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Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting My Body Back Friday - How to Overcome Inferiority Complex to Enhance Weight Loss

When you despise the way you look especially because of your weight it sends a negative message to your body which counteracts any results you intend to have to lose weight. You're sabotaging your own progress when you habour self-hatred or allow feelings of inferiority to dominate your life.

This can really affect your self-esteem. I recall in my personal experience feeling depressed because of the excess weight. But even when you're not yet at your ideal weight, you can still feel beautiful, bold and confident and not feel inferior because of your current physical appearance.

What can you do to change this mindset?

1) Understand your true identity

When you understand that your body is not the entirety of who you are, you stop allowing your physical image to determine your overall identity. You are a powerful spiritual being connected to the Universal Source and Supply. Feeling inferior because of the way your physical body looks only worsens the condition and sets you up to be in a vicious cycle of inferior thoughts which will continue to expand and dominate your life.

2) Change your thoughts

Your weight issue is the manifestation of your thoughts and imagination followed by your actions and therefore the results you're having now. Many of these thoughts relate to unresolved emotional issues, fears, anger, shame, etc. in our own lives. As you begin to change your thoughts about yourself, your body and even your personal circumstances, it will change the results you're having.

3) Love yourself

You may ask, "What does loving myself have to do with inferiority complex or weight loss?" That's just it. Many people don't really love themselves and in turn send a negative message and energy constantly to their bodies. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and truly say and mean it, "I love you?" And really say this in spite of your weight? It may feel uncomfortable at first, a little strange, but keep at it and soon enough your mind will begin to agree with you and your body will feel the effects of being loved by you.

4) Feel good about you

"How can I feel good when I hate the way I look?" I had to face this same thing until I decided that you know what, this is where I am right now, but I'm beautiful, I am powerful, my power comes from within and I began to look at all the positive things about my life. Even if it's just one positive thing you can think of, begin to feel good about that and it will begin to expand into other areas that you never even bothered to think about. I accept myself as is and loved me. Soon enough, as I kept up my workout, my body began to respond to the weight loss.

5) Create positive affirmations with your strengths

When you identify the positive aspect of your life, create positive affirmations around that and keep repeating them. Fuel them with your emotions so they begin to expand in your life. Over and over everyday repeat your affirmations until they begin to take root. And even after they take root keep repeating them until they bear fruit in your life. The dominating inferior thoughts and feelings will begin to lose their grip on you and you'll feel empowered from within.


  1. Thanks Alicia. That was excellent. It's true that harboring negative thoughts about one's self is very destructive. It's really hard to change that mindset when a look in the mirror reflects an image other than what one would like to see. Still, I continue to try to visualize me as I would LIKE to be, rather than what I look like now. Susan

  2. You`re welcome Susan and thanks. Yes, changing the mindset can be challenging but a necessary step and a part of the reprogramming progress to appreciate and love yourself as you are now.


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