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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Struggling to attract the love of your life? A life coach can help

Do you find that you keep attracting the wrong kind of people into your life?

Do you long for a satisfying relationship but only find that it's eluding you leaving you with a history of broken relationships?

It's time for you to take a good look at what's happening here in your life and how a life coach can help you turn this sabotaging experience into a more satisfying experience for you.

To change anything in your life you need to first begin within you and that also includes changing the type of relationship you're experiencing.

Most often we think it's the other person that needs changing when in fact we need to be working on ourselves to enhance our personal growth

- deepening our spiritual connection
- loving ourselves first before we expect others to love us
- spending time getting to know ourselves first
- building our self-confidence

From this level you give from yourself in the relationship knowing that you have a wealth of inner resources and therefore you don't enter the relationship out of neediness. Desire not neediness - there's a difference.

You can have a desire to share your life - your hopes, dreams and build a family with the love of your life. But neediness puts you in a position of sulking when you don't get the love and attention you crave for.

Neediness causes you to push to get what you want and nag or withdraw from your partner when you can't have your way. It also makes you become suspicious of him or her when they don't give in to your whining.

As a life-coach, I teach you how to

- deepen your spirituality, so you understand and know the power that you have within you and help you awaken the giant within you and also how to use your power

- love and respect yourself so you build a healthy self-esteem that will attract quality people into your life

- become confident in yourself. You would approve of you and in that strength attract the love of your life

- become clear on the type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with

- create the relationship you want beginning from inside of you.

I will show you my personal method of how I went from one broken relationship to healing my life, getting clear on what I wanted in my life and creating and attracting my spiritual mate and now have 8 children together.

I'll share with you my personal, never before revealed mental technique, my "set fire under his feet" method to bring my spiritual mate to me 3 cities away very quickly, easily and effortlessly.

And also how I follow spirit guidance to make my dream of my life partner become a reality.

I also show what you must do and continue to do after you get the love of your life into your life in order to keep him or her.

You also learn how to get what you want from your partner easily and effortlessly without frustration and without using underhand manipulative methods or guilt trips.

You get simple action steps you can use right away each day to help you manifest the love of your life.

Plus, I keep you accountable each week, following up with your progress and answering any questions you have.

If you're serious and are ready to let me help you attract the love of your life let's get started right now.

Not sure if this is a great fit for you?

Let's schedule a Free 30-Minute Self-Empowerment Session to help you decide and we can take it from there.

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