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Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Overcome Fear and Redirect your Energy into Courage

Are you feeling crippled by your fears? We've all experienced the inhibiting feelings of fear at one point in our lives. Many live this way on a daily basis. We could be so much more than we're currently expressing, not because we are incapable or lack talent, but because we allow our fears to hold us back from doing the things we truly desire to do.

The following 3 steps give you a basic idea of how you can redirect your energy into courage.

Step #1 - Stopping feeding your fear

Whatever you focus on and fuel with your emotions begins to expand. Focusing on your fear attracts more of the same thoughts which are vitalized by your emotions. The more you feed your fear the bigger it grows allowing the crippling effects to overtake your life and hinder you from moving forward toward your goal.

Step #2 - Refocus your attention

Take your attention off of your fear, what could happen, because it's not happened yet. Most often what you're afraid of has not yet occurred. Therefore you have the opportunity to turn your attention from that which may occur that currently holds you captive to what you truly desire the outcome to be.

Step #3 - Redirect your energy

The energy, the emotions that you're feeding into your fear can be redirected into courage. Just think for a moment, how would you be if you had the courage to do the thing you're currently afraid of? The key word is 'be'. Because before you can act, you first must 'be' inside. It is your 'being' afraid that causes you to act in fear. The flip side would be, your 'being' courageous, feeling bold, would cause you to act your courage and boldness out.

Fear begins from within so it must be dealt with from within. Shift your internal energy through the way you're thinking into thoughts of courage.


  1. Alicia, your posts are really great. The process of refocusing ones attention and redirecting ones energy might be daunting if you're surrounded by and live with poeple and situations that cause fear. Thanks Alicia....vic

  2. Yes Vic, your current circumstances may be challenging but here is where you get to strengthen your mind and shift your thinking from fear base to courage. It is something that has to be practiced on a daily basis but it can be done. And as you do it, your mind becomes stronger every day. See the positive in your negative circumstances.


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