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Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Become Physically Active and Have Fun!

With all the talk about the rise of childhood obesity how do you help your child overcome weight-challenges and have fun at the same time? The following tips will give you some ideas to begin. Then you can use your creativity to come up with a fresh list.

1) Go for a family bike ride

No matter the family size, having regular family bike rides is a great way to get your child engaging in physically activities. Riding a bicycle works the leg muscles and builds stamina especially if you add a few small hills in the mix.

2) Walk the nature trail

Walking through a nature trail will give your child the opportunity to become familiar with the different species of birds and plants while at the same time enjoying the tranquility of nature.

3) Swimming

Swimming is a great form of exercise and a great way for your child to also have some water fun. Incorporating water volleyball or simply throwing the ball back and forth between you and your child will not only create additional fun but bring into play other muscle groups into the exercise.

4) Family race

From time to time our children participate in a running race - the younger ones together, then the older ones. Running brings up the heart rate and can provide a great way of interactive fun.

Bonus tip: Combine all of the above and include some of your own to make a fun-filled day.

When children are encouraged to be active from a very young age it makes it easier to keep them involved in physically activity as they grow older. Enrolling your child in gymnastics is a great way to build a strong metabolism and good muscle tone. I've seen my children's body transform and remain toned even as they got older. Wish I had started when I was at their age.


  1. In addition to working out together, reading together daily can also help since reading burns out an enormous amount of calories. Thanks...from vic

  2. Not to mention, develop the mind and the imagination. Thanks for commenting Vic.


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