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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Empowered from Within - Take it One Step at a Time to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Often times when we quit it's because we've become overwhelmed by the difficulty of the task before us and as a result we lose confidence that we could actually complete it, then we lose interest and finally give up altogether. 

So let's look at 4 keys to taking it one step at a time to overcome the habit of quitting. 

Key #1 - Break it down

Whether your task is to complete a project, finish a course or clean your house, breaking things down into manageable size can help you achieve a whole lot more with less stress and in the least amount of time. 

A few years ago, as I was taking my insurance courses, I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by the one and an half-inch size text books full of insurance terminologies and concepts. I had to quickly find a way to break the information down in manageable portions in order to prepare me for being successful at my exams.

Key #2 - Pace yourself

Instead of trying to do everything or at least a whole lot of stuff all at once, pace yourself. 

Each week I took one chapter and paced out my reading as well as the reviewing of that chapter within the 7 day period - working on a portion of the chapter each day. I did the same thing when coming closer to taking the exams - pacing myself out as I reviewed important concepts in each chapter over a few weeks just before the exam. 

Before I came up with my system for studying though, I wondered how in world I would ever learn all of the material and even more so how was I going to pass the exam if I felt so overwhelmed. I made a focused determined decision that I would pass my exam and I'd find a way to do so. 

Key #3 - Simplify the process

So as you're working towards your goal, look for ways in which you can simplify the process.  Organize your material or project into smaller goals to be completed each day. As you finish each goal, you'll find a strong sense of accomplishment. If you have a deadline for the completion of your project, give yourself enough time to complete it so you can avoid the pressure as much as possible. It feels really good going into an exam room feeling prepared and not having to cram to get that last piece of information into your head a few minutes before the exam begins. 

Key #4 - Relax and let your creativity flow

Let go of your frustration so your creative juices can flow, inspire you and make this fun. 

As I learned to relax and ask the Spirit for help to get through my studies, I found creative ways to memorizing many of the insurance concepts. I'm a very visual person so seeing these concepts in my head played a major part of helping me remember them. Some parts of my chapters I drew stick people which added the fun side to my studies. We tend to remember things as we identify them with something that's funny or is of interest to us. 

Yes, I did have days that I felt like giving up and throwing my book out the window, especially on those beautiful sunny days when I had to study and I really preferred to be outdoors having fun. However, after all was said and done, it was all worth it. The lessons I learned were invaluable and I'd cherish them for a long time.  


  1. Soooo true, Alicia. Inch by inch, it's a cinch. When we look at only the enormity of a task, it's overwhelming. Breaking it down into small segments, it's manageable. Thanks. Susan

  2. Hey Alicia, I agree with you and Susan. One foot in front of the other and soon you will be walking down the street. lol lol
    Thanks Tracey


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