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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anger Control - How to Overcome Anger and Redirect your Energy into a Calmer You!

When anger controls your life it becomes like a loose cannon that saps and disempowers your life of vital energy. If you're prone to flying off the handle at a drop of a bucket, then listen up. You'll discover how to use and redirect this energy towards a positive purpose and create a calmer you as you put the following practice steps into action in your life.

Practice Step #1 - Halt the explosion!

Someone said or did something that really rubbed you the wrong way. You thought about it and thought about it some more and then some more. Your focus is on the wrong they did. And the more you focus on it and thought about it, the angrier you got and the more you began to fume inside. You feel you can no longer contain it and you explode. Sounds familiar?

Instead, halt the explosion. Stop the anger right in its tracks. How do you do that? Stop focusing on the wrong the person did and how bad it is. Now, I know the ego wants to get in there and really let them have it, give them a piece of your mind. How the heck could they do such a thing, huh? Yes, but if you continue to go down that path you're handing over your vital energy and your power to someone else.

Practice Step #2 - Take it down a notch or two

Take the time to calm down, take a deep breath, release the negative energy and clear your head so you can deal with the situation in a more intelligent and strategic way. A mind that's overcome with anger hinders the flow of creative energy preventing you from coming up with a perfect solution to resolve the situation.

Practice Step #3 - Redirect your energy

When you are calm, you can better redirect your energy into a peaceful atmosphere allowing you to be empowered from within. Redirect your energy shifting your mind from focusing on how to get back at the other person into how I can create a peaceful solution.

This strategy may not necessarily work for the other person, although they can benefit from it if they chose to. You do this so you continue to attract to yourself more goodness and power of the Spirit. Don't allow the debris of negativity to dam up the free flow of the Spirit within your life.

Notice that I refer to this as 'practice'? That's because these strategies must be put into practice in your life in order to reap the benefits of them. They will not automatically attach themselves to you. But with persistence, you'll find yourself taking on the mindset that will help you to overcome anger and enjoy a calmer you. It is totally worth it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Overcome Fear and Redirect your Energy into Courage

Are you feeling crippled by your fears? We've all experienced the inhibiting feelings of fear at one point in our lives. Many live this way on a daily basis. We could be so much more than we're currently expressing, not because we are incapable or lack talent, but because we allow our fears to hold us back from doing the things we truly desire to do.

The following 3 steps give you a basic idea of how you can redirect your energy into courage.

Step #1 - Stopping feeding your fear

Whatever you focus on and fuel with your emotions begins to expand. Focusing on your fear attracts more of the same thoughts which are vitalized by your emotions. The more you feed your fear the bigger it grows allowing the crippling effects to overtake your life and hinder you from moving forward toward your goal.

Step #2 - Refocus your attention

Take your attention off of your fear, what could happen, because it's not happened yet. Most often what you're afraid of has not yet occurred. Therefore you have the opportunity to turn your attention from that which may occur that currently holds you captive to what you truly desire the outcome to be.

Step #3 - Redirect your energy

The energy, the emotions that you're feeding into your fear can be redirected into courage. Just think for a moment, how would you be if you had the courage to do the thing you're currently afraid of? The key word is 'be'. Because before you can act, you first must 'be' inside. It is your 'being' afraid that causes you to act in fear. The flip side would be, your 'being' courageous, feeling bold, would cause you to act your courage and boldness out.

Fear begins from within so it must be dealt with from within. Shift your internal energy through the way you're thinking into thoughts of courage.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - I Wish You Well

If someone has hurt you deeply, wish them well. People may say and do things that may cut you deep but you do not have to carry on personal assault and be an extension of their painful act by holding that grudge in your heart. Let it go, let them go and wish them well. Do not allow their venom of hate to poison your heart and pollute your soul.

This tunespiration comes from Mariah Carey - I Wish You Well. See the lyrics below the video.


