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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling Stuck? Here are 4 Keys to Get Unstuck So You Can Change Your Life!

There's always a way out of any situation you face. Everything you are going through or ever will go through has a solution. If you're stuck and feel the need to break free out of the rut you're in, here are 4 keys that will help empower you and propel you from where you are so you can change your life. 

Key #1 - Use the Law of Thinking 

Thoughts attract more thoughts along the same lines and they build on each other. When you use the law of thinking in a positive way more ideas and wisdom come to you to help you gain clarity to resolve your personal issues. Like thoughts attract other thoughts to it. Activate the law of thinking by focusing on what you do want, even if it's a small piece to the puzzle. Other ideas will come and as you move forward you'll begin to be inspired even further.

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  1. Thanks Alicia..for these words. This is exactly where I am tonight. I actually feel this too. I can't understand why I was given so much compassion for people and the spirit of giving. I don't like to see people hurting..yet some of the people who have hurt me were the least expected and someone who I either admired or deeply care about...when I need help..I usually can not find anyone around. Why is that?

  2. Hey Rhonda,

    I'm happy that his has been a timely piece for you.

    It's difficult when you've given so much and seem to get so little in return. But keep in mind that everything you've given is a seed and in due time will mature and produce a harvest in its season. It may not necessarily come back to you from the person's to whom you've expressed this kindness to but it will come back to you bountifully at the right time.

    It seems to hurt more when we are hurt by the ones closest to us. But even in this, extend forgiveness. It does not mean that you agree with their behaviour but that you extend unconditional love to them in spite of their behaviour. If at all possible, express to them how you feel about their behaviour. But free your heart and let them go.

    You have all you need inside of you and the help you need is already within you. Let the Spirit be the source you run to for everything first and allow the Spirit to choose the type of help you need and the person you need to help you. "Holy Spirit, please help me with this. Show me which way to go. What step should I take?"
    Sometimes we look to the people around to be the shoulder of support but they may not be the one that the Spirit has chosen with the answer for you.

    This way you are empowered from within and not giving away your power to others and then left feeling alone and disappointed because they did not come through for you. The Spirit has equipped you with everything you need and when you look to God as your only Source, the help you need will show up.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Loved this post, Alicia. So good to be reminded of the power of our thinking. Susan

  4. You're welcome Susan. Thank you.


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