the paper begins to burn. The more you continue to focus the sun’s energy, the more the paper burns.

If you were to keep shifting the magnifying glass each time the sun’s energy begins to intensify, what happens? There will not be enough energy/heat from the sun to burn the paper.

Now, let’s relate this to manifesting your desires. If each time you’re just at the brink of getting results and you keep changing the focused energy, you will not get the desired results. For example, if you keep jumping from one task to another, whether it’s in your business, a course or completing a home project, without focused attention to completing the job your productive results will be minimal.

To become empowered from within means that you focus your mind and body to the task at hand so you can pull up on the hidden resources within you. If you keep changing your mind you'll not reach your initial destination. Before long you'll become exhausted and uninterested in pressing forward to toward your goals. 

Think of the goals that you've had in the past, why have you not accomplished them? Did you lose focus? Did you have too many setbacks? What can you do to turn things around for you once again? 

Grab a pen a paper and answer these questions and tomorrow we'll look into 3 steps you can take to develop the power of concentration to become empowered from within and manifest your desires. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Are You Brave Enough to Live Your Dreams?

You can choose to make your dreams a reality or you can choose to continue to only dream and never wake up to partake of the what could be possible in your life. But are you willing to take the risk though? That's the question that you'd need to ask yourself. 

Today's tunespiration comes from Jana Stanfield - If I Were Brave. As you watch the video and look at what others have accomplished by taking the first step toward their desire, think about your own dreams and allow the Law of Thinking to be activated as you look for ways to make your dream a reality. 

Here are some of my dreams I've accomplished. 

Age 20 - Migrated to Canada from my home country Trinidad and Tobago
Age 20 - Got my first office job in the insurance industry (at age 8 decided that when I grew up I'd work in an office and when I had my children I'd have my own business working from home)
Age 38 - Left my secure job to be home with my son and work from home (our son is child #6 after having 5 girls at the time)
Age 39 - Lee and I with our 6 children crossed 5000 km and 4 provinces to live in British Columbia. We did not know anyone in British Columbia. We took a step of faith, found a place and lived here 3 years now. 

What dream would you like to fulfill?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - 3 Action Steps to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Take the time today to express Unconditional Love to yourself. You deserve to be loved. It is your birthright. Here are 3 action steps you can use. 

Unconditional Love Expressed #1 - Give yourself a hug

Have you ever hugged yourself? Just give yourself a big bear hug and say, "I love you." This might seem kinda strange, but if you're always waiting for someone else to do this for you, you'll only feel like you're lacking something or always waiting for something good to happen for you. How would this help your health? I'm sure you'll have a good chuckle and it will elevate your emotional vibration.

Unconditional Love Expressed #2 - Bask in the warmth of Love's embrace

Just as if you were soaking in the rays of the sun, just allow the warmth of Unconditional Love to soothe you from the inside out. Breathe in and as you inhale draw in love and visualize it filling you up on the inside and emanating through you. As you exhale, send this love out into your environment to those around you. You are a conduit of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love Expressed #3 - Enrich every cell of your body

As you inhale in Unconditional Love, visualize every cell absorbing the healing energy of love, each cell coming alive, being renewed with new life. Visualize each cell becoming full and satisfied. Feel the energy of love as it passes through your body. Make note of this moment. Write down your experience. It may very well be the turning point in your health and in your life. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Let Down Your Defence Walls to Let in Unconditional Love

If you want to experience the healing power of Unconditional Love in your life, letting down your defence walls will help you. No matter what others have done to you, if you allow these hurts to keep you bound you would have committed the worst offense to yourself.

Stop reliving the past each day. It’s time move on. Your defence walls will only keep you isolated and imprisoned from what you truly need to empower your life and break free from the past. 

As you take the following action steps, you'll find that your defence walls will begin to come down one brick at a time.