This goes out to you and you and you
You know who you are

Hmm hmm hmm
When glory days turn to stormy nights
You must have been so petrified
Didn't you, didn't you feel so cold
You against the world in a losing fight
Captive of your demons inside

So you sought an enemy
(I'm not your enemy. He lives in you, you know it's true)
Like times before to mock ignorantly
(But the Lord said love, love your enemy so just...)
Take heed to the Word it's time
Check Proverbs 19:29
Don't cry

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

I truly wanted solidarity
Still wearing my blinders back then
(So much I didn't see)
I weep for what I dreamed we all could be
I'll keep you in prayer till the end

Still bruised, still walk on eggshells
Same frightened child, hide to protect myself
(Can't believe I still need to protect myself from you)
But you can't manipulate me like before
Examine first John chapter 4 verse 4

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

Be strong in the Lord and power of His might

If my shows of gratitude are miniscule
Inside your mind, sorry
(I'm so sorry, please forgive me)
There's only so much I can do I love you and did all that I could

Maybe when you're cursing me
You don't feel so incomplete
But we've all made mistakes
Felt the guilt and self-hate

I know you've been there for me plenty
Maybe still got love for me
But let him without sin cast the first stone brethren
But who remains standing then
Not you not I see Phillipians 4:9
(Put it into practice and the God of Peace will be with you)

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

(He who the Son sets free is free indeed)
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
Surely God is my salvation
I will trust and not be afraid
The Lord, the Lord is my salvation
I will trust in Him
Yes, I know that I know that I know that I know

But I have had God's help to this very day
And so I stand here and testify
To small and great alike
So the more you curse me
The more you're blessing me
The Word said it
Love your enemies

Do good to those who curse you
Pray for those who mistreat you
Psalms 129:2
They have greatly oppressed me from my youth
But they have not gained victory over me
(In Jesus' name)

I wish you well

He that keeps his mind state on the Lord
He will keep them in perfect peace

Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - How to Overcome Inferiority Complex to Enhance Weight Loss

When you despise the way you look especially because of your weight it sends a negative message to your body which counteracts any results you intend to have to lose weight. You're sabotaging your own progress when you habour self-hatred or allow feelings of inferiority to dominate your life.

This can really affect your self-esteem. I recall in my personal experience feeling depressed because of the excess weight. But even when you're not yet at your ideal weight, you can still feel beautiful, bold and confident and not feel inferior because of your current physical appearance.

What can you do to change this mindset?

1) Understand your true identity

When you understand that your body is not the entirety of who you are, you stop allowing your physical image to determine your overall identity. You are a powerful spiritual being connected to the Universal Source and Supply. Feeling inferior because of the way your physical body looks only worsens the condition and sets you up to be in a vicious cycle of inferior thoughts which will continue to expand and dominate your life.

2) Change your thoughts

Your weight issue is the manifestation of your thoughts and imagination followed by your actions and therefore the results you're having now. Many of these thoughts relate to unresolved emotional issues, fears, anger, shame, etc. in our own lives. As you begin to change your thoughts about yourself, your body and even your personal circumstances, it will change the results you're having.

3) Love yourself

You may ask, "What does loving myself have to do with inferiority complex or weight loss?" That's just it. Many people don't really love themselves and in turn send a negative message and energy constantly to their bodies. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and truly say and mean it, "I love you?" And really say this in spite of your weight? It may feel uncomfortable at first, a little strange, but keep at it and soon enough your mind will begin to agree with you and your body will feel the effects of being loved by you.

4) Feel good about you

"How can I feel good when I hate the way I look?" I had to face this same thing until I decided that you know what, this is where I am right now, but I'm beautiful, I am powerful, my power comes from within and I began to look at all the positive things about my life. Even if it's just one positive thing you can think of, begin to feel good about that and it will begin to expand into other areas that you never even bothered to think about. I accept myself as is and loved me. Soon enough, as I kept up my workout, my body began to respond to the weight loss.

