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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Summer Novel that rivals the greats! Saving the Karamazovs!

If you're ready to kick back and have a leisurely summer, I must share with you a fabulous new debut novel by Gary Goldstick - it's Saving the Karamazovs, and I can't say enough good things about it! Gary's has been getting rave reviews, and I think you'll love this book. From the war scenes to the love scenes, this book snaps, crackles and pops!

Here's what one reader said, "Wonderful dialogue, excellent character development and a plot that keeps you turning pages into the night make this story come to life. I usually read more for style than for plot but this book has it all! I highly recommend this to all who love a great read with complex characters, involved plots and some good sexy subterfuge thrown in."

Set in the unstable business world of the 1990 Gulf War, Saving the Karamazovs tells the story of three brothers whose good intentions and dysfunctions pull their family into an ugly war of its own. Twenty years after a heroic but bloody tour in Vietnam, Jeff Bascomb fails to protect the people who depend on him. 

A financial scandal puts his company in jeopardy, he and his wife stand to lose millions, his parents may lose their retirement, and his employees will lose their livelihoods. His dependable older brother, Kevin, is now mired in poor health and depression, and his only advice is to call their youngest brother Jerry away from a lucrative Wall Street job, back to L.A. to become the company's interim CEO. 

Jeff and Jerry have warred their entire lives for Kevin's affection, but agree to a truce for the family's sake. Jerry is a diplomatic negotiator, keen money expert, and a brilliant manager, the perfect man for the job, until he falls in love with Jeff's mistress, Helen. The secrets Helen reveals about their family places the company on the front lines of a battle that could hurt each and every one of them beyond repair.

And, when you buy the book, you'll get more than 30 free downloadable gifts! What a great summer deal!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 14

Plan on how to spend your money. Uncontrolled and impulsive spending is the root cause of all financial worries

Have you ever seen something that you wanted to purchase, didn’t plan on spending that extra money and when you did found yourself financially set back because of it? I know I have. You go out to spend $20.00, see something really cool and end up spending $40.00 instead.

Whenever you engage in uncontrolled and impulsive spending it can affect your financial bottom line leaving you feeling stressed out because of it. By planning on how you spend your money each month you can help yourself overcome your uncontrolled and impulsive spending habits.


Have a monthly budget

If you have a monthly budget you’d have a clear picture of what’s coming in, what’s going out and what’s left over. With that information you’d see where you stand financially so you don’t go into money that you need to pay your bills or use the money that you set aside for savings.

Become conscious of where your money is going

You’re aware of how much you’re spending for mortgage or rent, phone, internet etc. but what about things like your grocery bill or the little coffee or snack that you pick up each day? Knowing where your money is going each day will give you a better idea of how you’re spending it so you make better choices and conscious decisions about spending your money.

Put aside money for extra spending

When you review your budget on a monthly basis, set aside extra money for spending after you’ve put some aside for savings. If you allot say $100.00 extra for spending then you know that after the $100.00 is gone that’s it, no more. It does take a certain amount of self-discipline if you’re used to just blowing everything right away but it can be done with some persistence.

Ask, “Do I really need this?”

Another thing you could do is stop yourself right in your track and ask yourself if you really need the item you want to buy? Is it something that’s going to be put on the shelf unopened or is it going to be used right away? Watch out for the emotional pull at the time you see the item – you know, the ones that pull at you when you see a purse, or shoes, or necklace etc. and when you go home you wonder why you bought the thing in the first place when you have about twenty more or them at home that you never even use.

Don’t use your credit card unless…

Do you have the money to cover the purchase? Making your purchase on a credit card when you know you don’t have the money to pay it off when the bill comes only sets you up for more financial stress. Yes, there are situations that are unavoidable and you may need to use the credit card to take care of it right away. But that’s dealing with emergencies not impulsive purchases.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - Living Life with Spirit

Our families mean a whole lot to us and when they go away, whether to start their own lives or pass away or move on, it touches us deeply. But somehow we manage to live. We heal over time and we gain the strength to live just one more day and then another until the sting of their departure no longer impacts us as before. 

