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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Develop the Dream Carrier's Mindset

If you desire to see your dream materialize but find that you don't have the dream carrier's mindset, (click here to read yesterday's post) these 4 tips will help you build the muscles you need to move you closer to your dream.

Tip #1 - Become passionate about your dream

Connect with the emotions you'll feel when you manifest your goal. As you feeling the feelings of this dream - the longing, the excitement, the joy, the satisfaction - you'll feel yourself wanting to keep going in spite of what the external situation looks like.

Tip #2 - Believe

Believing is accepting the fact that you can achieve your dream no matter what and all the universal force is at work on your behalf. The circumstances, conditions and events are coming together on your behalf even though you may not physically see it.

Tip #3 - Use visualization

As you use your imagination to visualize yourself living your dream, you'll begin to embed the image into your subconscious mind which will yield the power needed, when connected to universal energy, to bring you what you desire.

Tip #4 - Express gratitude

When you express thankfulness for what you already have and are thankful that all good is coming to you, you'll find yourself in a positive vibration that will cause the good you desire to manifest to you. You'll also keep the negativity out giving the positive the opportunity to grow and expand in your life.

Use these 4 tips repeatedly and you'll find that you'll become stronger and you'll find that your dream will begin to take on a life of its own propelling you forward. Soon you'll be at the point of 'no turning back' because you've come to far too turn around.

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