5) Create positive affirmations with your strengths

When you identify the positive aspect of your life, create positive affirmations around that and keep repeating them. Fuel them with your emotions so they begin to expand in your life. Over and over everyday repeat your affirmations until they begin to take root. And even after they take root keep repeating them until they bear fruit in your life. The dominating inferior thoughts and feelings will begin to lose their grip on you and you'll feel empowered from within.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Action Thursday - Action Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex

It's Action Thursday and you know what you need to do. Yes, apply what you've learned this week to overcome those feelings of inferiority complex.

If you haven't read the other posts, you can click on the links at the bottom to review them and then take action and practice, practice, practice!

Here we go!

1) Take stock of who you are

- Spend alone time in self-contemplation

- Be honest with yourself

- Make a list of your strengths

- Make a list of your weaknesses

- Go beyond the clouds - see the full sun. Allow the clouds of negative thinking to dissipate so you may see the fullness of the bright sun hidden within you.

2) Shift your perspective

- Focus on your strengths

- Encourage yourself

- Plant new thought seeds

- Apply the formula for success, R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time, practice, practice, practice.

3) Acknowledge your weaknesses

4) Strengthen or enhance your weaknesses

5) Surround yourself with positive people

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Strategies on How to Shift your Perspective to Overcome Inferiority Complex

The perspective you've adopted for yourself, whether it came from your own opinion or the opinion of others plays a major role. You're the decision maker in your own life and how you decide to view yourself will determine if you'll live in mental freedom or be bound by the thoughts of others.

The next 4 strategies show you how to shift your perspective so you can overcome inferiority complex.

Strategy #1 - Focus on your strengths

Practice seeing who you are through your strengths. Whenever you feel your confidence and self-esteem shaken, refocus your consciousness onto your strong points. This powerful strategy will keep your thoughts and emotions from sinking down into the despair of negative energy.

Strategy #2 - Encourage yourself

Feelings of inferiority complex follow negative self-talk. Shift your self-talk from, "If only I was smarter then I could do...," to "I may not know this particular information right now but I have the ability to learn just like anybody else." Not because someone is more familiar and trained in a particular field mean that they're better than you. The same way they've used their time and energy to become educated and experienced in their field, you could do the same as well if that's what you really want.

Strategy #3 - Plant new thought seeds

You've been sowing thoughts and feelings into the soil of your subconscious mind and as a result, you automatically produce the fruit of inferiority complex. What can you now do? Change the thought seeds you've been sowing with new ideas about you, those of your strengths, and of who you desire to become. Nurture these new seeds with your feelings and soon enough they'll begin to grow, expand and produce positive fruit in your life.

Strategy #4 - Apply the formula for success

R=IOT - Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Practice, practice, practice. Having the knowledge would do you no good if you do not apply what you've learned here. As you actively participate in your life and repeat these steps over and over again, you'll begin to create an imprint over time where you become more confident and increase your self-esteem. That's the formula for success in any area of your life. What will you do now?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Take Stock of Who You Are to Overcome Inferiority Complex

If you've never taken the time to analyze who you are outside of the opinions of others, now's the time to start. Here's where you become acquainted with you, become your best friend and cheerleader and stop the fatal act of self-sabotage.

1) Alone time in self-contemplation

Spending time alone in self-contemplation, exploring who you are is the most important thing you could do to over inferiority complex and build self-esteem. When you know yourself, especially your strengths, you are becoming consciously aware of the hidden gems within you.

2) Be honest with yourself

In this quiet time, it's okay to be honest with yourself. No one else is around to put your down. So go ahead, be open and honest with yourself. Hiding behind a false image will not help you be prepared when others or circumstances throw a curve ball at you. Look at yourself in full view so you can be strengthened in times of negative feedback.

3) Make a list of your strengths

Okay, now that you're being honest, grab a pen and paper and write down all your strengths. Even if you have one or two to start with that's okay. Because as you put thought into this you'll find that you'll begin to uncover areas you never looked at before. Remember thoughts have a way of attracting other thoughts to them. You can always add more later on.

