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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 3

Monday and Tuesday we covered Tips #1 - 4. Here's a short recap. 

Tip #1 - Recognize the origin of the negative self-image
Tip #2 - Understand your true nature 
Tip #3 - Disown the negative self-image
Tip #4 - Choose a new self-image

Today we'll dive into the last 3 tips to overcome a negative self-image. 

1) Use affirmations to rebuild your new self-image If you are overweight or dislike a physical part of you, you can shift your thinking to, ‘I’m beautiful. I deserve to be here. I am thankful that I am healthy, I am alive, I can share love and I have a lot to offer others.’ Look for your strengths and do not dwell on any so-called imperfections. 

Affirmations are like seeds sown into the soil of your subconscious mind. Daily repeated nurturing will cause them to take root into your internal programming and begin the transformation process from the inside out. 

2) Change your actions 

When you have a negative self-image, your body language displays what you’re feeling inside, whether it is you respond to others defensively to protect what you’re feeling bad about or you hold your head down when passing others so they don’t see your physical imperfections. 

Observe your own behaviour and as you change your thinking about yourself and disown the opinions of others, your body language will begin to change the message you’re sending off. Instead of holding your head down, repeat your affirmations that you are beautiful. Get out of the old habit and lift your head up high. These small changes will help you to get a better feeling of yourself and build your self-confidence in the process. 

3) Use the Formula for Success 

Perfection comes with daily practice. The Formula for Success – R=IOT – Repetition=Imprint over Time – calls for repeated practice so recreate your self-image. You did not get to where you are overnight. It took time and perhaps years of repeating the negative thinking patterns you have right now. 

So as you reverse the effects and uproot the old habitual programming, you need to consciously see the new image you’d like to adapt to, visualize the action steps you can take right away so you have a target that you’re working towards and implement these new action steps into your life.

Tomorrow, for Action Thursday, you'll get some specific action steps you can take right away to overcome a negative self-image and transform your life. Get ready to take action

It's time to stop living defeated and discover a simple step-by-step process to Overcome Inferiority Complex and finally be free to Build Self-Confidence so you can live the life you deserve!

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