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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Mental Action Steps to Help You Get Specific to Manifest Your Desires

Last post we looked at 3 mental action steps to help you get specific on manifesting your desires. Information is great but they have no effect if you don't take action on them. 

Here are 3 action steps you can use to reinforce what you've read. 

1) Action Step For Your imagination 

Observe a child at play to reconnect with your inner child and reactivate your imaginative skills. Develop those imaginative skills to create the life you desire. As a child creates the character personality in his/her play, what are the personalities of the characters in your life story that you'd like to create? What are you doing with your characters? 

The characters you create may come from the relationship you desire to manifest or the friends you'd like to have. What about the lifestyle you'd like to have? Begin to allow your inner creativity to come alive as you explore your options. Once you decide on your specific goals, continue to expand on them and add more fine tuned details. 

2) Action Step For Your consciousness

Check with how you feel about your particular situation. Are you following what your head says is the logical thing to do? Look within to your inner feelings. How do you truly feel about what you're doing? Are your feelings in agreement with what you're doing or is there conflict between your mind and feelings? Are you doing this because of what others say you should be doing or is this what you truly desire? 

3) Action Step For Focus 

Set aside a ten minute segment so you can bring your imagination and feelings into focused attention to achieve your goal. Ever sat to watch a 2 hour movie without interruption? Instead of occupying your time with what others have created out of their imagination, it's time for you to use the mental tools to create the same for your own life. Start small and build from there. 

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