4) Make a list of your weaknesses

Now this list may be even longer than your list of strengths, but here's a trick. After you've listed your weaknesses, take each one and find a positive in it. There's always a flip side to everything. When you've found the positive, focus on it and look for ways to strengthen them even more. The point of this is that your 'perceived' weakness will now begin to become strong enough to overpower the actual weakness.

5) Go beyond the clouds - see the full sun

There's more to you than meets the eye. The giant in you may be hidden beneath the negativity of life. When you look within, accept you and allow greatness to emerge from within. Allow the clouds of negative thinking to dissipate so you may see the fullness of the bright sun hidden within you.

You are not a mishap or here by fluke. You are part of a grand intricate tapestry woven together by the Master Designer. Straighten your back, square your shoulders, lift your head and walk in boldness because you are more than you currently think you are.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Are you suffering from an Inferiority Complex?

If you've ever felt the effects of an inferiority complex, you'd know how it affects one's confidence and ultimately one's self-esteem. Inferiority complex usually comes as a result of you comparing yourself to or someone comparing you to someone else or to a particular "standard" of behaviour or lifestyle.

We all love the feeling of approval and acceptance. When you rely heavily on the approval of others and not on your own personal approval of who you are, inferiority complex can have such a negative effect on you and hinder you from living your life to your fullest potential.

Click here to read more.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the first step in loving others. For when you learn to love yourself, you'd know how to share that same love with others you come in contact with.

Today's tunespiration comes from Tenacious T - Love Yourself

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Action Thursday - Does Practice Really Make Perfect or Permanent?

You've heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." But have you heard it said that, "Practice makes permanent?" If you've been practicing the wrong thing, like wrong thinking, over and over, that will become permanent in your life not perfect. Think about that for a second.

Now think about putting the right thinking in place and let this become your daily practice, what do you think will happen then? Exactly! It will become permanent in your life, your habitual mindstyle and then lifestyle. Even if you made an error, because you know the right way, you can correct the mistake and get back on track.

So, for today's Action Thursday action steps, review the tips given over the week (if you haven't read the other posts, I would encourage you to go through Monday to Thursday's post, get the action steps, meditate on them and put them into practice).

The formula for success is R=IOT, Repetition=Imprint Over Time. Keep that in mind as you put these action steps into action life habits.

Here's a brief overview of this week's tips:

1) Recognition

2) Decision

3) Preparation and Planting the right seeds

4) Nurturing the garden of your life

5) Harvest time

6) Love who you are

7) Spend time in quietness and stillness

8) Open yourself to the warmth of love from the Spirit

9) Learn from the Spirit

10)Reprogram your subconscious and nurture your life

Take action and practice, practice, practice, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's your life and it's worth the effort. Is it not?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you know how to nurture yourself?

There may be people in your life who you might have disregarded because they don't act according to the 'norm' - they may have been labelled the misfits and outcasts. But love heals and if you took the time, gave them a chance, and nurtured them, they can see through your eyes that they have worth until they have come to a place in themselves through which they can see their own worth.

What about you? This may not even apply to someone else. Perhaps you see the worth of others but are unable to see the worth in yourself. Change your mind about who you are because you are worthy. The mere fact that you are here, right at this moment, shows that you are worth more than you think. You are a vital part of this great family - the human race [click here to read on]

How are you nurturing your life?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you nurturing your life garden?

Your life is your garden and therefore you must nurture it to get the best harvest possible so you can enjoy the fruit of life.

So, exactly how do you nurture the garden of your life?

The next 5 steps will show you how.

1) Recognition

When you recognize that you have a need for a garden whether it is to save money or eat healthier your reason for doing so will keep you through the process of creating what you desire.