Living a life in conscious separation from Spirit has more damaging effects on us more than we could realize. We live in the dark on so many issues that only when Spirit light shines on us that we become aware of how far gone we've become. 

No matter what you go through with the conscious connection with Spirit, you can make it through. You may learn to live without family, friends or spouse but never ever separate and live without your life Source - Spirit. 

Today's tunespiration - How Do I Live (Leann Rimes) song by Orly Fineberg.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Turn Your Life Around

I found this really great life-changing excerpt from the Unity Book "Living On Purpose: Creating a Life You Love." This really brings the point home to help you turn whatever situation you're repeatedly facing around. I can truly confirm that it really works because I've used these strategies in many areas of my life.

"If you are not happy with the things that are repeatedly happening in your life, or with the direction in which you seem to be moving, you can turn it around. But first you must understand that it is your life, that you live in a world of your own thoughts, and that you can change your life by altering your thoughts whenever you really want to do so.

This is not to say it is easy, but it is possible. Life is consciousness. You stand where you do today wherever that is, because of your consciousness. And there is only one way you can come to stand anywhere else – by changing your consciousness. If you wish to go up higher, you can do so, and there is no limit to the heights to which you can climb. But you must “repent,” which means to be …transformed by the renewal of your mind … (Rom. 12:2).

Jesus said: “In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33). There is a level of life where states of consciousness give rise to limited conditions, and where a cycle of causation flows in a kind of negative momentum. “I have overcome the world” means getting into a higher level of consciousness, experiencing freedom from the limited cycle of causation. 

If you are unemployed, you may feel “out of it.” To turn this experience around, you must get out of the “out of it” consciousness, and get into the “with it” and “in it” feeling. You may pray for work and get another job, but unless you have reversed the patterns of consciousness that led to unemployment, you have temporarily solved the problem. One person was excitedly testifying to the value of Truth in his life, “I have demonstrated three jobs in the past year!” This is a hard way to go about it!

“I have overcome the world.” Get into a higher level of consciousness. Stop thinking of work as something to demonstrate “out there.” Get the feeling that it is a part of your nature that work comes through you and not to you. If you are unemployed, get the feeling that you are ready for work. Think movement, activity, work, service.

A man on welfare for 10 years, discovering that the experience crippled him in terms of his self-worth, volunteered in a special program of community service. It could be the means of turning his life around, for in the process of work, even without pay, he will open up within him the flow of creativity. Countless human lives could well be salvaged if his example were followed.

If you are not satisfied with the direction your life has taken, or with the experiences that continually manifest, you can change by getting into the kind of attitudes and feelings that you assume you would have if you were now experiencing the desired conditions. You may object, “But I feel tired and defeated; how can I help that?” Feelings are not beyond the control of the will. You are not your feelings. You have feelings, and the you that has feelings can control them and reverse them.

It is never too late to turn your life around, to break the patterns of negativity that keep manifesting themselves as age and deterioration, as inharmony and loneliness, as illness and physical discomfort, and as financial insecurity and lack. You will have to “repent” and follow the higher way of living and thinking. Wake up from your self-limiting thought … and you will experience the ceaseless flow of your own good."

Excerpted from Celebrate Yourself! By Eric Butterworth (Unity Books, 2004, fifth printing).

By the way, if you're feeling tired and defeated, no matter what you try you seem to be falling back into the same patterns and need help to break the negative patterns and cycles in your life, then I'd like to help you. Go here to find out more

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you prepared for the coming Shift of 2012?

The revelation of unity and a renaissance of caring and sharing is quietly transforming our world! Not only does this amazing book by the world's experts put the Shift into perspective, it shares secrets about protecting the potential of our children and posterity. If you wonder what will happen at the end of this year - Doomsday or Rebirth - then you'll want to discover the simple, economic ways to bring prosperity and peace down to Earth.

