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Monday, August 9, 2010

Wisdom of a 10 year old

If we allow our children to follow their hearts, it's amazing the wisdom that flows through them. The following insights were written by my 10 year old daughter. Hope it blesses you.

"As the wind whistles, I am life.
The wind whistles life into me because without air no one can breathe.

As the fire crackles the spark follows obediently.
I am obedient to the crackling of the Spirit.

As the water washes up on land back and forth persistently, so I am persistent.

As nature grows every day, I grow as well.

As the earthquake causes the earth to crack, making a loud noise, so I am loud.

As night falls, I rise.
When night falls life continues on. Nothing stops moving, life goes on.

As the sun comes up I shine.
The more I help others the aura around me become brighter. I become so bright that others that are blind will see once again.

And as I live on, my family will continue to grow through me.
All past generations gone to heaven will continue to live and grow through me.

Of course, I am that I am.
I am myself and nobody else.
I am my own power and nobody else's."

Written by 10 year old Tamaralee P. Campbell


  1. WOW! This is beautiful and even more beautiful knowing it was written by a ten year old! Amazing!

  2. I think you have a budding poet on your hands, Alicia. That is a great piece of writing for a girl as young as Tamaralee. And what a lovely name, too. Susan

  3. Thanks Momsweb. She really appreciated that. All smiles.

  4. Thanks Susan. She's definitely a thinker. She so excited about the comments.


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