Similarly, when you recognize why you desire your life to change,[click here to read more]

Leave a comment and share what you're doing to nurture your life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Relax

A great way to get ready for the week is to relax, release all tension and let it flow down stream. Invite the Spirit of Life to flow into you. Feel energized and renewed with strength and vigor.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Only Hope

When you yield your life and your will over to the Spirit, you're opening the channels of your life for the Spirit to flow freely and bountiful through you. You are the river bed and the Spirit is the life-giving water. Yield to the Spirit's call to you so your life could be enriched in ways you never imagined.

Today's tunespiration comes from Mandy Moore - Only Hope - from the movie 'A Walk to Remember'.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Become Physically Active and Have Fun!

With all the talk about the rise of childhood obesity how do you help your child overcome weight-challenges and have fun at the same time? The following tips will give you some ideas to begin. Then you can use your creativity to come up with a fresh list.

1) Go for a family bike ride

No matter the family size, having regular family bike rides is a great way to get your child engaging in physically activities. Riding a bicycle works the leg muscles and builds stamina especially if you add a few small hills in the mix.

2) Walk the nature trail

Walking through a nature trail will give your child the opportunity to become familiar with the different species of birds and plants while at the same time enjoying the tranquility of nature.

3) Swimming

Swimming is a great form of exercise and a great way for your child to also have some water fun. Incorporating water volleyball or simply throwing the ball back and forth between you and your child will not only create additional fun but bring into play other muscle groups into the exercise.

4) Family race

From time to time our children participate in a running race - the younger ones together, then the older ones. Running brings up the heart rate and can provide a great way of interactive fun.

Bonus tip: Combine all of the above and include some of your own to make a fun-filled day.

When children are encouraged to be active from a very young age it makes it easier to keep them involved in physically activity as they grow older. Enrolling your child in gymnastics is a great way to build a strong metabolism and good muscle tone. I've seen my children's body transform and remain toned even as they got older. Wish I had started when I was at their age.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Action Thursday : 4 Ways to Help Your Child Dream Big and Achieve Lifelong Success

Children learn to either dream big or adopt limited thinking from the environment and influence of those with who they are in constant association. As parents, when we remove the cap of limited thinking from our minds we allow our children the freedom to think and dream big.

Here are 4 ways which you can help, not only your child, but also yourself dream big.

1) Encourage your child

When your child comes to you and says, "Mom, I'd like to be a famous actress," you don't say, "That's nice dear but we could never afford to send you to acting school." Instead say, "That's great, dear. If that's what you truly want to do, when you're watching your favourite shows you can begin to memorize the lines and practice acting. We will find a way to make this happen for you."

This way, you're giving your child the encouragement she needs to dream big and an avenue through which she can begin to activate her dream which will allow the Universal power to draw to her what she needs to fulfill that desire.

2) Establish confidence

Help your child believe in himself because you believe in him. When you assure your child that you believe in him, even if at first he may not accept it for himself right now, the energy of your belief will begin to transfer onto your child. Finally, your child will be confident in his ability to do what he set out to do.

3) Develop a positive mindset

If your child begins to doubt herself, encourage her to have a positive mindset; that she can do this and that she will succeed. Suggest for her to create her own affirmations to keep her mind from becoming overrun with doubt. Share with her the success of others who've also used affirmations to help them succeed.

4) Choose friends wisely

Help your child understand the importance of surrounding himself with positive-minded friends who will encourage him to pursue his dream. You could say something like, "I would not choose your friends for you but you would want to surround yourself with people who also know what they want and are going in that direction. That way you can encourage them and they can do the same for you."

No matter what age your child is, she can cultivate the 'dream big' mindset to achieve great things in life and explore her talents and watch them grow and expand into their fullest potential. As you are helping your child, you'll be teaching yourself as well.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parenting Children - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Discover, Explore and Develop Talents

Each of us was born with natural talents and abilities. As parents, when we help our children discover, explore and develop these talents it will save them years of trying to figure out what they love to do before they pursue in that direction.