This book is compiled for anyone who ever wondered how God could possibly turn what we have today into the prophesied Golden Age. It shows exactly how we're going to get from here to there, co-creating with family, community, and God.

"In this anthology, views and suggestions come together from a staggering spectrum of diverse and deep thinkers. The Sacred Shift provides help to understand the possibilities for the new-stage "cross over generation" and considers the future in terms of what we can do."

Eileen Howarth, management executive, educator, author, and Reiki Master, Auckland, New Zealand

​In this time of rapid change and increasing uncertainties that humanity is experiencing, it is assuring to find a book that provides us with a cosmic road map through the next couple of decades. What is most valuable about the enlightening essays in The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future is the continuum of uplifting ideas and good, solid, practical advice given to the readers who are seeking understanding of the unprecedented shift of the ages that we are in the midst of. Highly recommended reading for those who are looking to evolve consciously during these exciting times.

This book lets you explore the possibilities that lay ahead for mankind - don't miss it. And when you buy the book, you'll receive dozens of great bonus - for the price of a Kindle book!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 13

Why You Should Never Propose or Promise Anything You Are Not Sure To Do

Are you taking on projects or tasks that you know you’re not sure to do? Before you propose or promise to do anything for someone make sure you already know how to do it. Otherwise not fulfilling your promise will leave you feeling frustrated and stressed and cause the other person to not trust you. Word gets out and spreads like wild fire ruining your reputation in the process.

It may seem as a noble gesture in the beginning but one that could backfire right in your face.

You could use this time to become knowledgeable in this area of expertise so the next time a project like this comes up you are in a position to truthfully accept the assignment and complete it in a short space of time as opposed to the length of time it will take for you to first learn how to and then actually do it. Plus, it will save you money that may be wasted on damaged material because you didn’t know what to do in the first place.

If you want to take on a project that you’re not sure how to do as a favour to a friend, then be open and upfront and let him/her know that you don’t know how to do it but you are willing to find the information and learn. Make sure the person knows what they’re getting into from the get go so if you’re unable to complete the project they’d know that at least you tried to help them out as you’re using this as a learning experience.

Learning a new task from someone who already knows can save you a lot of time, shortening the learning curve and stress from many trials and errors.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - The Power of Intention

Want to learn more of how you can use the power of intention to gain clarity in your life, focus on the right things that will help you specifically manifest your desire?  Then I'd like to invite you to a Free 30 minute Self-Empowerment Coaching Session at

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - At the Beginning

Life lived with Spirit guidance is always happier, rewarding and easier than living life all on your own. Your relationships - whether at the beginning, even more established relationships or those ending - become better with Spirit guidance. Because even though you may face tough times, you can experience joy in the midst of every storm. Seems like a contradiction. 

But when your mind is focused on problems instead of turning within to your inner sanctuary, your storms overtake you leaving you feeling bitter, depressed, lost and confused. On this life journey, you were never meant to walk it alone. At the beginning of your life Spirit was with you, why not return to Love, return home and then your relationships, your life and everything else become a delightful walk even in tough times. 

Today's tunespiration - At the Beginning - From the movie Anastasia

Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Hindrances to Answered Prayer (And What To Do Instead)

Feel like you’ve been praying but your prayers seem to be falling on deaf ear? I believe that every prayer is answered but often times we get in our own way of experiencing the answer. When that happens we become angry because what we believed for did not manifest in our reality.

Today we’ll look at 4 hindrances to answered prayers and what you can do instead.

Hindrance #1- Delayed response

You get an inspired idea but you neglected to act on it right away. When you felt prompted to do something instead of following through you delayed and whatever meeting was supposed to happen at that time never occurred. I often remind myself and my children, “Delayed obedience results in delayed blessings.”

You see, in the universe there’s timing for everything. Nothing stays the same and is always changing. You have to move when the Spirit prompts you to.

Do This Instead

Act on your inspired ideas right away. Don’t wait. Listen also for the urgency of the Spirit within you.

