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Monday, May 30, 2011

Living to the Fullest

The Spirit comes in the intangible form of desire and when desire is realized form begins to take place, one step at a time, until full manifestation is reached.

The Spirit of a child waits in the unseen realm of desire for the right moment, the right season to manifest and embody itself into form. Everything has a Spirit. The Spirit gives it life, existence and form. Everything seeks physical expression; otherwise it could not fully realize itself and express its fullest potential.

All that is needed for you to live fully is waiting for you in the intangible form - waiting for your consent, your agreement to come into full expression in your reality. Just as a child waits for its time to come into reality through desire, consent and action, so too does the fullness of your life.

How can we then express the fullness of life - living to the fullest?

The Spirit knows the path that we should take. We need to reconnect with our inner Spirit - go beyond the mind, the mental programming by society and parents. When you were first embodied by the Spirit in to form, you knew exactly what you were to do. You knew exactly when to do it. You didn't need to be told. 

Return to inner knowing 

Now that you've grown up, return to the state of your inner knowing. To do this, you must revisit and reconnect to the Sprit within and be open to the guidance of the Great Universal Spirit. It's in the going into the silence and allowing the wisdom of the Spirit to instruct you and deprogram your mind and transform you from within as you look into the face of the Spirit each day. 

You could say, "I'm open to live to my fullest potential today. I'm living to the fullest. Show me the way. What should I be doing or being today?" Or this is what I say first thing when I wake up in the morning, "I'm open to what the Spirit has to offer today."

Listen for Spirit wisdom

Watch for Spirit's instructions and flow with the Divine.

Consciously become one with the Great Universal Spirit. Be aware that as you walk and go through the day, you are walking with the Spirit who lives, breathes and flows through you.

Observe as doors open for you easily and effortlessly

Observe the synchronicity of life, the perfect timing as everything falls into their right place at the right time without you having to 'make it happen', force it or pry it open.

As the grass grows naturally and effortlessly, as the flower unfolds naturally and effortlessly, so too the events of your life, your highest potential will flow out of you as you live your life through the Great Universal Spirit.

Release all resistance and place everything into the Father's hands. Let go of all the tension as you allow the universal energy to organize your life events in perfect time.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - You Know Better Than I

If you find that you've been praying and you're not getting any results, trust the process. There's a better plan at work here. Though you may not see all the intricate details, know that the Spirit has your best interest in mind and all is working out on your behalf. 

Although it may seem like all is working out against you, focus on it all coming together and working out for you. This may seem contradictory but if you think about it as if you're starting a garden, once you begin to uproot all of the weeds at first your garden may look chaotic. 

But a wise gardener knows that this is the planning and preparatory process before the new seeds go into the ground and before the beautiful garden can come up. So he's not concerned about what the beginning stages of the garden looks like because he knows what the end result will be. 

So it is with your life. Whatever you're going through right now, though chaotic as it may be, keep focused on the beauty of the final outcome.

Today's tunespiration comes from Joseph King of Dreams - You Know Better Than I.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Are You Anxious To Reach Your Weight Goal? Trust the Process And Let Go

If you've been working on reaching your weight and health goal for some time now and you're beginning to feel some anxiety, why not trust the process and let go. 

Anxiety only makes the process seem longer than it has to be and it also becomes counter-productive. 

Read this article - Trust the Process - Let Go and Trust the Process 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Action Thursday - 7 Action Steps to Determine Your Purpose

We've all at one point or another asked, "Why am I here? What's my purpose?" But how exactly do you determine your purpose? 

Everyone of us came to planet earth for a purpose. You were designed and structured to add value to the earth in the space and time you are here. You may say, "I have nothing special or valuable to contribute." Not because you do not yet see the value in your special abilities, style of doing things and personality makes you insignificant. 

You may be the one to create a shift in thinking and bridge the gap between the old and the new. In spite of political indifference, like many others, President Obama's life has helped to bridge the racial gap, taking us on a global scale to a new level of forward thinking, whether or not we as a people collectively embrace this change. Perhaps in time the seed of this change will mature into great fruit in the future. 

Your purpose may not be designed to be president, but you could make a difference right where you are; in your home, with your children - shaping and molding the next generation with your unique blend of wit and charisma. 

So, then, how do you determine your purpose? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Have Greatness In You! Do You Believe That?