1) Discover the talent

Some children find the things they enjoy at a very young age while others take a while and may seem to go from one thing to another. But as you observe your child, you'll see certain traits that are consistent. When your child shows interest in an area, provide encouragement to continue to engage more in the activity. You can also join in the fun as well making it more interesting.

2) Explore the talent

Provide the material needed for your child to explore more in this area. E.g. when our daughter Tamaralee was about a year and a half she took up art, something that she has faithfully pursued and desires to have her own art museum. We provide her with the materials necessary to continue with her passion and because Dad is also an artist as well he provides her with direction she needs to continue to explore and expand her talent.

3) Develop the talent

Once your child has shown passion about a subject, provide avenues through which he can develop that talent further, whether the child attends a class, finds 'how to' instructions on the internet, the library or from another source.

4) Don't push

As parents we want the best for our children to the point that we may tend to push them forward. No one wants to do something that someone else is pushing them to do and certainly our children should pursue their gifting willingly and joyfully. If it is a true passion, they will naturally pursue it without being told. As a matter of fact, you may have to ask them to set aside time to engage in other activities as well.

E.g. like our 11 year old daughter Gracelee who loves to read and tunes out the entire world when she does. Dad sometimes asks her to put the book down for a minute so she can hear what he has to say lol. We love her passion for reading but we'd also like a couple minutes of her time, you know :)

We are here on earth in this era with our unique talents not only to serve ourselves but planet earth. Our children also have their unique roles to play and their talents are embedded within them to help them efficiently fulfill this role. Let us help our children so they can live an enriched and fulfilled life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parenting Children - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Follow Inner Guidance

One of the most precious gifts we could ever give our children, apart from our love, is to help them follow their inner guidance system. It will help them build confidence and believe in themselves and not have to rely completely on others to guide them.

1) Listen to them as they speak

When your child comes to you and shares his/her thoughts, give a listening ear. If you are unable to give your full attention at that moment let your child know and set a time when know you could listen without distractions. This gesture will make your child feel that whatever he/she has to say is very important.

2) Ask questions

Get your child to be clear about what they're saying, especially if it's a young child, by asking questions, e.g. "Why do you think that?" or "What made you feel that way?" You're engaging in conversation and encouraging your child to think through things clearly.

3) Offer praise

When your child has said something profound, use the opportunity to praise him and encourage him to listen to his inner voice. Your child may be the voice of wisdom for you to look at your situation from a different point of view or reminder of the wisdoms you've imparted to her. Be open and receptive. She's not too small to share guidance. Say, "Thank you for the reminder and the wisdom."

4) Offer additional suggestions

Your child's explanation may not always come out the way we'd articulate our words as adults, you can offer suggestions to help guide her in expressing herself. When you offer suggestions in a kind and encouraging tone your child will know that he has your support no matter what.

Our children rely on us for guidance even though at times they may act as if they know it all. By being a supportive parent and keeping the communication door open, they'll know they have a place to go when life becomes complicated for them.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wisdom of a 10 year old

If we allow our children to follow their hearts, it's amazing the wisdom that flows through them. The following insights were written by my 10 year old daughter. Hope it blesses you.

"As the wind whistles, I am life.
The wind whistles life into me because without air no one can breathe.

As the fire crackles the spark follows obediently.
I am obedient to the crackling of the Spirit.

As the water washes up on land back and forth persistently, so I am persistent.

As nature grows every day, I grow as well.

As the earthquake causes the earth to crack, making a loud noise, so I am loud.

As night falls, I rise.
When night falls life continues on. Nothing stops moving, life goes on.

As the sun comes up I shine.
The more I help others the aura around me become brighter. I become so bright that others that are blind will see once again.

And as I live on, my family will continue to grow through me.
All past generations gone to heaven will continue to live and grow through me.

Of course, I am that I am.
I am myself and nobody else.
I am my own power and nobody else's."

Written by 10 year old Tamaralee P. Campbell

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Diana Ross, If We Hold On Together

In keeping with this week's theme, dream carriers associate themselves with others who will help them see the dream through to life. Even through dark times, look to the light within, warm your heart and keep pressing on.