Hindrance #2- Inactivity

You never acted on your inspiration at all and therefore you never were able to get the results you wanted. Remember, we are co-creators with Spirit which means there are two sides to manifesting the desires you want – the tangible and the intangible. The intangible is the inspired idea or the intuition whereas the tangible is the physical activity of the intangible which brings your desires into physical form. Both need to work in harmony in order for your answered prayers.

Do This Instead

What is the next step that you know you can take right now? Do it. Don’t wait to see the whole plan. As you move along with the first idea, another will come to you as you keep moving forward.

Hindrance #3 - Fear

Again, you received an answer but your own fears keep you from going forward – whether they are fears of the past; you tried and failed and are afraid to try again or you’re afraid of what others would think of you.

Do This Instead

Check your fears and look for the flip side of them for your courage. How would you feel if you did go after your dream or you did act on your inspired idea? Would this really enrich your life? Release your fears and move forward.

Hindrance #4 - Doubt

So you got an idea, then you begin to doubt yourself or you begin to doubt your capabilities of going through with your dream.

Do This Instead

Stop and revisit the initial idea and ask the Spirit to give you the courage and the confidence you need to go forward with your plans. Encourage yourself. You can say, “I can do this. I believe in myself. I have the capabilities and the wisdom I need to see this through.” As you do this, even if you took consistent baby steps, you’d see your confidence beginning to soar and you’ll find that you’ll want to pick up more momentum to experiencing your answered prayer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 12

Words that Harm, Words that Heal.

KMS (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.

Your words are powerful and can either create or destroy your life or the life of someone else. Keep a watch over your mouth and as we would say to our children, “If you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut.”

If you’re a talkative person then you need to pay close attention to what’s coming out of your mouth. Are you being positive with your words or is your mouth a cannon ball of negative energy hurting the ones you should be blessing? You can choose to let your words bring life to others instead of harming them.

How do you know if your words are healing words?

Are they uplifting or demeaning? Are you using fighting words? Do they make another person feel great about themselves or do they make them feel like they’re at the bottom of the food chain?

Yes, there are times that you need to deal with issues that are unpleasant but surely it can be still done with words that heal instead of harm.

What about your own life?

Are you speaking words of healing into your own life or are you destroying your health and blocking your own success because of the words you choose to speak over your life? You know what you say to yourself come from what you’re feeling inside. So go ahead and change the thoughts you feel about yourself to those of more positive, uplifting and hopeful words followed by your positive inspired actions, then your words will match up with what you’re feeling inside you.

Avoid gossip like a plague

Have you ever said something to someone and then tell them that it’s a secret and they shouldn’t tell anyone only to find out that the person spilled the beans and you’re sitting in the hot seat? Gossip starts like a small spark and spreads like a wild fire. Avoid it. Don’t get involved. And if someone brings a story to you, just listen if necessary and keep your opinions to yourself. If you feel the need to say something may sure you have something positive and life-giving to contribute and defuse the negative effects of gossip.

Keep your major plans to yourself

If you’re embarking on a life-changing venture – whether it’s a new business, changing your career, buying a new house – it is advisable to keep your mouth shut until you’ve completed it. And only the people who have direct contact or information towards your next step should you be talking with. E.g. the people who you’re talking to, like a lawyer, banker or real estate agent will share your enthusiasm. Not everyone may share your enthusiasm and negative energy can discourage you from taking the next step or impede your actions towards living your dream. Be very choosy with whom you share your dreams.

And by the way, if you

- feel like you're doing the balancing act; meeting the needs of your partner, your children, your friends, your job

- feel like you’re losing yourself; feeling lost, drained, frustrated, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, sometimes isolated and having no personal direction or don’t know your life purpose and not enough time for yourself

- feel like you’ve given so much, that you’ve been giving away all of your power leaving you feeling empty inside

I want you to know that you are more than what you've become.

With so much of life’s demands if you’re not careful you can end up feeling resentful of the very things and people that you love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and you’re not alone. You can start right where you are to take back your power, become empowered from within and take control of your life so you can give out of the overflow of your life-energy and not from your reserve.

