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Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Overcoming Fear of Failure - Mindset #5

As a toddler, you were determined to walk and you were not willing to settle with just holding on to walking. You wanted to do more. You were determined to let go and walk without holding on. You wanted to run as well. You wanted to walk backwards even though your mother's heart was probably in her toes lol because she didn't want you to hurt yourself. 

Be determined to be the best at what dream you decide to follow and when you master one level, go for the next and the next. Reach for the stars and keep going until you discover more galaxies you never knew existed in your own life.

This brings us to Mindset #5 - Be determined to reach your goal 

Determination in the face of fear will penetrate any dark clouds that try to distort your path toward your goal. Determination has a way of giving you the courage to try once more, to get up even when you've fallen and lost your zeal. 

If you're struggling for some time to achieve your health goals and you're beginning to feel fear of failure because you've tried so many times without success, keep pressing forward. Get determined in your mind. Don't settle for repeating the same things over and over if you want to get different results. Try changing your strategy. Mix things up a bit. Try something new. Turn within to find what works for your body type. 

Some children before they actually begin to walk deviate from the status quo; they may push up on their hands with their bum in the air or some may drag themselves along on the bum - various methods to achieve the same results of walking.

What's your method to achieving your weight goal? Is it working? If not, add some variety, perhaps interchanging with some weight training or actually using your own body weight to add resistance to help build those muscles. 

Whatever method you choose, be determined to get the results you want and don't stop until you do.

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