How do you see yourself? Do you sometimes think "Oh, it's easy for this one or that one because they're so talented? If I had their talent I could do wonders or I could be as great as they are." 

You can be as great. But great in your own talents and abilities if you only took the time to look at yourself and appreciate the gifts and hidden and unexplored talents in you. 

Sometimes society judges talent by the mass of one's followers, fame and dramatic accomplishments. Talent and contribution is not only measured in external greatness but the effectiveness and impact on others - whether one person or a small group. 

Read the entire article at:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling Like A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

Do you find yourself feeling out of place? Are you trying to follow others doing things the way they say it's supposed to be done but you're still not getting any of the results you desire? Perhaps you're using the wrong mold.

Check out this article, "Are You Trying to Conquer Your Goliath With Little Success?"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Frazzled? Why Not Take Inspired Action?

You've been hearing over and over that you should take inspired action. So, what's the difference between inspired action and regular action? 

Everyday you're taking action. You may be engaged in some sort of activity but the activity still does not bring you closer to your goal. You find yourself doing everything else and being stressed but still accomplish nothing. 

Difference between inspired action and regular action 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - You Are Everything

Breathe in life, breathe in joy, breathe in peace, breathe in love. You have in you everything you need to live a fulfilled life. The Spirit is always willing to lift you up when you can't stand and give you the strength you need to carry on. Run into the arms of Eternal Love and bask in Love's warm embrace. Living without conscious connection to the Spirit is like a tree disconnected from the life-giving roots. Consciously connect with your Life-source now.

Today's tunespiration comes from Matthew West - You Are Everything

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Overcoming Fear of Failure - Mindset #5

As a toddler, you were determined to walk and you were not willing to settle with just holding on to walking. You wanted to do more. You were determined to let go and walk without holding on. You wanted to run as well. You wanted to walk backwards even though your mother's heart was probably in her toes lol because she didn't want you to hurt yourself. 

Be determined to be the best at what dream you decide to follow and when you master one level, go for the next and the next. Reach for the stars and keep going until you discover more galaxies you never knew existed in your own life.

This brings us to Mindset #5 - Be determined to reach your goal 

Determination in the face of fear will penetrate any dark clouds that try to distort your path toward your goal. Determination has a way of giving you the courage to try once more, to get up even when you've fallen and lost your zeal. 

If you're struggling for some time to achieve your health goals and you're beginning to feel fear of failure because you've tried so many times without success, keep pressing forward. Get determined in your mind. Don't settle for repeating the same things over and over if you want to get different results. Try changing your strategy. Mix things up a bit. Try something new. Turn within to find what works for your body type. 

Some children before they actually begin to walk deviate from the status quo; they may push up on their hands with their bum in the air or some may drag themselves along on the bum - various methods to achieve the same results of walking.

What's your method to achieving your weight goal? Is it working? If not, add some variety, perhaps interchanging with some weight training or actually using your own body weight to add resistance to help build those muscles. 

Whatever method you choose, be determined to get the results you want and don't stop until you do.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Action Thursday - Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 4

As a child when you learned to walk, you looked forward to each day with renewed energy. When you opened your eyes no one could keep you from trying again. You did not dwell on the past. You didn't allow yesterday's spill to hinder today's progress. It seemed as if you had forgotten all about falling on your butt. 

Here's Mindset #4 - Awake each day with renewed enthusiasm 

It’s time to let go of yesterday's failure because they do not define or determine tomorrow's success. They can only hinder you if you dwell on them and take your eyes off the prize, off your target. 

Use these action steps to generate enthusiasm. 

Action step #1 - Using Mindset #4 as an affirmation repeat with conviction, “I awake each day with renewed enthusiasm to achieve my goal. I release my fear from my past failures and I’m open to today’s successes.” 

Action step #2 – Focus on what you can do today that will bring you closer to your goal. What can you do differently than the other times that will better your chances of success? 

Action step #3 – What lessons did I learn from my previous mistakes. Look for the hidden gems in your last attempt. They’ve left clues for you to improve but you’ll only see them as you look, not with the eyes of failure, but with the mindset of enthusiasm to glean the invaluable lessons waiting for you to grasp.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 3

When you're overtaken by fear of failure you may find yourself thinking that other people are better than you making it difficult for you to pursue your goal.

