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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parenting Children - 4 Ways to Help Your Child Follow Inner Guidance

One of the most precious gifts we could ever give our children, apart from our love, is to help them follow their inner guidance system. It will help them build confidence and believe in themselves and not have to rely completely on others to guide them.

1) Listen to them as they speak

When your child comes to you and shares his/her thoughts, give a listening ear. If you are unable to give your full attention at that moment let your child know and set a time when know you could listen without distractions. This gesture will make your child feel that whatever he/she has to say is very important.

2) Ask questions

Get your child to be clear about what they're saying, especially if it's a young child, by asking questions, e.g. "Why do you think that?" or "What made you feel that way?" You're engaging in conversation and encouraging your child to think through things clearly.

3) Offer praise

When your child has said something profound, use the opportunity to praise him and encourage him to listen to his inner voice. Your child may be the voice of wisdom for you to look at your situation from a different point of view or reminder of the wisdoms you've imparted to her. Be open and receptive. She's not too small to share guidance. Say, "Thank you for the reminder and the wisdom."

4) Offer additional suggestions

Your child's explanation may not always come out the way we'd articulate our words as adults, you can offer suggestions to help guide her in expressing herself. When you offer suggestions in a kind and encouraging tone your child will know that he has your support no matter what.

Our children rely on us for guidance even though at times they may act as if they know it all. By being a supportive parent and keeping the communication door open, they'll know they have a place to go when life becomes complicated for them.


  1. Even though I didn't get such support from my parents I know how it feels to be guided and taught how to express ones innerself. Thanks....vick

  2. And that's great Vick. Even though we may not have received certain teachings from our parents, because they themselves may not have known either, there's always someone in our lives that come along side us to point us in the right direction. Just a matter of us taking the information and using it in our lives.

    Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.


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