Today's tunespiration comes from Diana Ross - If we hold on together.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - The Dream Carrier's Courage to Keep Pressing Forward

As a dream carrier, the courage to keep pressing forward presents itself on a daily basis - each day rising up and moving toward the goal because you know that this goal of reaching your ideal weight no longer belongs to only you. This is not to say that you don't go through adverse times - when you feel like you're not making the progress you desire and you feel 'out of it' that day.

But it does mean that you'll get up and keep going until you hit the target. You know that as you reach your goal that you are the guiding light for others who are struggling in this area. You will encourage them along with your words of strength and faith because you understand their struggle.

You may not realize this, but you may be the only light for another to lead them out of their darkness, to shine the light in their path with your courage and will to stay the course. It matters now how long it takes or how many attempts you made. What matters most is that you keep moving forward until you reach your journey's end.

When you look back, you'll be amazed at the progress and the process you went through. It will make you that much stronger for other goals you choose to pursue.

At this moment you may not feel much like you're an encouragement to yourself much less others, but your own strength may surprise you. You are stronger than you think and you have a whole lot more to offer than you're giving yourself credit for.

Don't shrink into self pity and discouragement. Feel the courage and keep pressing on. Wipe off the dust of setbacks, it's all a part of the strengthening process, and do what you know you can do. Take a rest if you must, but not too long, and get back in there knowing that you are a champion.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Action Thursday - The Dream Carrier's Affirmation of Thankfulness

Here are 5 thankfulness affirmations you can use to keep your faith strong on the journey to manifesting your desire.

Affirmation #1 - Thank you for my health. I am whole.

Affirmation #2 - Thank you for strength. My power comes from within and I am strong.

Affirmation #3 - Thank you for wisdom. I draw from the Universal Supply of Wisdom to know what to do in every situation I encounter. My mind is now saturated with the Wisdom of the Spirit.

Affirmation #4 - Thank you that circumstances, conditions and people are coming into my life to manifest this dream. I am cared for and all is well.

Affirmation #5 - Thank you that the river of abundance flows freely into and through my life. I am connected to the Source of All Substance and All Supply and what I desire, in harmony with the Spirit, is here now.

What affirmations do you use?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Develop the Dream Carrier's Mindset

If you desire to see your dream materialize but find that you don't have the dream carrier's mindset, (click here to read yesterday's post) these 4 tips will help you build the muscles you need to move you closer to your dream.

Tip #1 - Become passionate about your dream

Connect with the emotions you'll feel when you manifest your goal. As you feeling the feelings of this dream - the longing, the excitement, the joy, the satisfaction - you'll feel yourself wanting to keep going in spite of what the external situation looks like.

Tip #2 - Believe

Believing is accepting the fact that you can achieve your dream no matter what and all the universal force is at work on your behalf. The circumstances, conditions and events are coming together on your behalf even though you may not physically see it.

Tip #3 - Use visualization

As you use your imagination to visualize yourself living your dream, you'll begin to embed the image into your subconscious mind which will yield the power needed, when connected to universal energy, to bring you what you desire.

Tip #4 - Express gratitude

When you express thankfulness for what you already have and are thankful that all good is coming to you, you'll find yourself in a positive vibration that will cause the good you desire to manifest to you. You'll also keep the negativity out giving the positive the opportunity to grow and expand in your life.

Use these 4 tips repeatedly and you'll find that you'll become stronger and you'll find that your dream will begin to take on a life of its own propelling you forward. Soon you'll be at the point of 'no turning back' because you've come to far too turn around.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do You Have the Mindset of a Dream Carrier?

Dream carriers have certain characteristics that cause them to push forward until the goal is achieved. Check out these mindsets to see where you fit in and if not work on developing them to do the same for achieving your dreams.

Mindset #1 - Dream carriers have the skills to manifest the dream but know that these skills don't just below to them only.