If you are ready to Take Back Your Power, I'd like to invite you to a Free Limited-Time 30-Minute Strategy Session with me. Find out more here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Celebrating Mothers

And by the way, if you

- feel like you're doing the balancing act; meeting the needs of your partner, your children, your friends, your job

- feel like you’re losing yourself; feeling lost, drained, frustrated, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, sometimes isolated and having no personal direction or don’t know your life purpose and not enough time for yourself

- feel like you’ve given so much, that you’ve been giving away all of your power leaving you feeling empty inside

I want you to know that you are more than what you've become.

With so much of life’s demands if you’re not careful you can end up feeling resentful of the very things and people that you love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and you’re not alone. You can start right where you are to take back your power, become empowered from within and take control of your life so you can give out of the overflow of your life-energy and not from your reserve.

If you are ready to Take Back Your Power, I'd like to invite you to a Free Limited-Time 30-Minute Strategy Session with me. Find out more here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Momspiration - How Much Does A Mother's Love Cost?

And by the way, if you

- feel like you're doing the balancing act; meeting the needs of your partner, your children, your friends, your job

- feel like you’re losing yourself; feeling lost, drained, frustrated, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, sometimes isolated and having no personal direction or don’t know your life purpose and not enough time for yourself

- feel like you’ve given so much, that you’ve been giving away all of your power leaving you feeling empty inside

I want you to know that you are more than what you've become.

With so much of life’s demands if you’re not careful you can end up feeling resentful of the very things and people that you love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and you’re not alone. You can start right where you are to take back your power, become empowered from within and take control of your life so you can give out of the overflow of your life-energy and not from your reserve.

If you are ready to Take Back Your Power, I'd like to invite you to a Free Limited-Time 30-Minute Strategy Session with me. Find out more here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Healing Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

Call her what you will – mom, mother, mommy dearest – we all have a mother. She can be different things to different people. She can range from being the greatest joy and blessing in our lives perhaps, to the greatest challenge we may face, in life. (Remember of course, this is most likely also how our mothers see us, too!) I want to talk a little bit about the incredible relationship you have with your mom.

If you are anything or even a little like me, then you have a very close relationship with your mother and you completely enjoy one another. Now that I am an adult, my relationship with my mom is better than ever.

Of course, being a teenager was a difficult time, because I did not get along with anyone at that stage and anything that my mother had to say, would frustrate me faster and further along, deeper than anyone else.

Moms do such a good job at showing love and affection to us, that we start to take them for granted, because we know they will always love us. This, of course, is NOT the best way to behave - especially to someone whom you love! Unfortunately, though, it happens quite a bit.

The fact is, that sometimes we give the worst treatment to the ones we love and that love us the
most – those closests to us.

Conversely, you may have found that you were really perhaps NEVER able to bond with your mother and/or get really close to her. I have several friends that have experienced this kind of situation and it truly is the most difficult, because it follows you throughout your adult-life! You just sink when you acknowledge and know that you do not have the “closeness” that you truly desire and so much long for.

Many times, this lack of intimacy with your mother, can lead to problems with eating disorders, substance, or drugs and alcohol abuse. Women start to seek out other things, as replacements, just so they can “feel“ better. With eating disorders, most are then merely looking for love and attention,for the majority of the time. 

In most cases, it very well may have less, little or nothing at all to do with the actual food itself.

When I talk about the importance of getting along with women in our lives, I place heavy emphasis on our mothers, because the relationship with our mothers is truly important to a woman’s life and well-being.

I want to offer some encouragement to you, if you are reading this and feel that maybe you do not have the best relationship – the one that you desire with your mother.

The fact is that there are so many reasons why parents treat us a certain way while we are young and growing up. However, the most important thing for you to know is, that even if you were not shown the kind of love and affection that you wanted, I promise that you were and are still very much loved today!

If you may feel deprived of a loving relationship from your mother, this most likely has to do with the way she was shown love and affection by her mother and even her father.

True ambition is about learning the keys and secrets that will help you develop into everything YOU have dreamed of.

