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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Action Thursday - Does Practice Really Make Perfect or Permanent?

You've heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." But have you heard it said that, "Practice makes permanent?" If you've been practicing the wrong thing, like wrong thinking, over and over, that will become permanent in your life not perfect. Think about that for a second.

Now think about putting the right thinking in place and let this become your daily practice, what do you think will happen then? Exactly! It will become permanent in your life, your habitual mindstyle and then lifestyle. Even if you made an error, because you know the right way, you can correct the mistake and get back on track.

So, for today's Action Thursday action steps, review the tips given over the week (if you haven't read the other posts, I would encourage you to go through Monday to Thursday's post, get the action steps, meditate on them and put them into practice).

The formula for success is R=IOT, Repetition=Imprint Over Time. Keep that in mind as you put these action steps into action life habits.

Here's a brief overview of this week's tips:

1) Recognition

2) Decision

3) Preparation and Planting the right seeds

4) Nurturing the garden of your life

5) Harvest time

6) Love who you are

7) Spend time in quietness and stillness

8) Open yourself to the warmth of love from the Spirit

9) Learn from the Spirit

10)Reprogram your subconscious and nurture your life

Take action and practice, practice, practice, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's your life and it's worth the effort. Is it not?

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