We're all part of a greater design much like a pattern on a piece of fabric. It all comes together to make a complete blend. Your skills are part of the whole to fulfill the entire universal plan.

Mindset #2 - Dream carriers see the birth of this dream to be more beneficial to others than themselves.

The greater good of all involved is on the forefront of the dream carrier's mind. They see that others will be liberated to live a more fulfilled life once this dream is manifested and this pushes them forward.

Mindset #3 - The dream carrier's vision will change the lives of others who may not see the vision right away.

They are sometimes in the line of fire by others who may be currently blinded by their own personal agendas to see the vision clearly until all the 'smoke' has settled and the benefits of the dream begin to unfold.

Mindset #4 - The dream carrier does not only look at the impact the dream has now but looks at the impact through to future generations.

Like the Martin Luther King Jr.'s, they have the vision to see into a brighter future for the next generation to come and project their vision into the lives of those who will live in the fruit of the dream carrier's labour.

Mindset #5 - Determination

The mark of determination pierces through the eyes of the dream carrier. Though the body may not be physically cooperative, their inner determination to see the dream alive causes them to rise up in spite of physical setbacks.

Mindset #6 - Persistence in the face of adversity

A dream carrier demonstrates his determination in the form of persistent action in the face of adversity. No matter what - whether setbacks or disappointments - they press on and find another way to achieve the dream.

Mindset #7 - A dream carrier feels compelled within to press forward until the goal is reached.

The inner drive that causes the dream carrier to press forward even though the mind might say to throw in the towel. The dream has become so intertwined within his/her inner being that they're unable to let go - they're compelled by an inner force to make it to the fulfillment of this dream. They cannot give up. They cannot give in. They must keep on keepin' on.

When your dream has grown bigger than you, you too will develop the mindset of the dream carrier.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation: Don't Give Up! You May Be The Carrier of Another Person's Dream

Feeling like throwing in the towel, hanging up on your vision? I encourage you to hold on a little while longer. You may be the carrier of another person's dream.

Almost 2 years ago when we were pregnant with our 7th child we were hoping that we'd have another son so Joshua would have a brother. But somehow the intensity of the desire for a son this time was not there for me like it was when I decided we were going to have a son then.

Even though we all agreed that we wanted the baby to be a boy, except for our youngest daughter Alexandria at the time, I felt an inner knowing that I should 'take my hands off' this time. I felt that I should just let go and allow things to unfold. I expressed how I felt inside but left it at that to see how things turned out.

You see when we all got together and agreed for a boy, Alexandria was the only one that strongly disagreed and even went into tears because she really wanted to have a baby sister. We tried to console her but the strength of her desire embedded deep in her heart.

A few months later the ultrasound showed a cute little chubby cheek baby and yes it was a little girl. Alexandria got her heart's desire and as we drove away from the hospital we broke the exciting news to her and came up with the name Roxella. Alexandria named her Julee as well.

Even though I carried the baby, Alexandria had the dream for a baby sister and we all shared in the joy of having this beautiful little girl come into our lives. Her home birth truly was a remarkable and memorable experience, not only for us but for one of our neighbours that we invited to come over to help us until our midwife got to the house. That's how fast the birth happened and Dad caught Roxella as she zoomed into our lives. A moment he'll forever cherish.

You know, you may also be the carrier of another person's dream. Don't give up because you'll share in the joy of it. That person may not be in a position to hold that dream and bring it to fruit but what they have may be a strong definite burning desire, like Alexandria, to see that dream given life.

You may have the knowhow, the experience, the maturity, the foresight, the skill that the other person lacks and you can add and enhance their life. You may even be the one to care for this dream even after the dream manifests like I care for Roxella. Alexandria gets to have fun and play with her baby sister as do her other sisters and brother - many helping hands.

What say you? Still feel like giving up or will you give it another go and stay in even through the rough waters and discomfort until the season of harvest comes? Trust me; you'll never regret you did!

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