Let's look at Mindset #3 - I can succeed at anything just like anybody else

Each one of us went through the process of conception, development within the womb and then birth. We all started off on an equal plane. We may all have had different life experiences which influence our behaviours in many ways but none is better than the other. And just as other people have succeeded in what they set out to do, you too can succeed as well. 

Some may have seemed to have life easier than you. Or they may seem to have been presented with many opportunities that caused them to become successful. 

However, the energy of life flows through all of us and the universal powers are available for us all. You too can access this power to work on your behalf if you choose to release fear from your life. As long as you continue to believe that you can succeed and that you can and will achieve your goals, you will. 

Whatever you need to help you move forward towards a successful outcome will come to your aid. Be willing to face the fear. Don't cover it up. Don't pretend to ignore it. Acknowledge your fear but at the same time be determined to press forward through the shadow of fear toward your goal and you'll find that the fear that at first which seemed to grip you will lose its hold on you.

Tomorrow we'll look at Mindset #4.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 2

You have everything you need inside of you to be successful. As a child you were not told it's time to learn to roll over, crawl or walk. You knew this instinctively and you were never afraid to try. Failure was never an option or a part of your thinking. You can revisit your child-self from the past and pull up on these inner strengths. 

Here's the 2nd Mindset to overcoming fear of failure.

Mindset #2 - I am developing my success muscles 

When you were learning to walk, your muscles were not strong enough at first to support your weight. Neither did you completely understand the mechanics of balance.

As you practiced each day, your muscles became stronger and you became more aware of how to balance your weight. Your body and mind made the connection between the desire to walk and the physical muscular mechanics of balance. Each time you fell, you learned that that was not the way to stand and you made the mental and physical adjustments each time. 

So you see your 'failures' are part of the natural learning process of skill development. 

Key: Instead of looking at your failure as being bad, look at them as part of the strengthening and learning process. Make the adjustment, change your strategy, come from a different angle and try again.

When your mind is taken over by fear, it's difficult to see how 'falling'/failing could be of any good. But remember that life is a growth process. We don't perfect something the first time we do it. We become better and better as we practice and we gain more confidence each day. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fear of Failure - Developing the Mindsets to Overcoming Fear of Failure - Part 1

So why have you become so fearful of failure? Why have you stopped believing in yourself and in your ability to succeed at anything you set your mind to? You are not a failure. You are a powerhouse of success energy. Somewhere along your life's journey you developed the fear of failure because you most certainly were not born that way.

Your inner nature is strong, confident and fearless but you were reprogrammed by your social and societal environment to become fearful if you failed.

You see, when you first began to learn to walk were you afraid that you'd never be able to do it? Even when you fell, did you give up or even felt like giving up? As a matter of fact, because you saw your siblings walking around, you were determined to master the art of walking because you believed that if they can do it so can you.

So let's begin to uncover those qualities that made you surpass failure and setbacks so you can develop the mindset to overcoming fear of failure. Today we'll look at Mindset #1.

Mindset #1 - You were born a success

Incentive #1 - You have the seed of success inside of you. Out of the millions of sperms from your father and millions of eggs from your mother, you survived, grew to maturity and now you are here. 

We often take this for granted. But if you think about the competition among the millions of sperms striving to reach the egg, you can see how amazing it is that you're here. From the millions of eggs that your mother possesses, the egg that became you was the one that was released at that time when it did. It could have been someone else. That should give you enough incentive to keep trying knowing that the odds of you being here was one in a million. 

Incentive #2 - Despite all the things that could have gone wrong in the womb and in the birthing process, you are here. And in spite of all the things that you think may have gone wrong in your life, look at all the successes you have had - don't forget to count the small ones. Small successes lead to large ones

Accept your birthright as being successful. Agree with your successes and disagree with your failures. What do I mean by that? Choose to believe that you are successful and in those areas that you feel that you've failed in, look for the opportunities of success-gems hidden in them. Because you are born a success whatever occurs in your life has to have the seed of success waiting for the right conditions to germinate, mature and produce successful fruit. 

Look out tomorrow as we cover Mindset #2.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - The Wind Beneath My Wings

Feeling like you're losing momentum? You have a hero inside of you, the wind beneath your wings. You can fly. You can soar to heights you never thought possible.