Action Step #1 - Release your fears

Like light and darkness, perfect love and fear cannot exist in the same space. When you turn on the light darkness disappears. Where there's perfect love, fear dissipates. If you want to invite the Presence of Unconditional Love, you must release your fears. You can release all your uncertainties here and trust in love which gives life to you each and every day. Love is the very breath you breathe. 

Action Step #2 - Forgive

Consciously release the people who have hurt you, including yourself. Many times we think that it is the other person that we need to forgive, which is important, but we often overlook the person in the mirror. We don't allow ourselves to experience love because we think we're not deserving of it. 

So think of the person that has hurt you and send love their way and in the process release yourself from all of your own trespasses. What you're doing is clearing the debris that hinders the Presence of Unconditional Love from flowing into your life.

Action Step #3 - Give yourself time 

This may be a very painful and fearful process for you. Give yourself time. Love is never in a hurry to get it done and over with. Take it one day at a time but be consistent. No great craftsman ever rushes through the artistic details of his craft. He takes his time to ensure that the intricate details of the design come out with perfection. 

Unconditional Love works with you on the level where you're at and helps you along the way, weaving love's intricate tapestry into your heart and life. Be patient with yourself. Each day you'll find yourself like a flower opening up more and more to the warmth of Unconditional Love

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Open Your Heart to Unconditional Love

Have you closed your heart, afraid to let anyone in because you’ve been rejected, betrayed, let down by those you love and trust? The wall you now put up to protect yourself may very well be the wall that’s keeping you from experiencing Unconditional Love.

How do you open your heart to Love’s embrace so you can allow the healing process to begin?

1) Become aware of the Source of Unconditional Love

If you’re always looking for love and completeness in those around you, you’ll always find yourself being disappointed. No one, no matter how loving can fill and satisfy you 100% of the time and no one was meant to do that. 

Unconditional Love flows from the Great Universal Spirit and that’s the Source you should look to, to fill the void in your heart and replenish your love tank. This love emanates from within you and extends into all areas of your life.

2) Let down your defence walls

Unconditional Love is not partial and can be trusted. The Great Universal Spirit, whose child you are, cares for you deeply, despite the negative example set by those in authority who display this love as conditional. You don’t have to be afraid to let your heart be open as you allow this love to penetrate the hidden inner chambers of your heart.

3) Release all pretence

You don’t have to hide. You can be yourself. Cry if you must and release the negative energy. Release the hurt, the fear, the distrust. In the presence of Unconditional Love, you don’t have to pretend to be strong or brave. Let all of you become as an open book and invite the Spirit of Love to read every page of your heart.

4) Allow Unconditional Love to enter in

Ask the Spirit to allow you to experience the Presence of Unconditional Love. Yes, this love is available to you but when you invite Love’s presence to enter the secret chambers of your heart, you are consciously partaking in your own healing process.

You are consciously giving consent for the Presence of Love to occupy each and every area of your life. Love will never violate your right to access but will work with you on the level you’re at and gently draw you to a higher plane as you are open and willing for change.

5) Be a conduit of love

As you experience Unconditional Love in your life, allow yourself to be the conduit through which Love can be expressed to others you meet even to those that have hurt you. Your forgiveness and extension of love will continue your healing process and will enrich your own life in many other ways. Let love penetrate all you do. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Develop Intimacy with the Presence of Unconditional Love - Part 2

As much as we love our loved ones and they love us, they could never satisfy every part of us all the time and it’s not their place to do so. However, the love we search for can only be found in the Great Universal Spirit, the Presence of Unconditional Love, which is in us, a part of us and is us.

Let’s look at 2 more steps to develop this intimacy

1) Become more conscious of Unconditional Love’s presence

As you go through your day, become conscious of the Presence of the Unconditional Love. You are loved, surrounded by love. Every cell in your body is energized, enlivened and embraced by love. The life you live is fuelled by love. Allow your inner feelings to feel the warmth of love growing within you.

