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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do You Have the Mindset of a Dream Carrier?

Dream carriers have certain characteristics that cause them to push forward until the goal is achieved. Check out these mindsets to see where you fit in and if not work on developing them to do the same for achieving your dreams.

Mindset #1 - Dream carriers have the skills to manifest the dream but know that these skills don't just below to them only.

We're all part of a greater design much like a pattern on a piece of fabric. It all comes together to make a complete blend. Your skills are part of the whole to fulfill the entire universal plan.

Mindset #2 - Dream carriers see the birth of this dream to be more beneficial to others than themselves.

The greater good of all involved is on the forefront of the dream carrier's mind. They see that others will be liberated to live a more fulfilled life once this dream is manifested and this pushes them forward.

Mindset #3 - The dream carrier's vision will change the lives of others who may not see the vision right away.

They are sometimes in the line of fire by others who may be currently blinded by their own personal agendas to see the vision clearly until all the 'smoke' has settled and the benefits of the dream begin to unfold.

Mindset #4 - The dream carrier does not only look at the impact the dream has now but looks at the impact through to future generations.

Like the Martin Luther King Jr.'s, they have the vision to see into a brighter future for the next generation to come and project their vision into the lives of those who will live in the fruit of the dream carrier's labour.

Mindset #5 - Determination

The mark of determination pierces through the eyes of the dream carrier. Though the body may not be physically cooperative, their inner determination to see the dream alive causes them to rise up in spite of physical setbacks.

Mindset #6 - Persistence in the face of adversity

A dream carrier demonstrates his determination in the form of persistent action in the face of adversity. No matter what - whether setbacks or disappointments - they press on and find another way to achieve the dream.

Mindset #7 - A dream carrier feels compelled within to press forward until the goal is reached.

The inner drive that causes the dream carrier to press forward even though the mind might say to throw in the towel. The dream has become so intertwined within his/her inner being that they're unable to let go - they're compelled by an inner force to make it to the fulfillment of this dream. They cannot give up. They cannot give in. They must keep on keepin' on.

When your dream has grown bigger than you, you too will develop the mindset of the dream carrier.


  1. Hello Alicia...I like to think I'm a dream carrier. I definitely have perseverance because I do NOT want to give up. Susan

  2. There you go Susan. Keep pressin' forward no matter how much time it takes or if you have to shift methods just a bit. Keep moving forward.


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