Today's tunespiration comes from Bette Medler. The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Fitness Inspirational Quotes

Need some motivation to get you going with your workout routine? Here are some inspirational quotes to get you moving.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Overcome the Habit of Quitting and Develop Persistence

To overcome any habit, a new habit needs to replace the old. And so it is with the habit of quitting. In order for you to overcome it and develop the habit of persistence, you need to practice the new habit until it becomes natural to you.

So here are 4 action steps you can use to empower you from within to overcome the habit of quitting and develop the habit of persistence.

Action Step #1 - Reignite the flame of enthusiasm

Think of the project(s), tasks, courses etc. that you started and then quit because you thought of it as being difficult to complete. Ask yourself if this is something that you'd really love to finish in spite of the challenges. If so, begin to see yourself at the finish line with the project, task or course completed. How does that make you feel? Allow the joy of completion to reignite the flame of your enthusiasm once again.

Action Step #2 - Create a plan for success

You can always 'shift gears' if you need to, but you need to create a plan for success on your project and modify it as you go along. It is better to have a clearly written organized plan of action than to just float around from one part of your project to another. In this way, your mind will be relaxed and organized instead of the stress that comes with being scattered.

Action Step #3 - Create small manageable action steps

Take your plan and break it down into small manageable action steps. Here's the trick: make it big enough so you feel a sense of accomplishment and you're making progress, but small enough so you're not overwhelmed or frustrated. That way you lessen the temptation of giving up.

Action Step #4 - Praise or reward yourself

After you've completed your first small manageable action step, praise yourself or give yourself a reward for a job well done. However you choose to do this is up to you. But the point is to take the time to feel good about what you've accomplished - bask in that feeling for a minute or so. Do the same with each segment you've completed. The energy of praise will give you the boost you need to press forward until you reach your goal.

Bonus question #1 - What happens if you face a difficult situation and you're not sure what to do to fix it, do you still give up?

No. Instead of fuelling the energy of quitting by focusing on it or by becoming frustrated, remove yourself from the project for a minute if you can or just take a few minutes to breathe and release the tension, get quiet, look within and ask for help. Expect the answer to show up as you use the power of concentration to help you.

Bonus question #2 - What happens if you tried but didn't fully complete the small manageable action step?

Beating up on yourself sure isn't going to solve the problem. It's like crying over spilt milk. It's already done. Shake off any guilt and depression and set yourself to try again, and again, and again and did I say, "Again?" if you have to until you succeed. Herein s the habit of persistence until you reach your goal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Empowered from Within - Take it One Step at a Time to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Often times when we quit it's because we've become overwhelmed by the difficulty of the task before us and as a result we lose confidence that we could actually complete it, then we lose interest and finally give up altogether. 

So let's look at 4 keys to taking it one step at a time to overcome the habit of quitting. 

Key #1 - Break it down

Whether your task is to complete a project, finish a course or clean your house, breaking things down into manageable size can help you achieve a whole lot more with less stress and in the least amount of time. 

A few years ago, as I was taking my insurance courses, I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by the one and an half-inch size text books full of insurance terminologies and concepts. I had to quickly find a way to break the information down in manageable portions in order to prepare me for being successful at my exams.

Key #2 - Pace yourself

Instead of trying to do everything or at least a whole lot of stuff all at once, pace yourself. 

Each week I took one chapter and paced out my reading as well as the reviewing of that chapter within the 7 day period - working on a portion of the chapter each day. I did the same thing when coming closer to taking the exams - pacing myself out as I reviewed important concepts in each chapter over a few weeks just before the exam. 

Before I came up with my system for studying though, I wondered how in world I would ever learn all of the material and even more so how was I going to pass the exam if I felt so overwhelmed. I made a focused determined decision that I would pass my exam and I'd find a way to do so. 

Key #3 - Simplify the process

So as you're working towards your goal, look for ways in which you can simplify the process.  Organize your material or project into smaller goals to be completed each day. As you finish each goal, you'll find a strong sense of accomplishment. If you have a deadline for the completion of your project, give yourself enough time to complete it so you can avoid the pressure as much as possible. It feels really good going into an exam room feeling prepared and not having to cram to get that last piece of information into your head a few minutes before the exam begins. 

Key #4 - Relax and let your creativity flow

Let go of your frustration so your creative juices can flow, inspire you and make this fun. 