2) Involve Love in all you do

Avoid the mistake of leaving your quiet time and only think of love when you get back there. Throughout your day and in all you do involve the Presence of Unconditional Love. Let this Presence guide you, instruct you, give you wisdom, be in your relationships as you communicate with others.

Living your life this way empowers you from within. You’ll no longer feel the need to run around giving away your power, looking for love in all the wrong places outside of yourself, but you’ll know how to go within and drink from the eternal supply and enrich your life through and through. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Develop Intimacy with the Presence of Unconditional Love - Part 1

Often times we’re searching for love outside ourselves only to be disappointed because of the impossible expectations we put on others to satisfy the inner longing for Unconditional Love within our hearts. Whether it’s your parents, friends, spouse or children, the pure and flawless love we all search for still seem to elude us every time.

Return to the place where the Presence of Unconditional Love dwells, develop intimacy and satisfy your every longing from the inside out.

Let’s look at 2 steps to develop this intimacy

1) Consciously set aside intimate time

Intimate moments are never developed when you’re with a crowd. It’s always away from the noise, the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. When you’re in love with someone, you want to spend time alone with them every chance you get. So it is with the Spirit. Your intimacy becomes stronger and more intense when you spend it in quietness and allow the energy of love to fill and heal you from within. Breathe in love and allow Love’s presence to radiate through you from within.

2) Let your heart become an open book

As you sit in quietness, let the truth of all the things you’re going through be an open book. Don’t try to hide or pretend - it’s pointless. You don’t need to try to clean yourself up either before making contact. Love is strong enough and powerful enough, yet still gentleness enough to do that.

Your inner healing will only begin when you allow your heart to be wide open to love. There’s no need to be afraid because there’s no fear when you’re in the Presence of Perfect Love. Let go of your fears, release your disappointments, your pain and relinquish your search for satisfaction outside of yourself. Let the ocean of love flow in and begin the cleansing and healing process within you.

Look out for tomorrow's post for 2 more steps to developing this intimacy. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - All I Can Do Is Try

Keep trying no matter what. Keep pressing forward even if you have to change your strategy but not your goal. Hold your head up high, you'll make it.

Today's tunespiration comes from Russ Barnes - All I Can Do Is Try


Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - 4 Keys to Overcome a Negative Self-image Because of Excess Weight

A negative self-image does not add points to weight loss. As a matter of fact it prevents you from losing weight and adds more stress to your body. This is very counter-productive to what you're trying to achieve. 

To encourage a healthy weight having a positive self-image will make the journey more pleasurable. As you look at yourself in the mirror, no matter what you look like, you can still appreciate who you see in spite of the outward packaging.

Here are 4 keys you can use to overcome a negative self-image due to excess weight

Key #1 - Remember your true nature

You are love and you are light. Your light becomes dim when you allow a negative image of yourself to take over your perception of who you are. Your outward image will send a negative message to your body and you will manifest negative results. Beauty resides inside of you and you must first embrace this inner beauty in order for it to be expressed outwardly. 

Key #2 - Love every inch of you

Now this may be a tough one especially when you look at the folds on your body. I know how it feels. But if you shift your perspective and begin to love yourself, body and all as it is right now, you'll begin to feel better about yourself. You'll be sending more positive vibrations to your body and you'll be loving and nurturing your body in return instead of abusing it with the destructive energy of self-criticism. 

Key #3 - Express gratitude and disown the negative image

Appreciate your body. Start with one part and continue to work through the process to the others, even those folds. You cannot be expressing gratitude to your body and having a negative self-image at the same time. 

Bitter and sweet just does not go together at this point. You'll either be appreciative or you'll be criticizing but not both in the same mind frame. Release the negative image of 'I'm ugly' and accept the 'I'm beautiful' image as you are thankful to your body for allowing you the privilege of waking up this morning. 

Key #4 - Take care of your body

If you truly care for someone as you nurture them back to health you would not be hurting them. You would do all you can do to help them. You would not stand by and allow others to hurt them either. You would defend them. 

