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Monday, May 30, 2011

Living to the Fullest

The Spirit comes in the intangible form of desire and when desire is realized form begins to take place, one step at a time, until full manifestation is reached.

The Spirit of a child waits in the unseen realm of desire for the right moment, the right season to manifest and embody itself into form. Everything has a Spirit. The Spirit gives it life, existence and form. Everything seeks physical expression; otherwise it could not fully realize itself and express its fullest potential.

All that is needed for you to live fully is waiting for you in the intangible form - waiting for your consent, your agreement to come into full expression in your reality. Just as a child waits for its time to come into reality through desire, consent and action, so too does the fullness of your life.

How can we then express the fullness of life - living to the fullest?

The Spirit knows the path that we should take. We need to reconnect with our inner Spirit - go beyond the mind, the mental programming by society and parents. When you were first embodied by the Spirit in to form, you knew exactly what you were to do. You knew exactly when to do it. You didn't need to be told. 

Return to inner knowing 

Now that you've grown up, return to the state of your inner knowing. To do this, you must revisit and reconnect to the Sprit within and be open to the guidance of the Great Universal Spirit. It's in the going into the silence and allowing the wisdom of the Spirit to instruct you and deprogram your mind and transform you from within as you look into the face of the Spirit each day. 

You could say, "I'm open to live to my fullest potential today. I'm living to the fullest. Show me the way. What should I be doing or being today?" Or this is what I say first thing when I wake up in the morning, "I'm open to what the Spirit has to offer today."

Listen for Spirit wisdom

Watch for Spirit's instructions and flow with the Divine.

Consciously become one with the Great Universal Spirit. Be aware that as you walk and go through the day, you are walking with the Spirit who lives, breathes and flows through you.

Observe as doors open for you easily and effortlessly

Observe the synchronicity of life, the perfect timing as everything falls into their right place at the right time without you having to 'make it happen', force it or pry it open.

As the grass grows naturally and effortlessly, as the flower unfolds naturally and effortlessly, so too the events of your life, your highest potential will flow out of you as you live your life through the Great Universal Spirit.

Release all resistance and place everything into the Father's hands. Let go of all the tension as you allow the universal energy to organize your life events in perfect time.

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  1. Thanks, Alicia. That's a good reminder to slow down, be silent, and connect with the Spirit today. Hope your day is blessed. Susan


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