As I learned to relax and ask the Spirit for help to get through my studies, I found creative ways to memorizing many of the insurance concepts. I'm a very visual person so seeing these concepts in my head played a major part of helping me remember them. Some parts of my chapters I drew stick people which added the fun side to my studies. We tend to remember things as we identify them with something that's funny or is of interest to us. 

Yes, I did have days that I felt like giving up and throwing my book out the window, especially on those beautiful sunny days when I had to study and I really preferred to be outdoors having fun. However, after all was said and done, it was all worth it. The lessons I learned were invaluable and I'd cherish them for a long time.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Empowered from Within - 4 Mindsets to Change Your Perspective to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Struggling with the habit of quitting comes about as a result of the way we've come to view situations or tasks that appear difficult at first. Anytime you choose to do something new you'll be faced with the initial learning curve and many times we interpret this as being difficult. So in order to avoid going through the initial struggle, quitting becomes an alternative. 

Here are 4 mindsets you can use to change your perspective so whenever you feel like 'throwing in the towel', you'll become empowered from within and get an extra boost to keep going. 

Mindset #1 - It's part of the learning curve

When you look at seeming difficulty you encounter on whatever task, project or habit you're working on as part of the learning curve, it helps to alleviate the pressure off of your mind so you can continue to move forward toward your goal. It's the anxiety during the learning process that influences the habit of quitting. 

Mindset #2 - I'm becoming spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in sync 

The learning process requires all of you to become in sync in order to fully master what you're working on. You must be able to connect on a deeper level inside of you. Your mind must be present and focused on what you're doing. Your emotions' involvement propels you forward as you practice with anticipation of the day you actually perfect your desire. And your body, in relation with your mind, must understand the mechanics of how things work - as in the physical and mental mechanics of learning to ride a bicycle, walking, writing etc. 

Mindset #3 - There's always a solution

Every situation has a solution no matter how difficult it may seem at first. If you're faced with blockages, instead of giving up, set your mind to find an alternative solution. The answer will come to you as you open the door for its arrival. Quitting shuts the door and blocks your vision from seeing the answer which may be hiding in plain sight. 

Mindset #4 - I am determined to get this right

Instead of focusing on giving up, shift your mind to determination to getting 'this'. You can do it. You can break through the initial 'bumps and bruises' of the learning curve if you have a determined and persistent mindset. You've done this before when you were a child. It's in your nature to be determined. Connect with your inner child and pull up on his or her innate abilities to help break through to success.

Key Tip: Use these 4 mindsets as affirmations to help you through the process of changing the habit of quitting.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Empowered from Within - 4 Solutions to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Do you give up at the first sign of difficulty? When you make a decision to do something and you stumble upon obstacles, do you lose interest, momentum and finally give up? Do you find yourself going from one thing to another because you find it difficult to understand or too much work involved? 

Each time you give up on something you're creating the habit of quitting and if you find that you are quitting  more often than pressing through to the finish line it's time to look for new ways to overcome the habit of quitting so you can develop the habit of persistence. 

Use these 4 solutions to become empowered from within so you can overcome the quitting habit when things get tough. 

Solution #1 - Change your perspective

When you think of the situation you're facing as being difficult then you'll be sending that exact message to your body. There's always a solution to every problem. And if you have a difficult time with tough stuff this can be quite discouraging. 

Change your perspective. Change the way you look at the difficulty. See it as being something new to learn that you've not yet mastered but you can and will. E.g. look at it as part of a learning and growth process like when you first learned to walk. You didn't see it as difficult. You focused only on the fact that you wanted to walk.

Solution #2 - Take it one step at a time

Instead of trying to do everything all at once or master a task all at once, break it up into smaller action steps. A baby first learned to stand up by holding on before walking; then moves on to walk while holding on. Followed by standing without holding on and finally begins to take the first step. Each stage is progressive after each part is mastered to finally master the art of walking. 

So if you're finding it difficult to complete anything you've started, look at your overall goal and break it down into smaller manageable tasks you can master in a shorter time. You'll feel empowered once you finish/mastered each level.

Solution #3 - Relax and enjoy the journey

Often times we become frustrated and overwhelmed because we want to get to the end result fast. But the journey has many invaluable lessons to harness if you slow down and take the time to observe them.

