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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Empowered from Within - 4 Mindsets to Change Your Perspective to Overcome the Habit of Quitting

Struggling with the habit of quitting comes about as a result of the way we've come to view situations or tasks that appear difficult at first. Anytime you choose to do something new you'll be faced with the initial learning curve and many times we interpret this as being difficult. So in order to avoid going through the initial struggle, quitting becomes an alternative. 

Here are 4 mindsets you can use to change your perspective so whenever you feel like 'throwing in the towel', you'll become empowered from within and get an extra boost to keep going. 

Mindset #1 - It's part of the learning curve

When you look at seeming difficulty you encounter on whatever task, project or habit you're working on as part of the learning curve, it helps to alleviate the pressure off of your mind so you can continue to move forward toward your goal. It's the anxiety during the learning process that influences the habit of quitting. 

Mindset #2 - I'm becoming spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in sync 

The learning process requires all of you to become in sync in order to fully master what you're working on. You must be able to connect on a deeper level inside of you. Your mind must be present and focused on what you're doing. Your emotions' involvement propels you forward as you practice with anticipation of the day you actually perfect your desire. And your body, in relation with your mind, must understand the mechanics of how things work - as in the physical and mental mechanics of learning to ride a bicycle, walking, writing etc. 

Mindset #3 - There's always a solution

Every situation has a solution no matter how difficult it may seem at first. If you're faced with blockages, instead of giving up, set your mind to find an alternative solution. The answer will come to you as you open the door for its arrival. Quitting shuts the door and blocks your vision from seeing the answer which may be hiding in plain sight. 

Mindset #4 - I am determined to get this right

Instead of focusing on giving up, shift your mind to determination to getting 'this'. You can do it. You can break through the initial 'bumps and bruises' of the learning curve if you have a determined and persistent mindset. You've done this before when you were a child. It's in your nature to be determined. Connect with your inner child and pull up on his or her innate abilities to help break through to success.

Key Tip: Use these 4 mindsets as affirmations to help you through the process of changing the habit of quitting.

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