Take care of your body, nurture it, give it what it needs to live an energized life. Give it more joy, more love, more of the nurturing foods it needs for optimum health and exercise to keep it functioning up to par. As you wouldn't allow someone to hurt your loved one, don't allow the negative comments or viewpoints of others to damage your self-image. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Overcome a Negative Self-image Due to Inferiority Complex

Even though you may have a negative self-image at this time of your life, it is not engraved in stone and it can be changed with the right action steps. Here are 3 simplified steps you can take right now to create a positive image and overcome your inferiority complex. 

1) Use your true nature to build your foundation 

Your true nature comes from love. Everything ever created came out of love which gives life and energizes all. So when you consciously turn within toward the sun of your soul, you begin the journey of enlightenment so that the healing rays of love’s power begin to penetrate your inner being and become expressed through your life. 

Action Steps: 

Consciously see yourself in the perfection of love. This is the foundation on which you will recreate and build your positive self-image. Love heals and will begin its healing process within you as you are open to this life-giving energy. 

As you sit quietly and allow yourself to be nurtured by Unconditional Love within you, the light of love will begin to open your eyes to see that all the external things that you hold on to and identify as part of who you are will begin to fall off as the truth of love embraces your inner being. Hold in your mind the truth that you have all you need inside of you, the place where Unconditional Love dwells. You are complete as you are. Herein dwells your strength and your power. 

2) Identify and disown the negative self-image 

You do not have to accept the negative self-image others have put on you. You can choose to change that image of yourself and create a new one. 

Action Steps: 

Identify the area you are experiencing the negative self-image. The reason why you’d want to specifically identify this area is because you may not feel bad about your education level but you may have serious issues about your physical appearance. With pen and paper handy, write down why you feel the way you feel about yourself. You are beginning to uncover the main issue so you can deal with it and then change it into the image that you’d like to project. 

Visualize being separate from this negative image. Instead of seeing the image as part of who you are, see it as being separate and different from you. Now release it, let it go. It is no longer yours. This process you will use as a reminder to yourself that you have disassociated yourself from it and discarded it out of your life. 

3) Choose a new self-image and redesign your life 

Now you can liberate your mind and redesign your life. You don’t have to remain stuck in an image others have placed on you. Keep in mind that it may take some time before others acknowledge that you are different from the image they once concluded of you. But that’s okay. You are not doing this to change anyone’s image of you. You are doing this to change the image of yourself which will empower you from within. 

Action Steps: 

Choose the image that you desire. Accept this new image as your own. Envision yourself living this way. And now choose thoughts and actions that match up with this new image. You can’t be thinking that you’re stupid and expect your negative image to change. You’ve got to see yourself as being wise, filled with wisdom because you are now consciously connected to the Universal Supply of wisdom that’s available to you. Begin to think and act as one who is wise. 

Instead of thinking of yourself as being dumb because you can’t find a job to replace the last one or to get your first job, see this as a time to enhance your skills and that the right position will come available at the right time. Think that the universe has everything lined up for you and will manifest itself at the right time. Remember, you finding a job or finding your life partner are conditional circumstances and does not define your self-worth.

Are you relying on the approval of others in order for you to approve and accept yourself? We all love the approval of others but when we crave this approval over our own and yearn for their acceptance of us over our own acceptance that’s where we run into problems. You’ll find out how you can begin to accept your own approval and acceptance. 

Discover a simple step-by-step process to Overcome Inferiority Complex and finally be free to Build Self-Confidence so you can live the life you deserve!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 3

Monday and Tuesday we covered Tips #1 - 4. Here's a short recap. 

Tip #1 - Recognize the origin of the negative self-image
Tip #2 - Understand your true nature 
Tip #3 - Disown the negative self-image
Tip #4 - Choose a new self-image

Today we'll dive into the last 3 tips to overcome a negative self-image. 