Let's use the 'baby learning to walk' example again. If the baby misses the important lesson of balance how will she master walking? You need to mentally and physically understand certain aspects of your tasks in order to master it. Otherwise you'd find yourself more frustrated because you've left out the most foundational lessons before continuing on to the next level.

Solution #4 - Practice to master the habit of persistence

As with anything, to break free from the habit of quitting you must practice the previous solutions in order to reprogram your subconscious programming so you can adapt to the habit of persistence.

As a child, persistence was a natural part of your learning. What happened? Why have you now adapted to the habit of quitting? Many factors come into play why this is so but the fact still remains that in order to achieve anything, persistence is the key.

And now, to get access to easy-to-do weekly empowering life-changing tips and steps in audio format with .PDF audio transcript so you can review at your convenience, Workbook in .PDF format - with meditation statements, personal affirmations, self-analysis and action steps plus MP3 audio to download to your computer or your MP3 player to listen at your convenience, subscribe at

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - A Prayer for You! Happy Mother's Day

This is your special day and you deserve to be celebrated. As a mom, I understand your joys and your concerns for your children and I pray for you today that the light of life will shine on you and surround you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. That your path will be brightened as you fulfill your awesome God-given role as mother. 

I pray that the Unconditional Love which comes from the Nurturing Universal Spirit envelopes you and heals you from within. Whatever hurt has darkened your way and hindered your progress is now healed and you are now renewed by the warmth and strength of the Presence of Unconditional Love.

May you walk in the Love of the Spirit that your life will be enriched with the Grace of the Great Universal Spirit. May the river of abundance in all that you desire flow freely in and through you, moving all debris that has hindered you from being the best that you can be. 

Mother, you are never alone for He who has created you walks with you and lives in you, and as you are consciously aware of this each day, I prayer that your life will soar to heights you've never thought of.

I pray with you for your children that the protection of love surrounds them and the life of peace l encompasses them each and every day. I expect with you great things for their future, today and every day. We release their lives into the Master's hands knowing that all is well and we have faith and believe that they too will find their path. 

You are loved, dear Mother. You are blessed. May the blessing of the Almighty Father rest in your house and may the light of the Spirit lightened every dark corner and bring wholeness. May you be filled with perfect health, overflowing with love and joy and may you be honoured each day of your life.

To you Mother, Happy Mother's Day. 

Enjoy the video! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - Tunespiration - A Mother's Prayer

For the safe keeping of our children, as mother's we offer our loved ones the gift of prayer. Prayer that will keep them on their journey, whether they are at home with us or away finding their own path. 

Our prayers surround and protect them. The best gift we can give our children is faith-filled prayer that will lift them up from where they are, clear their way so they can confidently walk through whatever they're facing.

Enjoy today's tunespiration from Celine Dion - A Mother's Prayer.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Inspirations for Moms - Taking care of your body

Whether you are a new mom or have been a mom for many years now, taking care of your body is essential for enjoying life and fulfilling your life purpose. We know how much more exhausting it could be when we're faced with fatigue and also have to look after our little ones or deal with issues pertaining to older children. 

When we're experiencing good health we're better able to handle whatever we face during the day. Taking care of our children is important but our bodies also need our attention too. 

After having a new baby getting back into shape can be challenging at first, especially trying to get into scheduling this time. Taking it easy at first and gradually intensifying ones workout is the way that works best for me. I've been slowly getting back into my routine with my walking and very light weights. I find walking with baby quite relaxing as well as giving baby the opportunity to get some fresh air and some sunshine. 

As a mom who has grown children, getting into an exercise routine can be quite challenging to get started if you've never started one before or if you've been away from it for sometime and are trying to establish this as a part of your daily schedule. 

In either case, your body is with you all your life here on earth and when you are in perfect health, minus any aches and pains, you can better enjoy your life and have the energy to do the things you desire to do. It is your body that will physically express what you desire to manifest in your life experience. 

We looked at physical care of your body but what about mental care? How are you treating your body mentally? Mental stress and negativity can impact your body in a more negative way than physical neglect because what's happening here is that you're destroying your cells that maintains your body's health from the inside out. 

So whatever workout you attempt to do will be counterproductive because of the breaking down of your cells due to mental stress and negative thinking. 

