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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - At the Beginning

Life lived with Spirit guidance is always happier, rewarding and easier than living life all on your own. Your relationships - whether at the beginning, even more established relationships or those ending - become better with Spirit guidance. Because even though you may face tough times, you can experience joy in the midst of every storm. Seems like a contradiction. 

But when your mind is focused on problems instead of turning within to your inner sanctuary, your storms overtake you leaving you feeling bitter, depressed, lost and confused. On this life journey, you were never meant to walk it alone. At the beginning of your life Spirit was with you, why not return to Love, return home and then your relationships, your life and everything else become a delightful walk even in tough times. 

Today's tunespiration - At the Beginning - From the movie Anastasia

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