1) Use affirmations to rebuild your new self-image If you are overweight or dislike a physical part of you, you can shift your thinking to, ‘I’m beautiful. I deserve to be here. I am thankful that I am healthy, I am alive, I can share love and I have a lot to offer others.’ Look for your strengths and do not dwell on any so-called imperfections. 

Affirmations are like seeds sown into the soil of your subconscious mind. Daily repeated nurturing will cause them to take root into your internal programming and begin the transformation process from the inside out. 

2) Change your actions 

When you have a negative self-image, your body language displays what you’re feeling inside, whether it is you respond to others defensively to protect what you’re feeling bad about or you hold your head down when passing others so they don’t see your physical imperfections. 

Observe your own behaviour and as you change your thinking about yourself and disown the opinions of others, your body language will begin to change the message you’re sending off. Instead of holding your head down, repeat your affirmations that you are beautiful. Get out of the old habit and lift your head up high. These small changes will help you to get a better feeling of yourself and build your self-confidence in the process. 

3) Use the Formula for Success 

Perfection comes with daily practice. The Formula for Success – R=IOT – Repetition=Imprint over Time – calls for repeated practice so recreate your self-image. You did not get to where you are overnight. It took time and perhaps years of repeating the negative thinking patterns you have right now. 

So as you reverse the effects and uproot the old habitual programming, you need to consciously see the new image you’d like to adapt to, visualize the action steps you can take right away so you have a target that you’re working towards and implement these new action steps into your life.

Tomorrow, for Action Thursday, you'll get some specific action steps you can take right away to overcome a negative self-image and transform your life. Get ready to take action

It's time to stop living defeated and discover a simple step-by-step process to Overcome Inferiority Complex and finally be free to Build Self-Confidence so you can live the life you deserve!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 2

Yesterday we covered the first 2 tips to overcome a negative self-image due to inferiority complex. 

Recognize the origin of the negative self-image
Understand your true nature 

Today we'll go into 2 more tips that you can use right now to begin to change your self-image so you can rise up into a transformed lifestyle. 

1) Disown the negative self-image

You do not have to accept other people’s opinion of your self-worth. Neither do you have to consult with others to determine how valuable you are. You are the one who determines what you choose to believe about yourself. It’s your life and you must live it in fullness. You can begin to mentally separate yourself from and disown the negative perspectives. Liberate your mind to embrace the truth of who you are and not what others have decided for you.

2) Choose a new self-image

Think about the image that you’d like to possess. You may have seen other people with these same qualities. Take the time to observe them, how they think, how these speak and how they act. Observe their body language. What energy are you getting from them when you’re in their presence? Absorb their personality quality you’d like to image in your own life. 

Now, mentally replace the image of that individual with your own. Instead of seeing the image embodied in the person with the qualities that you admire, see your own image, your own body speaking and acting out your ideal self-image.

In Part 3, we'll cover the last 3 tips. Be sure to look out for tomorrow's post. Go apply what you've learned to your personal situation.

Here’s your chance! To break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life because of inferiority complex. You can begin to build your self-confidence today!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 1

Have you allowed life’s curve balls to paint a negative self-image in your mind? What about other people’s opinions of you – whether they think you’re physically unattractive, unappealing because of lack of education, low-paying job or financial status – do you allow these issues to determine the quality of your self-worth and imprison you with an inferiority complex? 

Use the next 2 tips to help you overcome your negative self-image and inferiority complex. 

1) Recognize the origin of the negative self-image 

Where did it come from? Perhaps you lost your job and find it difficult to find another and based on societal beliefs, you begin to see yourself as a failure. Maybe you were rejected by your partner, whether through a break up or divorce, you identify your self-image as being ‘not good enough’ and therefore now carry around this negative image of who you are. 