Take care of your mind by removing these sabotaging thought patterns and your mind will help take care of your body moving you to new levels of energy and power. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - Your Awesome Responsibility of Shaping the Next Generation

We've been given the awesome responsibility of shaping and forming the minds of our children. Our role as moms impacts our children spiritually, mentally and physically and prepares them for the future. 

It is truly a tremendous God-given opportunity to impact the next generation. However, we weren't meant to do this on our own. So if you're feeling overwhelmed and concerned about if you're doing a good job at it, here are a few tips you can use to help you instill invaluable lessons in your children's lives.

How is your spiritual connection with the Source?

Everything comes from the spiritual, from the unseen realm and therefore we must start there in order to have a solid foundation, not only for ourselves but for our children as well. Your strong spiritual connection lays the foundation for a future that's filled with hope and trust in the Great Universal Spirit. Miss or neglect this part and you find yourself feeling empty and lost. 

As we teach our children by example the importance of their inner connection with God, they'll develop a strong inner strength as they build their lives on a rock instead of on the instability of sand. 

Programming the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is like a garden; whatever you sow in it will grow and produce fruit which in turn will produce more seeds after its kind. Whatever is programmed in the subconscious mind of our children will eventually grow and produce results according to the internal programming. 

And out of that programming more thought seeds will come out of that which will also grow and produce more of the same. Become conscious of what you're repeatedly saying to your children as this becomes a part of who they are and who they choose to believe they are.

Believe in them until they believe in themselves

Children believe what we say about them. We must first believe in them so they will continue to believe in themselves. The words we say to them will continue to ring in their memories and when they encounter a difficult situation these words would echo loudly in their ears. 

What would they remember you saying to them? Was it positive? Were they words of encouragement, words that says, "You can do anything and succeed at it?" Or would they hear you saying that life is so tough, it'd been a miracle that you ever made anything of yourself?

Show them unconditional love

Our children do not always do the things we want them to do. At times they act in ways that we disapprove of but despite this we need to show them unconditional love - love that says, "I love you in spite of, not because of." 

We don't withdraw our love because they didn't do as they were told. Yes, we may get upset and become disappointed but we can still open our arms and say, "I didn't like what you did but I'll always love you." Teach them the right way, instruct them in the path they should take but never punish them by withdrawing your love. Because as this is done, they'll think that love is conditional, which is not true.

We have the wisdom of God to help us raise our children. We're not alone. Whatever we need is already available for us each day so we can give our children a good start in life. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - Who Nurtures You?

Feeling overwhelmed, stretched, doing the juggling act? As a mom, you may be wearing many hats in the nurturing process of your children. But who nurtures you? Have you become so caught up in taking care of the family that you feel drained and fatigued? 

It's time to slow down and take some time out for you. 

It's time for you to clear your mind, reconnect with who you are and be rejuvenated with the life-giving energy of the Spirit. It's time to refuel your love tank. You've been giving and giving and giving some more, now's the time for you to receive, to be saturated with the love and peace of the Spirit. 

You may ask, "How do I find time for me with such a busy schedule?" 

It's important that you carve out some time for you even if you have to cut back on certain activities to ensure that you have some quiet time to be rejuvenated by the Universal Spirit. You see, you can become so caught up in your children's world that you lose connection with your own. You lose sight of who you are and what you feel inside. You lose the inner connection and as a result you may find yourself beginning to feel lost, feeling like you're just existing but not truly living. 

Being able to nurture our children is a gift from God. 

It was never meant to overtake your entire life and cause you to lose yourself. However, to effectively carry out the nurturing process so we can give our children the love they deserve and impart to them the wisdom that can direct their footsteps and guide them to take the best path for their lives, as moms, we need to take responsibility for our nurturing as well. 

Spend that time connecting to the Source.

We need to spend that time connecting to the Source of All knowledge, wisdom and love - all that we need - and allow the energy of Unconditional Love to fill our bodies with renewed strength, fill our hearts with overflowing love, fill our minds with renewed faith so we can give out of the overflow of our hearts and not out of our reserve. From that place we can continue to truly inspire our children in many ways and on many levels so they can live their lives in freedom. 

Make a firm decision now to set aside time for you to connect to God. 

