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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Overcome a Negative Self-image Due to Inferiority Complex

Even though you may have a negative self-image at this time of your life, it is not engraved in stone and it can be changed with the right action steps. Here are 3 simplified steps you can take right now to create a positive image and overcome your inferiority complex. 

1) Use your true nature to build your foundation 

Your true nature comes from love. Everything ever created came out of love which gives life and energizes all. So when you consciously turn within toward the sun of your soul, you begin the journey of enlightenment so that the healing rays of love’s power begin to penetrate your inner being and become expressed through your life. 

Action Steps: 

Consciously see yourself in the perfection of love. This is the foundation on which you will recreate and build your positive self-image. Love heals and will begin its healing process within you as you are open to this life-giving energy. 

As you sit quietly and allow yourself to be nurtured by Unconditional Love within you, the light of love will begin to open your eyes to see that all the external things that you hold on to and identify as part of who you are will begin to fall off as the truth of love embraces your inner being. Hold in your mind the truth that you have all you need inside of you, the place where Unconditional Love dwells. You are complete as you are. Herein dwells your strength and your power. 

2) Identify and disown the negative self-image 

You do not have to accept the negative self-image others have put on you. You can choose to change that image of yourself and create a new one. 

Action Steps: 

Identify the area you are experiencing the negative self-image. The reason why you’d want to specifically identify this area is because you may not feel bad about your education level but you may have serious issues about your physical appearance. With pen and paper handy, write down why you feel the way you feel about yourself. You are beginning to uncover the main issue so you can deal with it and then change it into the image that you’d like to project. 

Visualize being separate from this negative image. Instead of seeing the image as part of who you are, see it as being separate and different from you. Now release it, let it go. It is no longer yours. This process you will use as a reminder to yourself that you have disassociated yourself from it and discarded it out of your life. 

3) Choose a new self-image and redesign your life 

Now you can liberate your mind and redesign your life. You don’t have to remain stuck in an image others have placed on you. Keep in mind that it may take some time before others acknowledge that you are different from the image they once concluded of you. But that’s okay. You are not doing this to change anyone’s image of you. You are doing this to change the image of yourself which will empower you from within. 

Action Steps: 

Choose the image that you desire. Accept this new image as your own. Envision yourself living this way. And now choose thoughts and actions that match up with this new image. You can’t be thinking that you’re stupid and expect your negative image to change. You’ve got to see yourself as being wise, filled with wisdom because you are now consciously connected to the Universal Supply of wisdom that’s available to you. Begin to think and act as one who is wise. 

Instead of thinking of yourself as being dumb because you can’t find a job to replace the last one or to get your first job, see this as a time to enhance your skills and that the right position will come available at the right time. Think that the universe has everything lined up for you and will manifest itself at the right time. Remember, you finding a job or finding your life partner are conditional circumstances and does not define your self-worth.

Are you relying on the approval of others in order for you to approve and accept yourself? We all love the approval of others but when we crave this approval over our own and yearn for their acceptance of us over our own acceptance that’s where we run into problems. You’ll find out how you can begin to accept your own approval and acceptance. 

Discover a simple step-by-step process to Overcome Inferiority Complex and finally be free to Build Self-Confidence so you can live the life you deserve!


  1. It's true, Alicia, that when something that we perceive as bad happens, it really could be a blessing in disguise! Thanks for all your insightful posts. Susan

  2. That's right Susan. You're welcome.



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