Whether it is your physical appearance, educational level, social or financial status, your negative self-image most likely came from the opinions and beliefs of others - parents, peers and/or society’s general belief - which you’ve adopted and accepted as your own. When you recognize the origin of the negative self-image then you can differentiate between what is real or not and what is true or not. 

2) Understand your true nature 

This is the foundation on which you will recreate and build your positive self-image. You were created out of love which gives life. So your essence is of true love and light. You are first a spiritual being created in perfection. As you become consciously aware of your origin, you can shift your perspective from the external to the internal. 

Your job, your physical appearance, financial or social status does not define who you are. They are all external conditions which are subject to change as you begin to shift your perspective and your thinking of how you see and define yourself. These are your life experiences, expression of your own thinking, influenced by others around you. Change your thinking and your experiences change.

Look out tomorrow for 2 more tips to overcome a negative self-image. Remember to apply to your life what you learned today.

Discover a simple step-by-step process to Overcome Inferiority Complex and finally be free to Build Self-confidence so you can live the life you deserve!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Remember What Is Most Important

I saw this beautiful yet powerful poem on my regular visit to my midwife and thought I'd share it this morning. 
Many times we find ourselves forgetting about what's most important. When we do this, we miss out on the joy of living. 


It’s not having everything go right;
it’s facing whatever goes wrong.
It’s not being without fear;
it’s having the determination to go in spite of it.

Remember that every day ends
and brings a new tomorrow full of exciting new things.
Love what you do,
do the best you can,
and always remember how much you are loved.

- Vickie M. Worsham

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - You Deserve God's Best, Be Blessed!

No matter what you're going through right now, know that you deserve God's best and that you are truly blessed.

Today's tunespiration comes from Yolanda Adams - Be Blessed

Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - 3 Mental Action Steps to Help You Manifest Your Health Goals

Getting your body to the ideal health goal can be challenging. However using the following 3 mental action steps can give you a head start to helping you manifest your desires.

Action Step #1 - Use your imagination 

Your imagination is a powerful tool to help you create the healthy lifestyle and ideal weight you desire. When you can visualize your ideal health and weight you have a target, a direction in which you set your sails to go to. This creative process each has a vibration which attracts other energies with the same vibration. 

So what you begin to imagine about your health begins to bring thoughts, ideas and situations that will help you physically manifest what you project in your imagination. The key is to keep this image in the forefront of your mind daily. This is the fuelling process that keeps the flame of your desire burning. 

Action Step #2 - Use your feeling consciousness

Check with how you feel about your particular situation. Are you following what your head says is the logical thing to do? Sometimes we get into a dual mode - our minds say to workout or eat certain meals but the body simply does not feel like. 

When I encounter this, I simply ask within for the willingness to do what I know I should be doing. Or here's another key, look for new creative ways to enjoy working out or eating right. I find that when I enjoy my workout that I look forward to doing more of it, to the point that when I skip a work my body actually misses it.

Action Step #3 - Focus 

Bring your imagination and feelings into focused attention to achieve your health and weight goal. When you bring these two elements together in sync they create an energetic wave into focused attention that will propel you forward into action. 

As you are working out or being more health conscious, when you see your ideal goal and get your feelings into your workout, you become more focused, more determined to keep pressing forward and more energized to take it up another notch.  Start small and build from there. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Mental Action Steps to Help You Get Specific to Manifest Your Desires

Last post we looked at 3 mental action steps to help you get specific on manifesting your desires. Information is great but they have no effect if you don't take action on them. 

Here are 3 action steps you can use to reinforce what you've read. 

1) Action Step For Your imagination 

Observe a child at play to reconnect with your inner child and reactivate your imaginative skills. Develop those imaginative skills to create the life you desire. As a child creates the character personality in his/her play, what are the personalities of the characters in your life story that you'd like to create? What are you doing with your characters? 

The characters you create may come from the relationship you desire to manifest or the friends you'd like to have. What about the lifestyle you'd like to have? Begin to allow your inner creativity to come alive as you explore your options. Once you decide on your specific goals, continue to expand on them and add more fine tuned details. 