Teenage years can be extremely volatile and thus also very difficult on the parents! REMEMBER: they only want the very best for you (even if/when it does not feel like it!).

Sometimes it takes years for you to understand that. Maybe they went about it all wrong, but they had good intentions. You are an adult now, so it may very well be the time to decide and opt to move on, putting the blame-game and finger-pointing to rest.

Once you turn 18 years old, you are responsible for who you become and what you accomplish.

Let us forgive and learn to develop the ultimate female relationship, the one with our mothers, to its fullest potential and capacity. Let go of any resentment, anger or hostile emotions.

As you begin to grow as a mature, self-confident woman, you need to deal with things that are not always pleasant –even things from your past.

So, let us get started then, by reaching out in love and trying to find common ground here! (After all, she is the only mother you have).

Moms, a lot of times, DO NOT get credit where credit is due, so take this opportunity to tell her
what she means to you. 

Thanks to Tara Brook for this inspiring article. If you'd like to know more about Tara and get a Free chapter of her new book Beautiful Ambition: My Secrets to Love, Happiness and Success, check out her website at

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspiration for Moms - 2 Resources to Help Inspire and Nurture You

As a mom you need to take time out to nurture your own life in spite of the responsibilities that you have around you. When you do this you ensure that you don't deplete your inner resources and you can give out of your overflow.

Here are 2 resources that can help nurture and inspire you.

Resource #1 - Inspiration for Moms - Who Nurtures You?

Resource #2 - Inspiration for Moms - You Are the Master of Your Life!

And by the way, if you

- feel like you're doing the balancing act; meeting the needs of your partner, your children, your friends, your job

- feel like you’re losing yourself; feeling lost, drained, frustrated, stressed, unappreciated, unloved, sometimes isolated and having no personal direction or don’t know your life purpose and not enough time for yourself

- feel like you’ve given so much, that you’ve been giving away all of your power leaving you feeling empty inside

I want you to know that you are more than what you've become.

With so much of life’s demands if you’re not careful you can end up feeling resentful of the very things and people that you love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and you’re not alone. You can start right where you are to take back your power, become empowered from within and take control of your life so you can give out of the overflow of your life-energy and not from your reserve.

If you are ready to Take Back Your Power, I'd like to invite you to a Free Limited-Time 30-Minute Strategy Session with me. Find out more here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inspiration for Moms – 7 Easy To Follow Steps to Heal Your Emotional Wounds

You can be healed of your emotional wounds no matter how badly you’ve been hurt. There’s a place inside of you where love resides. And even though you may not feel loved you can turn within and draw on love’s power right there inside of you. No matter what’s been said or done, you can leave the past behind and get on the path of emotional wholeness.

When my first marriage ended years ago, I was left feeling very hurt and lost. But I did not stop there. I quickly turned within to my power Source to pull myself out of the emotional despair I found myself in.

The next 7 easy to follow steps I share with you will give you a framework to work with and a foundation to build on so you too can heal your emotional wounds.

Easy-to-follow Step #1 – Make a conscious decision to let go of the past

You don’t need to hold on to something that’s not helping you; that does not serve you in the best way possible. The hurt and pain of the past will only keep you bound to what’s not real at this moment. Your freedom and your power are real.

Easy-to-follow Step #2 – Allow your emotions to heal

Accept responsibility for your own healing process. Often times we are the ones that block our own path to wholeness by holding on to what he said or what she did or our past mistakes. Don’t go picking your emotional scab. Choose to get out of your own way and allow your emotions to heal.

Easy-to-follow Step #3 – Be open to the presence of Unconditional Love

There’s a place in each of us where love resides and as you are open to and allow the Presence of Unconditional Love to penetrate your emotional wounds, it’s amazing how you can quickly heal and move on.

Easy-to-follow Step #4 – Forgive your offender

Forgiveness does not just release your offender but it untangles you from the chains of resentment, hatred, bitterness and revenge. It liberates you into the arms of love where freedom exists. Love sets you free; free from the prison bars of painful memories.