Even if it's 15 minutes to begin with, commit to that time and breathe in life-energy and release all tension and stress. You'll find that you can better handle whatever the day brings with joy, and wisdom will come to you to deal with difficult situations as they arise. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - What Moms Know About Communicating Without Words

How do you communicate with someone who cannot yet speak your language? As a mom, you learn to develop the essential skills of communicating without words when nurturing your child. Our children have given us the invaluable opportunity to be able to understand their needs even when they are unable to verbalize them at a young age. 

What are some of these skills have we developed in order to establish our relationship with our babies? And how can we use these skills to establish and develop our relationship with the Great Universal Spirit so we can be empowered from within? 

Let's look at 5 learned skills and how they can empower us. 

1) Spending time with baby

Even though you may have more than one child, each of them has their own unique personality and special way of communication. As a mother, you learn to discern them in each of your children through spending time with that child.

Our time with the Spirit causes us to recognize when the Spirit communicates with us in a way in which we can clearly understand. We develop that unique relationship as we spend that quiet time together. This relationship is strengthened each day as we become more consciously aware of the Spirit's presence and are willing to engage in conversation with the Spirit.

2) Observing - Understanding baby's needs

We use our observational skills to understand our baby's needs. We tend to those needs immediately as required. E.g. through observation you can tell when your baby is choking or is cranky because she needs to sleep. You can immediately act on what you observe to help your child.

Through observation, we can follow the guidance of the Spirit. We gain understanding and insight to know which direction we should go. We also discern when things have changed and can make adjustments as we work with the Spirit to help us come through whatever situation we are facing. 

3) Listening closely

As a mom you can tell the difference in a child's cry. One cry says, "I'm tired and need to sleep." Another cry says, "I'm hungry and need to eat." And yet another says, "I don't like this position that I'm in and I'm getting ready to scream if you don't move me now."

Our listening skills also develop as we become more in tuned with the Spirit and we are able to know and understand what the Spirit is saying to us through circumstances, events, nature and even those around us.

4) Paying attention - Knowing what to do

When we are paying attention to our babies, when we are present, we can read their body language, understand what they're trying to do and take action to help them.

As we are paying attention to the signs of the Spirit, we can take the necessary actions to help ourselves reach our goals. Often times the 'road signs' are there to help us along the way but we miss them because we're preoccupied with worry or loaded down with stress that we're unable to see what's being shown to us at the time.

5) Being creative

As a mom, being creative becomes a way of life. You learn to pull up on your creative skills when you have to care for a baby and yet still carry out your other chores. I'm sure you could recall some of the things you've had to do in order to get your other chores done. I know I have to change strategies often and implement new ones as the situation arises.

Your ability to pull up on those creative ideas comes as you ask the Spirit for help in order to reach your goals. Certain ideas may come to you that make you marvel at your own ability to be creative. Your creativity will help you overcome many difficulties as you allow it to flow.

What other skills have you learned over the years as you raised your children? As you go down memory lane, observe your experiences closer and see which of these skills you can apply to the situation you're going through right now. I'm sure you'll be able to find some nuggets that could help you. Some you may never have thought could be used in other areas of your life. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - You are the master of your life!

You are the gardener in the garden of your life. It is you who are steering your ship in the direction you desire for it to go. The deciding factor is not your external circumstances, for your external circumstances are results of your decision, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

You have many lessons hidden within your being and your physical body. 

As a mom, whether or not you are pregnant now, you are experiencing or have experienced and witnessed the creative process as it unfolded within you- from beginning to manifestation. You carry a great treasure and hold the key to life within your make up. 

God has created your body with such intricate magnificence to physically express the creative process from thought, to action, producing the result of conception and the growth process leading to the final stage of birth.

You are God's magnificent masterpiece and co-creator with him. Your physical body was masterfully put together to express life. 

With this knowledge, you can master your life and choose the life you desire to have; overcome every obstacle and challenges to experience the life you truly desire. You have the ability to birth any dream. 

Here are a few affirmations you can use to create the mindset to master your life. 

1) Declaration - I am the master of my life. 
2) I create and recreate my life because it is in my power to do so with the guidance of the Spirit. 
3) I choose to live my life in the grandest way that represents who I choose to be. 
4) I feel the feelings of my inner being. 
5) I am honest about my true feelings regarding who I am. 
6) I decide to design my life in the truth that represents me. 
7) I allow my thoughts to focus only on those things that come in alignment with the person I declare that I am.

As we approach the celebration of your special day, how would you recreate your life? Think about that.

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