2) Action Step For Your consciousness

Check with how you feel about your particular situation. Are you following what your head says is the logical thing to do? Look within to your inner feelings. How do you truly feel about what you're doing? Are your feelings in agreement with what you're doing or is there conflict between your mind and feelings? Are you doing this because of what others say you should be doing or is this what you truly desire? 

3) Action Step For Focus 

Set aside a ten minute segment so you can bring your imagination and feelings into focused attention to achieve your goal. Ever sat to watch a 2 hour movie without interruption? Instead of occupying your time with what others have created out of their imagination, it's time for you to use the mental tools to create the same for your own life. Start small and build from there. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 Mental Tools to Help You Get Specific to Manifest Your Desires

Vague desires result in vague results. So you need to get very specific with what it is you want to manifest in your life. Not sure how to get specific on what you desire? These 3 mental tools and action steps will get you started. 

1) Your imagination

If your imaginative capabilities have become dull over the years, now is the time to get them active once again. Your imagination is the workshop of the mind and here is where you begin to create or recreate your life. 

Ever noticed how a child becomes so actively engaged when playing with his/her toys. They bring to life all the characters needed to enhance their fun experience. Children learn at an early age to explore their imagination but as they grow, the adults around them often suppress this vital part of their lives which plays a major role even into adulthood. 

2) Feeling consciousness

Have you lost touch with your true feelings? Have you been doing things because it's the logical thing to do regardless of what you truly feel inside of you? Your inner feelings or intuitiveness have been given to you as a guidance system. They help to steer you on the path that's right for you. Take the time to become conscious of your feelings and reconnect with them. 

3) Focus

When a child is playing, have you ever noticed how focused he/she can become? Their imagination and feelings are fully engaged in what they're doing, so focused. This may be the only time that you ever see your child really focused and absorbed with anything. This is the time I usually take advantage of to get other things done. 

As adults we often allow many things to distract us from focusing on our goal. Give your attention and focus on the specifics of what you desire to manifest.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling Stuck? Here are 4 Keys to Get Unstuck So You Can Change Your Life!

There's always a way out of any situation you face. Everything you are going through or ever will go through has a solution. If you're stuck and feel the need to break free out of the rut you're in, here are 4 keys that will help empower you and propel you from where you are so you can change your life. 

Key #1 - Use the Law of Thinking 

Thoughts attract more thoughts along the same lines and they build on each other. When you use the law of thinking in a positive way more ideas and wisdom come to you to help you gain clarity to resolve your personal issues. Like thoughts attract other thoughts to it. Activate the law of thinking by focusing on what you do want, even if it's a small piece to the puzzle. Other ideas will come and as you move forward you'll begin to be inspired even further.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Having Trouble Gaining Clarity to Achieve Goals? Try These 5 Empowering Steps

To achieve anything in life you need define what it is you want so you gain clarity on how to get there. But sometimes the path to getting there may be blurred and many give up because they can't see how they can achieve their goals. 

As the designer of your life, if you are unclear as to what you desire to be manifested in your reality, you're allowing life to happen to you by default and not for you by design. You must know and be very clear with your image of your life. 

The following 5 steps will guide you into gaining clarity so you can be empowered from within to achieve your goals.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - This Is It

Are you waiting for a miracle? This is it. It's time to take a stand and expect your breakthrough. Many times it takes a firm decision that you will come through this.

Today's tunespiration comes from Kenny Loggins - This Is It.

