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Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration for Moms - You are the master of your life!

You are the gardener in the garden of your life. It is you who are steering your ship in the direction you desire for it to go. The deciding factor is not your external circumstances, for your external circumstances are results of your decision, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

You have many lessons hidden within your being and your physical body. 

As a mom, whether or not you are pregnant now, you are experiencing or have experienced and witnessed the creative process as it unfolded within you- from beginning to manifestation. You carry a great treasure and hold the key to life within your make up. 

God has created your body with such intricate magnificence to physically express the creative process from thought, to action, producing the result of conception and the growth process leading to the final stage of birth.

You are God's magnificent masterpiece and co-creator with him. Your physical body was masterfully put together to express life. 

With this knowledge, you can master your life and choose the life you desire to have; overcome every obstacle and challenges to experience the life you truly desire. You have the ability to birth any dream. 

Here are a few affirmations you can use to create the mindset to master your life. 

1) Declaration - I am the master of my life. 
2) I create and recreate my life because it is in my power to do so with the guidance of the Spirit. 
3) I choose to live my life in the grandest way that represents who I choose to be. 
4) I feel the feelings of my inner being. 
5) I am honest about my true feelings regarding who I am. 
6) I decide to design my life in the truth that represents me. 
7) I allow my thoughts to focus only on those things that come in alignment with the person I declare that I am.

As we approach the celebration of your special day, how would you recreate your life? Think about that.


  1. That was great, Alicia. Hope you had a positive, happy weekend. Mine was busy but super. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Yes, I did have a great weekend. The weather was just beautiful.


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