Easy-to-follow Step #5 – Choose new thoughts

How can you change the perspective of your situation? The thoughts you think are based on the way you perceive your experience. Instead of looking at your offender from a place of anger, choose love. You could say, “I wish you love.” The same applies if you are the one that created the hurt. Wish yourself love.

Easy-to-follow Step #6 – See yourself as whole and free

What are you focused on? Shift your focus from the hurtful experience and onto yourself as being whole and free. What would you do now? How would you live? I had to make my choice to move on and live, truly live. What did I want my future life to be like? It’s your choice. You don’t have to stay where you are. You can choose to move on and LIVE!

Easy-to-follow Step #7 – Take the lessons from the hidden gems from your past hurtful experiences

At the moment you may wonder how could there be anything good from your bad experience. But every negative experience we go through has a hidden gift within it waiting for us to use as stepping stones to a great life. But you have to actively look for these gems in order for them to reveal themselves to you by asking, “What’s the good out of this situation?” Only then will your positive life lessons be unveiled.

Looking for a simplified way to heal your emotional wounds and live your life in freedom? Why not check out the Life-changing Map

Monday, May 7, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 11

7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Talk Less and Listen More

Is your talkativeness getting in the way of your learning and personal growth? When you talk less and listen more you’re making room for advancing your success and developing your personal charm.

When you find yourself being overly talkative use these 7 powerful reasons to remind you why you should talk less and listen more.

#1 - Hear the wisdom others are imparting to you

When you’re listening more than talking you can be more present so you can hear the wisdom that others are giving you to deal with your personal situation. While you’re busy trying to get your 2 cents in you may be missing valuable instructions that are vital to your own success.

#2 - You are open to inspired ideas

As you’re listening, inspired ideas come to you easily and effortlessly because you are open to receive and not preoccupied with your own mental chatter. Inspired ideas are always flowing but you must be present and in a listening mode to receive them.

#3 - Learn more

You realize you don’t know everything and are open to learn something new. Even the information you already know has a fresh perspective if you’re open to learn more. The trees around that you see each and every day has a new lesson to share with you if you’re open to learn something new.

#4 – Develop your listening skills

You hear more than what another person is verbally saying. You also “hear” their non-verbal words as well the truth of what the other person is actually saying. Many times we’re too busy trying to get in our own words that we’re not paying attention to the other person’s deeper pain.

#5 – Develop your personal charm

You are less self-absorbed and become more interested in what others have to say than just your own words. Your personal charm shines through as you are truly interested in the other person.

#6 – Clarity of mind

Listening clears and quiets your mind causing you to become calmer, ‘in the flow’ and more in tuned with nature and your environment.

#7 – Develop your intuition

Listening develops your intuition. You learn to trust and follow your inner guidance which helps you make more accurate and wiser decisions. Following your inner guidance gets you away from danger even when your conscious mind is unaware of the actual danger that’s lurking.

Did you know that deepening your spirituality and having a routine of regular quiet time in meditation reduces your stress and helps you become calmer and gain clarity?

If you're tired of feeling tired and you had enough of being stressed out, I'd like to invite you to a Free 30- minute Self-Empowerment Coaching Session. Let's end the vicious cycle and help you manage your stress levels, your emotions and take control of your life.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration - Struggling With Moving On?

Are you struggling with moving on from a broken relationship or hurts of the past? Here are some quotes to help inspire you to let go and move forward.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - It's a Start of Something New

This weekend could be the start of something new for you. If you took the time to decide that you want something different in your life and keep an open eye for the opportunity as it presents itself you can have a fresh start to living your dream. 

It may be a bit scary and exciting at first. But if you are willing to keep moving forward with the flow it could mean a dream come true for you. All it takes is one step at a time consistently in spite of any setbacks, obstacles or disappointments. Keep on keeping on. 

Today's tunespiration is from the movie High School Musical - Start of Something New. 