There have been times in my life
I've been wondering why
Still somehow I believed
We'd always survive
Now I'm not so sure
You're waiting to hear
One good reason to try
But what more can I say
What's left to provide
You think that maybe it's over
Only if you want it to be
Are you gonna wait for your sign, your
Stand up and fight
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
Your back's to the corner
This is it
Don't be a fool anymore
This is it
The waiting is over
No room to run
No way to hide
No time for wondering why
It's here
The moment is now
About to decide
Let him believe
Or leave him behind
But keep me near in your heart
And know, whatever you do
I'm here by your side
You said that maybe it's over
Not if you don't want it to be
For once in your life, here's your miracle
Stand up and fight
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
You're going no further
This is it
Until it's over and done
No one can tell you what you know
Who makes the choice of how it goes
It's not up to me this time
You know
There comes a day in every life
This is it
Make no mistake where you are
This is it
You're going no further
This is it
Until it's over and done
This is it
One way or another
This is it
No one can tell what the future holds
This is it
Your back's to the corner
This is it
You make the choice of how it goes
This is it
The waiting is over
This is it
No one can tell what the future holds
This is it
You're going no further

Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Evaluate your progress to reach your health goals

On the journey to reaching your goal, pausing to evaluate where you are is imperative before continuing your activities. We are now in March, how much progress have you made in achieving your weight and health goals? 

Take a look at the activities you've been engaged in; whether daily, weekly or monthly. Examine the progress you've made, if any. 

Here are some questions you can ask to evaluate where you are so you can make the necessary adjustments.  

1) Is this where you expected to be? 

Providing that you've set small goals for yourself at the start of the journey, you need to match where you are now to where you expected to be. Where were you when you started off and where are you now? 
- Are you on target? 
- Are you behind schedule, or are you ahead of schedule? 
- Are you completely off target? 

You may also want to answer why you are not on target, identify those things that kept you from reaching your goal and look for ways to eliminate them or at least minimize their effects. 

2) Based on your activities, are you getting closer to your goals? 

Are you seeing changes even though they may be small? Evaluate what changes or adjustments you need to make to get you closer to your goals. If you are not seeing any changes in your weight and health, again, look at the mental and physical activities you’ve been engaged in since the beginning of the year. Have you allowed procrastination to step in? Have you been consistent in doing the activities that are necessary to get you closer to your goal? 

3) What can you do to enhance your activities that will position you in a better place to achieve your desired results? This is where you start doing some trimming away, as well. 

- Is this activity productive? 

Take a look at your activities and make the evaluation in terms of productivity. Are they helping you reach your target or are they contributing to getting you off track? 

- Is this activity or mindset taking away time from things that I could be doing that are more productive? 

- If you must perform the activity, are there other ways that it can be done that is more time-efficient? 

I’m sure there are other questions you can add but these will get you consciously aware of what you’re doing and get you out of wishing to be healthy and at your ideal weight instead of actually moving closer to your goal.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Helping Others

When you do something good for another person it is normal to feel good about that. But what's the true motive behind that help? Is it to help them or to gain brownie points for yourself? What you do for others should be done out of love and not to please them with the motive of winning their approval. 

Before you agree to help someone ask yourself these 3 questions so your motives are in the right place and you're not doing it to be a people pleaser.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Ways to Approve of Yourself So You Can Stop Being a People Pleaser

Do you find yourself doing things to please others in order to gain their approval? You may find yourself feeling disappointed and frustrated when you don't get the results you're looking for. You cannot please everyone all of the time and in trying to do so you are depleting your own life energy. 

You don't have to wait for anybody else's recognition to approve of you. Do the best you can with what you already have and stop trying to impress others in order to win their approval. Even though you may not do everything in a state of perfection you can still pat yourself on the back. 

Empower yourself with these 4 ways of self-approval and overcome the urge of being a people pleaser.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 Mindsets You Need to Accept Yourself and Stop Being a People Pleaser

Begin to accept you for who you are. This does not mean that if you are lacking in certain areas of your life that you should not work on becoming better in those areas. It means that you should accept you as a perfect being. Your essence is perfect and those areas that need working on are also part of the process of perfection. Turn your attention inward to yourself and accept you and believe in yourself. 

Here are 4 Mindsets you can adopt to accept yourself

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