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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inferiority Complex – Overcome a Negative Self-Image Due to Inferiority Complex - Part 2

Yesterday we covered the first 2 tips to overcome a negative self-image due to inferiority complex. 

Recognize the origin of the negative self-image
Understand your true nature 

Today we'll go into 2 more tips that you can use right now to begin to change your self-image so you can rise up into a transformed lifestyle. 

1) Disown the negative self-image

You do not have to accept other people’s opinion of your self-worth. Neither do you have to consult with others to determine how valuable you are. You are the one who determines what you choose to believe about yourself. It’s your life and you must live it in fullness. You can begin to mentally separate yourself from and disown the negative perspectives. Liberate your mind to embrace the truth of who you are and not what others have decided for you.

2) Choose a new self-image

Think about the image that you’d like to possess. You may have seen other people with these same qualities. Take the time to observe them, how they think, how these speak and how they act. Observe their body language. What energy are you getting from them when you’re in their presence? Absorb their personality quality you’d like to image in your own life. 

Now, mentally replace the image of that individual with your own. Instead of seeing the image embodied in the person with the qualities that you admire, see your own image, your own body speaking and acting out your ideal self-image.

In Part 3, we'll cover the last 3 tips. Be sure to look out for tomorrow's post. Go apply what you've learned to your personal situation.

Here’s your chance! To break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life because of inferiority complex. You can begin to build your self-confidence today!

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