Living your dream may make you feel like a kid in high school again but that's what joy does to you - giving you an extra pep in your step.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Put An End To Your Struggle This Weekend

Take the time out this weekend to put an end to your struggle. How long have you been going through your current situation - 1 year, 2 years, 5, or more?

It's time to evaluate your situation, yourself and either do something about it or get some help from someone who can help you create the change you want.

Had enough yet? It's only when we get to that place of enough is enough do we ever finally make a serious decision to do something that will create a drastic change in our lives.

But you don't have to wait until things get to a critical point before you decide to create that change. You can start right now, right where you are. I urge you to take this weekend, sit down with pen and paper and do some soul searching, get clarity on what you want out of life and make a decision to take the first steps to making what you want a reality. Your pen and paper is the first tangible step to active engagement in recreating your life.

What can you do next? Decide when you will get this done.

Take some small consistent steps each day and keep going until you have resolved your current situation.

It doesn't matter if your struggle is with low self-esteem or self-confidence, relationship issues, career change, finances, etc., it just takes a firm decision to stop living the way you are now and look at what you can do right now and then begin to do it. The next step will come as you complete the first steps.

It's like driving through fog; you may only be able to see 5 feet in front of you but if you steadily keep moving forward you'll see your way clearly and the fog will lift as you progress along.

If you feel like you've tried but can seem to make your way out then it's time to call in some outside help. Why continue struggling aimlessly when you can have the help you need right now.

This is your weekend to take a serious look at your life and make a decision to end the struggle.

Need help? Schedule your Free Personal Self-Empowerment Session with me and let's work together to help you get clarity, get answers and finally end your struggle.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Struggling to attract the love of your life? A life coach can help

Do you find that you keep attracting the wrong kind of people into your life?

Do you long for a satisfying relationship but only find that it's eluding you leaving you with a history of broken relationships?

It's time for you to take a good look at what's happening here in your life and how a life coach can help you turn this sabotaging experience into a more satisfying experience for you.

To change anything in your life you need to first begin within you and that also includes changing the type of relationship you're experiencing.

Most often we think it's the other person that needs changing when in fact we need to be working on ourselves to enhance our personal growth

- deepening our spiritual connection
- loving ourselves first before we expect others to love us
- spending time getting to know ourselves first
- building our self-confidence

From this level you give from yourself in the relationship knowing that you have a wealth of inner resources and therefore you don't enter the relationship out of neediness. Desire not neediness - there's a difference.

You can have a desire to share your life - your hopes, dreams and build a family with the love of your life. But neediness puts you in a position of sulking when you don't get the love and attention you crave for.

Neediness causes you to push to get what you want and nag or withdraw from your partner when you can't have your way. It also makes you become suspicious of him or her when they don't give in to your whining.

As a life-coach, I teach you how to

- deepen your spirituality, so you understand and know the power that you have within you and help you awaken the giant within you and also how to use your power

- love and respect yourself so you build a healthy self-esteem that will attract quality people into your life

- become confident in yourself. You would approve of you and in that strength attract the love of your life

- become clear on the type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with

- create the relationship you want beginning from inside of you.

I will show you my personal method of how I went from one broken relationship to healing my life, getting clear on what I wanted in my life and creating and attracting my spiritual mate and now have 8 children together.

I'll share with you my personal, never before revealed mental technique, my "set fire under his feet" method to bring my spiritual mate to me 3 cities away very quickly, easily and effortlessly.

And also how I follow spirit guidance to make my dream of my life partner become a reality.

I also show what you must do and continue to do after you get the love of your life into your life in order to keep him or her.

You also learn how to get what you want from your partner easily and effortlessly without frustration and without using underhand manipulative methods or guilt trips.

You get simple action steps you can use right away each day to help you manifest the love of your life.

Plus, I keep you accountable each week, following up with your progress and answering any questions you have.

If you're serious and are ready to let me help you attract the love of your life let's get started right now.

Not sure if this is a great fit for you?

Let's schedule a Free 30-Minute Self-Empowerment Session to help you decide and we can take it from there.

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