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Friday, May 6, 2011

Inspirations for Moms - Taking care of your body

Whether you are a new mom or have been a mom for many years now, taking care of your body is essential for enjoying life and fulfilling your life purpose. We know how much more exhausting it could be when we're faced with fatigue and also have to look after our little ones or deal with issues pertaining to older children. 

When we're experiencing good health we're better able to handle whatever we face during the day. Taking care of our children is important but our bodies also need our attention too. 

After having a new baby getting back into shape can be challenging at first, especially trying to get into scheduling this time. Taking it easy at first and gradually intensifying ones workout is the way that works best for me. I've been slowly getting back into my routine with my walking and very light weights. I find walking with baby quite relaxing as well as giving baby the opportunity to get some fresh air and some sunshine. 

As a mom who has grown children, getting into an exercise routine can be quite challenging to get started if you've never started one before or if you've been away from it for sometime and are trying to establish this as a part of your daily schedule. 

In either case, your body is with you all your life here on earth and when you are in perfect health, minus any aches and pains, you can better enjoy your life and have the energy to do the things you desire to do. It is your body that will physically express what you desire to manifest in your life experience. 

We looked at physical care of your body but what about mental care? How are you treating your body mentally? Mental stress and negativity can impact your body in a more negative way than physical neglect because what's happening here is that you're destroying your cells that maintains your body's health from the inside out. 

So whatever workout you attempt to do will be counterproductive because of the breaking down of your cells due to mental stress and negative thinking. 

Take care of your mind by removing these sabotaging thought patterns and your mind will help take care of your body moving you to new levels of energy and power. 


  1. Hi Alicia...Every day, I make a conscious effort to be grateful and to maintain a positive outlook. Sometimes I don't succeed but most times, I do. You are right that taking care of our bodies is extremely important. Still working on having "less" body and that is the challenger. Susan

  2. That's it Susan. Practice. Even if you don't get it perfect each day, it's in checking yourself, getting back on track and keep moving forward.


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